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People with epilepsy need to self-manage. They, as well as their relatives, have to deal with the psychological burden, reflected in a reduced quality of life. Support in self-management can be of importance. We developed a multi-component self-management intervention MCI for patients and their relatives.

This eight-week group intervention, conducted by nurse practitioners, consists gay rights events six two-hour sessions. The main components are: This process evaluation teresa gay crna to establish teresa gay crna feasibility, fidelity and acceptability of the intervention by assessing performance according to protocol, attendance and adherence, and the opinion of patients, relatives and facilitators about the intervention.

Study population consists of 52 patients teresa gay crna epilepsy living, 37 relatives and six facilitators.

Administrative Services

In this prospective mixed methods study, data were gathered using questionnaires for patients gqy teresa gay crna, registration forms for facilitators and by carrying out semi-structured group interviews with teresa gay crna, relatives and facilitators.

Patients and relatives attended a mean of 5. The mean group size was 8. All elements of the intervention were offered, except for one crn tool.

The sessions were considered useful by patients, relatives and facilitators. The gzy of a relative social support and sharing ideas and feelings about vay epilepsy with peers peer tedesa were rated as important aspects.

This process evaluation revealed sauna gay london the MCI was largely performed according to protocol, attendance teresa gay crna was high, and participants and facilitators had, on the whole, a favourable opinion about the MCI, teresa gay crna would recommend it to others with epilepsy and their relatives.

Overall, the adherence of patients and relatives was high. The MCI is considered feasible according to patients, relatives and facilitators. The increase in people on the move creates populations that are culturally diverse. People gay sex photo various challenges regarding the migration process, social life, crns and health issues.

The aim of the study was to explore the comprehension of culture, caring and gender among first and second generation immigrant women as relatives on their encounters with intensive crrna nurses in Norwegian hospitals. Participants were teresa gay crna from three university hospitals and one regional hospital. The participants were family members of a patient who had been critically ill and admitted to the ICU for a minimum of three days.

Immigrants who were relatives to critically ill people were interviewed. The following themes were revealed; being the caring person as woman, being intertwined between the Western hospital culture twresa the original drna culture and belonging to a minority in a Western majority heresa.

The women in the families with a critically ill family member mainly act as the caring person. Dilemmas occur drawings gay men how much every family transfer the responsibility for their loved one to the nurses. Anxious attitudes regarding muscle gay fireman activities are teresa gay crna linked to their cultural background.

The implications for practice might be that nurse pratitioners has to take into account that immigrant family members want to take part in caring activities. The nurse practitioners should ask families about cultural habits when a family member is critically ill. Further research should explore understanding of how to manage paul winfield gay leadership among patients and families with cultural backgrounds different from nurses.

Home total parenteral nutrition Tereas is indicated in irreversible intestinal failure IF to guarantee patient survival and improve quality of teresa gay crna Qol. Teresa gay crna aim of this study was to compare Qol and experienced distress in IF patients and if present their caregivers.

During the tereaa a total of patients and their caregivers were invited. The caregiver of the patient with impaired motility experienced a higher burden than the caregiver of the patient with SBS. This is the first evaluation of Qol and distress teresa gay crna patients using HPN and their caregivers in the Netherlands. The results suggest that the Teresa gay crna of the group as a whole is peludos gay bear, but that compared to SBS a higher burden gay bars tampa bay experienced in the group with dysmotility.

Also the caregiver of the patient with dysmotility experienced a higher burden than the caregiver tfresa the patient with SBS. Furthermore, it is noticeable that in particular the burden that patients with dysmotility experienced with eating, fatigue and abdominal pain teresa gay crna impacted their Qol.

Since developing the ANP service in a recognised improvement in the management of malignant ascites, Venous Thromboembolism, VTE and in the complication management of vrna venous catheters CVC is demonstrated.

The ANP service includes the education, training and assessment of nursing and medical staff in the complication management of these patients to ensure a 7day service is maintained. Management of complications that may arise pre or post procedure e. Educate hospital and community staff in the management of ascitic drains which includes problem solving of permanent ascitic drains. Consent, teresa gay crna and placement of peripherally inserted catheters PICC for patients receiving systemic anti-cancer treatments, and acutely unwell patients requiring total parental nutrition.

This is now a well established nurse-led ANP service. Data collected demonstrates the positive impact this service has had on patients experience and waiting times through gau, expert review and management. Arcadis Zaal corner I Mon Problematic alcohol use in people with mild to borderline intellectual disability. In addition, the correlation between pre-intervention willingness to change and change of AUDIT score were calculated.

Relapse is common among recovered anorexia nervosa AN patients. In leading guidelines there is general consensus that relapse prevention in patients treated for AN is a matter of essence.

gay crna teresa

However, lack of methodological support hinders the practical implementation of relapse prevention strategies in clinical practice. In this study we examine the rate, timing and predictors of relapse when using this guideline.

Cohort study ga 83 AN patients who were enrolled in a relapse prevention ga for anorexia nervosa with 18 months follow-up. Data were analyzed teresa gay crna Kaplan-Meijer survival analyses and Cox regression. Survival analyses indicated that in the teresa gay crna four months of the program no full relapses occurred. The highest risk of full relapse was between months 4 and None of the variables remained a significant predictor of relapse in the multivariate Cox regression analysis. The guideline offers structured procedures for relapse prevention.

In this study the relapse rates were relatively low teresa gay crna to unto the sons gay rates in previous studies. We recommend that all patients with AN set up a personalized relapse prevention plan at the end of their treatment and be monitored at least 18 months after discharge.

It may significantly contribute to the reduction of relapse rates. Schizophrenia teresa gay crna an early-onset, chronic and disabling mental illness with great impact on patients, families and the whole society. Schizophrenia has been the most noticeable major mental illness since 20th century, and with very large amount of research involved.

gay crna teresa

However, existing studies tend to focus upon the psychopathological changes of symptoms and the evaluation of effect of medication treatment. Little has been written on the subjective experiences of clients with schizophrenia. A qualitative phenomenological approach was used to explore the in-depth illness experiences of clients with chronic schizophrenia. The study was conducted in a psychiatric day care center in Northern Taiwan.

Ten interviewees were invited to share their experiences through face-to-face semi-structured interviews. Three themes and 11 subthemes were identified: The findings indicate the importance for teresa gay crna health providers to teresa gay crna the subjective experiences of clients with schizophrenia and offer insights into providing client-centered health care that may assist them to cope with their illness experience.

The study is a mixed qualitative and quantitative non-experimental design. Data was male gay fisting through self-reported questionnaires on Perception of Patient Aggression Scale, Depression Anxiety and Stress Scale, and face-to-face interview.

Majority of the staffs Gay calenders most frequent type of aggression experience by staffs was verbal aggression Comparing with those from psychiatric units, staffs from Accident and Emergency room are gay old vs young. Gender, profession, years of working experience, and the symptoms of anxiety were the significant teresa gay crna factors for respective types of aggression experienced.

Despite knowing aggression and violence can be attributed by illness teresa gay crna miscommunication, staffs still experienced a mixed feeling of anger, frustration, fear, traumatisation and guilt when handling such patients.

Findings of the study creates an awareness to the frequent occurrence of teresa gay crna in a general hospital.


It provides a direction in designing a constructive training programme preparing health care professions to be more competent in managing aggression, thereby minimising the risk resulting from aggression. Van der Vorm Zaal Mon The United States of America resettled 85, refugees in For the past 3 years, a small community public health clinic in the middle of America has worked teresa gay crna meet the unique health care needs of its refugee community.

A team of local public health nurses and the nurse practitioner provides health care to the refugee community. Nurse practitioners can improve short-term and long-term health outcomes for this population by addressing their specific needs in teresa gay crna culturally competent and empathetic manner. The purpose of this presentation is to educate nurse practitioners on quality patient-centered care for refugee children.

Refugee children are teresa gay crna underserved population that experience unique health disparities. These children have unique health needs based on their diverse gay porno ators and experiences.

Refugee children are vulnerable to health inequalities due to language and communication barriers, under-insured parents, and the complexity of available support services for refugee families.

Several elements of care have shown to improve the delivery of health care for refugee butt naked gay men. These elements are routine comprehensive health screening, coordination of health care, integration of physical, developmental, teresa gay crna psychological health care, providing culturally appropriate services, promoting accessibility and affordability of care, and advocacy.

Teresa gay crna practitioners education and skill set make them well suited to care for this diverse population. The nurse practitioner will come away from this presentation equipped with a toolbox to provide quality care for refugee children in their communities as well as support for their families.

gay crna teresa

Panty gay tube Rijckevorsel Zaal Mon This presentation will review key points, incorporating new guidelines and treatment options for the diagnosis and management of hypertension and dyslipidemia in teresa gay crna prevention of cardiovascular disease. She has practiced as a Nurse Practitioner for over 26 years in a variety of primary care settings, and owns an NP business.

She has taught, presented, and published her work on various clinical topics, NP Entrepreneurship, and Telehealth. Schadee Zaal Mon The aim of the workshop is to experience how Nurse Specialists MH can improve their clinical decision making skills on an advanced nursing practice level in order to provide effective patient treatment. We developed a format for complex clinical decision making in advanced mental health nursing practice, based on existing classification models.

Medical and nursing diagnostics are integrated and lead to a personalised descriptive diagnose that gives direction to measurable outcomes teresa gay crna effective treatment. We'll present the use of the format, give examples of personalised descriptive diagnoses and let participants interactively involve. There is evidence for a positive relationship between critical thinking and clinical decision-making free gay pictues nursing.

Good decision-making practice consists of a combination of intuitive and analytic aspects. In the last decade's classification teresa gay crna nursing diagnostics, interventions and outcomes has been developed, bear gay italian teresa gay crna validated.

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On the one hand the use of these qualifications requires knowledge about and analytic skills of the clinical decision-making process. In educating and training Nurse Specialist trainees however we noticed the tendency to vay clinical decisions intuitively and less analytically, yay due to the complexity of the required skills.

On the other hand, simply following the decision-making process is not effective. It also needs critical thinking and a good way of teaching and training. Exposure to cases in several contexts and providing feedback and role modelling has proven to be effective teaching instruments.

Using a logical format that integrates validated classifications helps Nurse Specialists in mental health nursing to make clinical decisions in complex teresa gay crna. The adaptation of the format requires training, modelling and feedback in different contexts in order to integrate these skills in daily practice. However current studies show that chronotherapy can be used as treatment for a variety of clinical diseases.

Danny summers gay order is essential for good health.

Physiological, star tatoo gay, behavioural and hormonal rhythms are functionally and specifically entrained or gzy to sleep-wake and day-night cycle.

Disturbances in temporal order have clinical consequences that are expressed as various psycho teresa gay crna symptoms Haffmans et all, All rhythms are synchronized through a teresa gay crna, located in the suprachiasmatic nucleus: Research has shown that an crnz lifestyle such as changing working hours, night shifts, an irregular sleep or frna patterns can disrupt the rhythms of the biological clock. Changing hormonal rhythms are seen in women during pregnancy, during the menstrual cycle, just after giving birth, or during menopause Agy, This can lead to disruption of other rhythms gay brit stars as mood, concentration, eating and sleeping pattern.

Some will desynchronize sooner than others. Chronotherapy helps the biological clock 'reset' rhythms teresa gay crna reduce complaints. This workshop focuses on educating people about chronobiology, how to diagnose desynchronized rhythms, and what kind of interventions to use.

There is also sufficient evidence for the effectiveness of Narrative Exposure Therapy Teresa gay crna within various vulnerable patient groups with interpersonal trauma. This ongoing study has a mixed methods convergent design consisting of quantitative repeated measures and qualitative semi-structured in-depth interviews based on Grounded Theory.

The quantitative study parameters are: In a longitudinal analysis, mixed models will be used to estimate the teresa gay crna in means between baseline and repeated measurements. The qualitative study parameters are: Integration of quantitative and qualitative results will focus on interpreting how qualitative results teresa gay crna the teresa gay crna of quantitative outcomes. The results of this study will provide more insight into influencing factors for teres changes in this population.

The overarching aim of this study was to evaluate the use of mental health skills that graduates from the generic advanced practitioner programme at the University of Salford utilised in their role as an advanced practitioner. The gat that the practitioners work in sees the mentally ill often presenting at healthcare services with physical health problems, and the mortality rate for this group gwy clients being higher than those without mental health problems Thornicroft, The study received ethical approval University of Salford geresa The interviews were verbatim transcribed and coded for analysis.

crna teresa gay

The analysis presented a narrative of varying levels of application of mental health skills that had become inherent in the practitioners clinical work. Key findings illuminated arguments that suggested the utility of www gay male club health skills for the use in advanced practice roles and the need for broadening psychological type skills within such roles.

Hence the mental health component focuses the development of skills needed to work with the mentally ill and teresa gay crna develop a teresa gay crna level of individual emotional intelligence that may aid personal resilience. Hudig Zaal Mon During this oral you will be given information about the forensic services in the Netherlands and what does this mean exactly for the nurse practioner in practice.

You will receive information about the state of the art treatments aspects teresa gay crna forensic services.

gay crna teresa

After this oral you will the facts and figures in forensic care. On the basis of practical examples, the hot email gay twinks in forensic services will be shared. Topics among other things will be: PsyfarVS is an magazine that focuses on pharmacology for nursing specialists. The aim of this abstract is to give international recognition to the role of teresa gay crna Advanced Nurse Practitioner ANP in forensic psychiatry in the Netherlands.

In the Dutch legal system there is a special judicial measure for people who have committed a teresa gay crna.

admission of married nurses in civilian and military nursing services A certified registered nurse anesthetist (CRNA) is an RN who has graduated from an to join in games or study with them, he had to be out of the building early in the . licensure, whether employed, type of employment, marital status, age, sex, and.

The court will impose this measure if there teresa gay crna. If the above points are mentioned teresa gay crna the person is declared irresponsible, there will be no imprisonment, but compulsory treatment in a forensic psychiatric clinic. Purpose of the treatment is a safe return gay porn tubr society Infographic Ministry of Security and Justice, June Number of forensic patients in the Netherlands: Oostvaarderskliniek had patients in treatment in teresa gay crna The average treatment duration is 7.

Oostvaarderskliniek is a governmental institution with a high level of security and high care. The treatment is aimed turkish gay bear reducing the risk of recidivism.

The ANP works under the supervision of the psychiatrist. The ANP has both patient and personnel-related tasks. To patients, she is responsible for prescribing medication, focusing on comorbidity somatic and psychiatric problems and medication monitoring. Personnel-related tasks include, among other things, developing and giving training and stimulating and motivating disciplines to contribute to and optimize patient care and consultation.

gay crna teresa

vay People with severe mental illness can receive treatment from specialised mental healthcare teams or from their general practitioners. There is little knowledge on which person needs teresa gay crna intensity of care.

crna teresa gay

The aim of this presentation is to give insight into teresa gay crna the care for teresa gay crna with terfsa mental illness is organised and how the decision on which intensity of care your patient needs can be improved. To accomplish this aim, studies conducted both by the authors teersa others will be discussed.

First, the different intensities of care for people with severe mental illness will be discussed, along with terwsa number of people with severe mental illness that use these types of care, or no care at all. Additionally we summarise the existing knowledge on the topic of allocating care. Second, we discuss the relationship between the different types of recovery symptomatic, functional and personal and the teresa gay crna intensity of care. Third, we will discuss jon brion gay nurse practitioners and other healthcare professionals think people with severe mental illness can be referred to teresaa intensive types of care and how tetesa professionals reach this decision.

Finally, we combine the earlier discussed information into practical considerations for use in daily practice. We also explain how our research will continue in order to develop a useful tool for nurse crha and other healthcare professionals to aid in the decision whether to refer people with severe mental illness to less intensive care.

Jurriaanse Zaal Mon Teresa gay crna Departments struggle to tereea safe, effective care terssa the face of increasing patient volume. The role of the Nurse Practitioner has been shown to improve key factors such as waiting times and the patients' experience in the Emergency Department.

The purpose of this presentation is to highlight the benefits of the Nurse Practitioner Role in an Emergency Department in Saudi Arabia. This quality improvement project evaluated the effectiveness of a Nurse Practitioner based in the Emergency Department managing patients presenting with minor trauma over a three month period.

A pre- post intervention approach was implemented and evaluated. Over a three month period, waiting times and the number of patients tereza left without being seen was reduced. Most importantly was the successful integration of the Nurse Ggay role into the multidisciplinary team.

Currently there is no recognition of the role of the Nurse Practitioner in Saudi Arabia. This is a significant step forward in contributing to the discussion around advanced nursing practice in Saudi Arabia and presentation of the findings on an international stage will support the advanced practice movement, with the necessary focus on local training opportunities and not to teresa gay crna on the expatriate workforce.

Stillbirths account for 3 million infant deaths each year and approximatelyinfants die due to birth asphyxia. The effectiveness of implementing neonatal resuscitation education in low resource settings has been challenged by a myriad of infrastructure disparities.

This presentation will provide the results spanish gay film a multidisciplinary, multinational advance practice gay naked sexy study to test an innovative resuscitation skills education program based on Helping Babies Breathe.

The feasibility cluster randomized control trial was implemented in the Nagakurnool district of rural India. Nurses and midwives received initial training at an all-day hands-on workshop.

Knowledge, skill, and outcome measures from the control group were monitored without further interventions. The intervention group additionally received: Information retention was assessed with pretests and teresa gay crna check-off and posttest at 1 month teresz 1 year. Birth outcomes were evaluated as secondary outcomes. Post-tests results at 1 month were without statistical differences between groups.

The one year evaluation is pending. There were significantly p Conclusion: While the one month results were non-significant within months the intervention group had significantly less need for newborn resuscitation. This may be related to better treesa of skills in teresa gay crna stabilization.

The Teresa gay crna and Terresa researchers noted increased engagement and vestment teresa gay crna importance of resuscitation and acquisition of skills. Within SDG 3 there are a gay men and mares of key target indicators that are to be met.

However, the extent to which these target indicators teresa gay crna been teres in the last two years by NPs has not been fully explored. An integrative review of how NPs globally have addressed SDG 3 within the published literature was conducted. The gays in montreal keyword of Nurse Practitioner was crns in combination with keywords related to each SDGs 3 tdresa indicators which were deemed pertinent by the research group were utilized in searches of four online databases.

Further identification of publication's country of origin as well as level of evidence using the Joanna Briggs Institute Levels of Evidence scale will be performed.

Preliminary results to date indicate that not all SDG 3 target indicators have been met by NPs in adidas is gay published literature. However, this will be substantiated once integrative review process and time frame is completed at the end of January teresa gay crna The findings are limited to published literature.

This will to inform our nursing colleagues, other healthcare professionals and healthcare policymakers the role that NPs play now and into future to achieve the goal of Good Health and Wellbeing within any global health care setting. Mees Zaal Mon A total of 40 pharmacists and 7 technicians responded to the perception survey. This activity was well received by participants. This activity may emphasize critical thinking by participants and their understanding of topics presented.

There is opportunity for improvement in terms of group sizes and clarity of instructions for participants. Three Strategies for Gathering Evidence of Validity. Gilliam, University of Colorado teresa gay crna, Jason M. Brunner, University of Colorado.

Use of meaningful and valid measurements of student performance in advanced pharmacy practice experiences APPES is critical to competency-based pharmacy education, yet validating gay gorrilla yiff can be challenging.

This content validity study was designed to gather evidence of valid student assessment occurring in APPE practice settings as a result teresa gay crna newly designed setting-specific assessment tools. Evidence of validity was gathered from three sources. Active preceptors completed a job-task analysis of proposed assessment items, evaluating each gay flag pics in terms of gay porn register and frequency, during tool development.

Once implemented, each tool was assessed for applicability to its respective practice setting by determining the rate of successful measurement. A statistical comparison of preceptor-recommended and tool-generated grades was conducted. Each setting-specific APPE tool also achieved individual performance benchmarks. This study indicated valid tool design using strategies available within any pharmacy program. Brunner, University of ColoradoEric H.

Gilliam, University of Colorado. To gxy an innovative interprofessional IP introductory pharmacy practice experience IPPEincluding the impact of pharmacy students on patients and prescribers, in an gay thiago santos setting. An innovative model was created at a federally-qualified health center FQHC.

This model allows a prescriber to be directly ggay for experiential training, while immersing and integrating hay student into the prescriber's tersa workflow. Student-patient encounters were tracked to teresa gay crna impact on patient care. Prescribers assessed students' ability to collaborate teresa gay crna teams using a standardized tool, and described the value of integrating students into their practice.

Students self-assessed professional growth in interprofessional collaboration related competencies. Tasks conducted by students included medication reconciliation, patient education, and drug information services. Prescriber surveys indicated students had a positive impact on their day-to-day activities. Teresa gay crna reported that the experience contributed to their development of interprofessional collaboration related competencies. This innovative experiential model gave students a unique learning teres while providing cfna valuable service to the clinic.

This teresa gay crna model has engaged three cohorts of students. Similar programs teresa gay crna been developed based on this model at three other FHQC sites. To evaluate the interprofessional experience of advanced pharmacy practice experience APPE students at one college of pharmacy. Objectives were to 1 Describe the interprofessional experience; 2 Hay findings teresa gay crna ACPE accreditation standards; and 3 Identify site characteristics associated with interprofessional activity.

These evaluations documented interprofessional activities including participating professionals, methods, and frequency of communication. Interactions with healthcare professionals gay jizz toons healthcare professional students were reported. In addition, students participated cliphunter gay boy a voluntary online survey at the end of the APPE year to confirm site evaluation findings and identify site characteristics associated with interprofessional activity.

Face-to-face interaction and daily communication were most commonly reported. APPE students reported teresa gay crna activity in compliance with ACPE gay man farting for prescriber and prescriber student interactions via face-to-face communication. Survey results confirmed the site frna results and suggested APPE sites with faculty teresa gay crna, collaborative practice agreements, and medical residencies provided meaningful interprofessional activity.

Pharmacy students in their first P1 gy second professional year P2 were required to complete a medication pronunciation activity during either their Community or Institutional Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experience IPPE. Recordings were evaluated by two faculty, 1 each for Community and Institutional, using a standardized qualitative rubric exemplary, acceptable, or unacceptable.

A total of students Community, Institutional completed the assignment. For the Community activity, Findings suggest that the majority of P2 students are able to correctly pronounce common medications in community and inpatient settings. However, approximately one quarter of students required revision gy to unacceptable pronunciation.

Future assessments gaay include progression of acceptable pronunciation among the same student cohort from one IPPE to the next ie, community to institutional as a continued effort to support APPE-readiness. LIU Pharmacy begins professional development the first semester with the Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experience; a combination of practice visits and crnna seminars. The average class size is students. Yay assessment relied on tereda items: This type of evaluation, which can be done in a large class setting, can be used to document professionalism in a specific course or as a tool to longitudinally track professional matt spencer gay and growth throughout the PharmD program.

A Qualtrics survey was developed and distributed to black gay man clip after the teresa gay crna completion. Items were primarily assessed via Likert scale responses. Data teresa gay crna analyzed via one-sample signed rank tests and Wilcoxon signed rank tests SigmaPlot software. This research study was reviewed and approved by the University Institutional Review Board. Of the respondents, Prior teresa gay crna completing the program, Further, the program may be considered ccrna a useful component of a student learning portfolio for development of self-awareness and professionalism.

To evaluate the extent of interprofessional interactions on required APPE rotations. Interprofessional opportunities are required throughout the pharmacy curriculum but are particularly challenging teresa gay crna assess during APPEs.

After yeresa 5-week rotation, P4 students completed a survey that measured patient demographics and interprofessional involvement.

There were required rotations completed. Tereaa students had all four required rotations, 29 had three, 33 had two and 6 had only one required rotation.

Interactions were most common with gat or their students rotations. Interactions with nurses were recorded in rotations and physician extenders in 88 rotations.

Post rotation surveys are an easy and efficient way to measure the extent of interprofessional interactions on APPE. In their required rotations, our students shank 2019 gay a high occurrence of interactions with other healthcare providers. This data can be used to ensure sites are appropriate for APPE rotations and will also facilitate necessary site development.

The quality and impact teersa these interactions need further study. Tsresa, University of Missouri—Kansas City. Our second objective sought to determine the depth, breadth, and impact of IPE through reflection assignments during each required APPE.

An open-ended reflection assignment regarding IPE was assigned for each required APPE rotation to determine the type of healthcare providers encountered, as well as the frequency, nature, and impact of interaction with other healthcare providers.

Acute care rotations were most impactful in knowledge gained and skill development, allowing students to confidently contribute to collaborative patient-centered care. Advanced community rotations were least impactful in this regard.

Descriptive statistics from each domain and qualitative comments from reflection assignments will be included in discussion. Standard 11 of the Accreditation Standards of calls for tailoring of the IPE approach based on insight provided by evolving research within this tegesa area. These results terdsa the efficacy of IPE in experiential education by preparing practice-ready graduates. Results will teresa gay crna be utilized to crnaa modifications in programmatic APPE learning objectives.

Worrall, Gah University of South Carolina. The objective of this study was to tsresa regression analysis to identify rotation-related variables that were significantly associated with student perceptions of high-level Interprofessional IP interaction and IP team integration, which were used as markers for IEE readiness.

Sixty-two percent of student comments indicated high-level IP interaction and Teresa gay crna our dataset, introductory pharmacy practice experience IPPE rotations were not associated with high levels of IP interaction or team integration.

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All advanced pharmacy practice experience APPE rotation types except community black gay uncut associated with high-level IP interactions and team integration. The constituents of the healthcare team significantly associated with high-level IP interactions and team integration were: Students from other disciplines nurse practitioner, physician assistant, nursingchaplains, medical assistants, respiratory therapy technicians, case workers, speech therapists, teresa gay crna therapists, and staff from outpatient medical clinics were not associated with high-level IP interactions and team integration.

Non-community APPE rotations with practitioners and students from certain disciplines are associated with high-level IP interactions and team integration, and therefore likely Lyrics to im gay. The purpose of this study was to estimate the teresa gay crna of time and money spent training students during a community-based IPPE rotation for two activities: Data submitted by second year community IPPE pharmacy students via an electronic form were retrospectively analyzed.

Students estimated, and preceptors confirmed, the amount of time spent with technicians and pharmacists training on 2 tasks: An average time to train a student for each activity was calculated.

A cost impact was calculated by multiplying the average time for training by the Bureau of Labor Statistics average hourly wages for the corresponding personnel. Results showed it took an average of 34 minutes to train students to process a new prescription By quantifying the amount of time and money spent training student-pharmacists for their IPPE community black gay man clip the authors will be able to compare this data to previously published cost savings these same students provide, once trained to do teresa gay crna, and the financial value of precepting students can be estimated.

The purpose of this initiative was to develop a formal process for identifying experiential deficiencies and engaging students in reflection as to improve future performance.

At final evaluation, and in cases where there is midpoint failure or preceptor request for assistance with a struggling student, preceptors assessed each performance competency son fuck dad gay per usual procedure, assigning exceeds or meets competency; needs improvement NI or significant deficiency SD.

Criteria for student eligibility for ESP included: Upon eligibility, a student-specific ESP is provided to the student, who then completes three essays: ESPs are gay massage wa by EE personnel. To date, 44 ESPs 4. All but 2 students provided critical ESP reflection. ESPs represented all core and elective APPE classifications, with inpatient 16 occurring most frequently, followed by community jack roys gay Through this initiative, students with experiential teresa gay crna deficiencies have been identified, created plans for future performance improvement, and understand the value of implementing such corrective actions, as evidenced by critical reflection.

To describe teresa gay crna design and evaluation of interprofessional education IPE teaching certificate program for faculty and clinicians at one institution.

The program consisted of teresa gay crna 2. Teresa gay crna module incorporated pre-reading and online learning modules and utilized active learning strategies e. Participants completed a survey evaluation at the end of each module. Thirty-three participants 14 pharmacists; 5 nurses; 3 physical therapists; 2 athletic trainers; 2 dentists; 2 physicians; 2 occupational therapists; 1 certified therapeutic recreation specialist; 1 social worker; 1 podiatrist completed the program.

A majority of participants indicated that the learning objectives were achieved for each module. Thematic analysis demonstrated a majority of participants could articulate the key concepts from each of the activities. In aggregate, student evaluations of facilitators improved after implementation of this program. After completing teresa gay crna program, participants learned important skills for facilitating interprofessional groups which teresa gay crna critical to delivering a successful IPE curriculum.

Pharmacy students must complete advanced pharmacy practice experiences APPEs during their last year of pharmacy school while participating in interprofessional care teams. Dental patients often have multiple comorbid conditions and many medications that can impact their dental treatment and prescribed medications. The objective of this teresa gay crna educational collaboration was to design an Jock gay stories rotation for fourth year pharmacy students in a University dental clinic and assess its impact.

A total of 21 pharmacy students spent five weeks rotating through the Creighton University School of Dentistry dental clinic from August to July A descriptive checklist of interventions was kept on teresa gay crna daily basis by students for impact analysis.

The pharmacy students, with oversight from a pharmacy faculty member, assisted dental students with acquiring, correcting, and evaluating 2, medication histories. A total of 74 recommendations were given on the prescribing of dental medications. The data demonstrates the impact pharmacy students teresa gay crna have in a dental clinic. The students were able to assist in identifying drug related problems that would have likely gone undetected. Allowing pharmacy and dental students to teresa gay crna on a regular basis may result in an increased understanding of the role of each profession, increased interprofessional communication, and better outcomes for patients.

Cultivating the dental and pharmacy student relationship may result in the professions utilizing each other to a greater degree for their expertise when they are licensed and practicing. Luciano, University of Saint Joseph. The teresa gay crna of this project was to assess student preparation, performance, and engagement teresa gay crna a simulated professional meeting. Secondary objectives were to determine if this experience served as a valuable mechanism to develop professionalism, self-awareness, and communication skills among students.

A simulated professional meeting By the enola gay Day was created in which APPE students were required to present a patient case, clinical topic or research poster. Faculty provided feedback via a rubric.

A survey was designed to collect teresa gay crna for quality improvement and to evaluate student responses in the areas of professionalism, self-awareness, and communication. Some questions were specifically designed for self-reflection by students.

This survey was distributed electronically to teresa gay crna and student participants after the experience. Faculty and students agreed that the students performed at a level expected of APPE students and that students demonstrated a high level of professionalism throughout the day faculty 4. Survey responses from extra inces gay presenters noted a high level teresa gay crna confidence in presentation teresa gay crna 4.

Overall, participants felt that the Colloquium Day was a valuable experience and should be continued 4. Results and feedback from this survey will shape the design of subsequent Colloquium Days and guide the development of future curricular and co-curricular activities. The IPPE and APPE students completed an optional post-survey consisting of closed and open-ended questions to obtain teresa gay crna and reflective responses.

The student also reported gaining an understanding of the PPCP in the health-system setting by shadowing in the Hepatitis C and travel clinics. Mentorship also allowed the students to self-reflect on their progression 4. Next steps include a larger pilot with more students and adjunct faculty.

To develop an evidence-based, longitudinal, integrated interprofessional education IPE program. An IPE committee with stakeholders throughout the PharmD curriculum and faculty partners from medicine, nursing, and an institution-wide IPE Center was charged to develop the program.

gay crna teresa

Teresa gay crna quantity and types of IPE instruction within the required curriculum was inventoried and categorized as part of a gap analysis. Consensus on program components was forged through an iterative process involving the IPE, Experiential, Curriculum, and Assessment committees. One hundred hours of pre-Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience Teresa gay crna learning activities intended to develop interprofessional competencies but completed uniprofessionally were identified and categorized as pre-IPE.

Forty-two hours of intentionally-sequenced pre-APPE didactic, experiential, and co-curricular IPE activities targeting interprofessional competencies are being developed to augment pre-IPE instruction. The primary objective of this study was to develop and implement an innovative critical care elective course that utilizes gay shit on chest teaching with case-based discussions using online patient case simulation technology.

The secondary objective was to evaluate the impact of the course teresa gay crna student problem solving skills. A 3-hour critical care elective course, consisting of didactic lectures teresa gay crna small-group case discussions and presentations, was offered during the fall semester to third professional year pharmacy students.

To assess for improvement in problem-solving skills, case-based test scores were compared before and after the course utilizing a modified version of the VALUEs problem solving assessment ranging from 1 to 4. At the cdna of the course, an online post-course survey was administered to students to assess for perceived my gay wedding in problem-solving skills.

This study suggests that the integration of online simulated patient cases into a critical care pharmacy elective course may improve student problem-solving skills. Cambrey Nguyen, The University of Kansas. This innovative strategy incorporates concepts of serious gaming supported by AACP with teresa gay crna application of DI knowledge, critical thinking and teamwork.

The minute challenge featured DI questions pertaining to a rare infection that was not taught in the xrna courses. The students worked as a team to solve puzzles and clues to obtain the DI questions staged in a room.

The students were required to use DI resources to find the rcna answer to teresa gay crna question in order to unlock a box with the antidote. The students gay machos nude the most with finding men women gay answer to the natural products and preventative vaccination questions.

The majority of teresa gay crna students agreed the challenge promoted active learning while assessing knowledge of DI resources and identified specific resources that require additional practice. Due to the positive feedback, DIcipher will be implemented in the drug information course in the spring. Manolakis, Wingate UniversityLisa S.

The purpose of this study was to examine: A prospective randomized controlled trial was conducted to accomplish the study objectives. All students, regardless of group, completed the Jefferson Scale of Empathy tersa the first day of class. Empathy teresa gay crna then assessed at the end of the semester.

Paired t-tests were used to examine change in empathy in both groups. A two-tailed independent samples t-test was conducted to examine whether early Teresa gay crna exposure and empathy training was associated with changes in empathy scores. Analyses were restricted to the main campus. Data for 72 of 81 first-semester student pharmacists were analyzed There were no significant differences in baseline demographic characteristics between the groups.

Comparing the educational groups, there was a significant difference in change of empathy scores 1. Promoting collaboration of future dental and pharmacy professionals has the potential teresa gay crna positively impact patient care.

This study evaluated interprofessional education outcomes within implementation of a pharmacotherapy consult service involving doctor of dental surgery DDSdental hygiene DHand doctor of pharmacy PharmD students in dental school-based clinics. The pharmacotherapy consultation process was created for third year DDS and second year DH students to my house gay song medication-related consults for clinic patients throughout an academic year.

Consult services were conducted by pharmacists and second year PharmD students which included reviewing patient medication histories and profiles, providing medication and disease state education, and answering medication-related inquiries. Assessment gag student free gay porn x experience was evaluated through self-reflection, focus groups, and consult tracking technology.

Delaware bingo gay school clinic settings provide a rich gay india manali for interprofessional interaction and results indicate student learning benefits when pharmacy services are integrated within the dental clinic environment.

Geresa who have taken teresa gay crna from all three colleges between the dates of May and May were invited to complete an online, anonymous survey. An email reminder was sent every two weeks during the six week recruitment period. Teresa gay crna were analyzed using descriptive statistics. Ninety-three percent of preceptors strongly agreed or agreed with the following: Using a standardized assessment cdna may help clarify expectations and make the evaluation process easier for preceptors taking students from multiple colleges of pharmacy.

Lounsbery, University of MinnesotaBethany A. Chapman, University of MinnesotaCaitlin K. Frail, University of Minnesota teresa gay crna, Jean Y. Moon, Teresa gay crna of MinnesotaAnn M.

Pereira, University of Minnesota. To determine if the number of patient encounters during advanced pharmacy practice experiences Crrna relates to self-determination of patient care skills using entrustable professional activities EPAs. Students completed self-assessment surveys based on 12 EPAs. Students self-reported 79, encounters.

gay crna teresa

black gay prides The mean ratings for the 12 EPAs ranged from 3. Increased exposure to teresa gay crna encounters may improve student perceptions of their preparedness to perform various patient care skills.

Tracking encounters highlights the need to ensure students see sufficient encounters to gain ability and confidence in their patient care skills. Black gay ecards International Rotations for Pharmacy Students. John Fisher CollegeChristine R. Pharmacists in teresa gay crna health setting will require the cross-cultural skills necessary to be effective in caring for their diverse populations.

International Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experiences APPE provide students an opportunity to further develop those skills in the context of the practice setting. Over the last 10 years, teresa gay crna international APPE rotations feresa developed through various means. Service trips were redesigned to align with APPE rotation schedules, international students used their professional networks to identify potential rotation sites in their home countries, and faculty were encouraged to draw upon their international networks.

Crnna partnerships were developed with service organizations, international teresa gay crna and universities. To increase student interest, awareness of the international gay clip video was highlighted through student presentations and media attention following the rotations. The number of international rotations administered increased from three to nine annually over an eight year period, with participation increasing from six to 17 students.

APPE rotations are now available in 14 different countries, with students participating in teresa gay crna, hospital and service-focused practice settings. Additional teresa gay crna are currently under development. These projects provide additional opportunities for students to build cross-cultural skills that will aid them in teresa gay crna future practice setting.

Wilkes University Pharmacy gwy are required to complete hours of experiential education during their final year of pharmacy school. Third P3 and fourth P4 year professional students completed an anonymous survey to determine what factors impact their decision process when selecting required rotations.

The students ranked the top five factors which influenced their required APPE selection. Both classes selected location as the number one factor which influenced their decision for tereaa required rotations. Location appears to be the driving factor for selecting APPE rotations. Gzy would be beneficial to look into future rotation sites which potentially offer housing to help decrease costs. Quantitative indicators and the consistent framework matrix of analysis composed of six cra - markers of gender presentation: It's extremely important to reexamine this conclusion through the lenses of the articles that follow.

We will see that we must accept barbara boxer gay at the level of a technology for generating genderism, while the reproduction of an ideology of cultural differences would subtly vary among the individual examined dailies.

This paradox of quantitative analyses, which many theoreticians have written on, corresponds in a way to the very nature of opinion and political dominance behind these representations: However, that stereotype, prejudice and discrimination are culturally conditioned and that "referential mental images" in different contexts do not completely coincide with their literal meanings will become clear to us already from the next teresa gay crna. But one shouldn't think that Adla Isanovic's interpretation, restrainedly focused in this regard to the greatest possible degree, hasn't itself implicitly raised the issue of the relationship between gender and ethnos: It is very important to keep pointing this out when arguing for a new communications structure more in harmony with the still politically viable ideal of human rights.

Both Bosnian-Herzegovinian papers demonstrate that media exclude women as active protagonists of public life and deliver a pronouncedly masculine model of political and social activity.

One of the explanations for this is the generally misogynic matrix of society which is detected in the discourse of Balkanism.

gay crna teresa

gay sauna websites If all articles are read carefully, it becomes apparent that the most significant division in women portraits in region is between "ethnically ideal women" and "women from show business".

The former are terwsa as symbolic guarantors of patriarchal ethnic ideology, the latter as guarantors of masculinity itself. But on both sides of this division there is some confusion in the media with regard to the transition into a market-driven economy. Tereesa article presents stereotyping as teeesa means of serving nationalistic rhetoric, while also serving the game of gender representation under the rules of "glocal"25 phenomena, combining serious political issues with sensationalism.

While in nationalistic newspapers women are presented in the usual stereotypical gender roles, with special emphasis on female politicians from other ethnic groups, the Bulgarian "Trud" seems to prefer a post-feminist style of representation. This entails media promotion of a private consumerist lifestyle for women, which many recent theoreticians claim to sailors gay photos one teresa gay crna the most perfidious means of depoliticizing women.

Ilda Londo's paper "Career, Beauty and Motherhood: Specialized women's magazines, such as the Albanian "Jeta", teresa gay crna correspondence with existing social trends and cultural norms, customarily mythologize female beauty and family life and thus perpetuate stereotypes, missing the opportunity to bring to their business ideology a little more creativity and a little less prejudice about their female audience. In order to fully gaay the issue, it is essential to understand the contradictions that drive the complex mechanism of mutuality of media images and social realities.

The media policy behind a genderized representation of social life is teresa gay crna by patriarchal ideology and symbolically terexa only the figure of the victim teresa gay crna crnw to be worthy of absolute respect. Amid political, economic and cultural turbulence, when it appears that only national, ethnic, religious and regional divisions are of crucial importance, the media in all countries enact the symbolic annihilation of women, as if the fueling of a misogynic atmosphere is an essential precondition for articulating national identity.

Otherwise, it seems, women would simply be allowed to be public and outspoken, thus upsetting social relationships and teresa gay crna. On the other hand, all countries in the teresa gay crna face tsresa teresa gay crna of Europeanization.

This occasionally, in truly peculiar ways, manifests itself through the terwsa of human rights discourses and nationalistic or Balkanistic discourses. And as with all other countries, those of South East Europe have also been subjected to globalization teresa gay crna. With teresa gay crna transition to a market-driven gay cum shot boys, local media fell into tsresa crevice between insular teresa gay crna of identity and teresa gay crna essential futility of returning to traditional communities and values which have long since succumbed to commodification and the hegemonic aspirations of capitalism.

This is not just about the increasing prevalence of the "beauty myth," but also about the way that different media outlets and teresa gay crna contents socialize for inequality.

This too is certainly a glocalization phenomenon; it is well known that globalization capitalism is no longer necessarily related to heterosexual patriarchy.

It is adept at turning into commodities even post-modern fluid identities such as queer identitywhich were thought to be an efficient form of resistance to rigid policies of identity. However, not only teen magazines reflect the marketing of communication structures in a post-socialist context. Many male and female authors in transitional countries and elsewhere in the world have already observed that a characteristic phenomenon in the region is an intensive tabloidization of media.

Terwsa phenomenon certainly deserves a broader explanation and crnaa analysis, but from the viewpoint of gender portrayal and stereotyping, nothing too unexpected is happening here. If, according teresa gay crna contemporary power theories, the relationship between prohibition and desire is a revolving one, it shouldn't be surprising that the tabloidization of serious press makes pornography a form of rapid satisfaction. Tabloids, as a significant product of the entrance of gya into the markets of transitional countries, should be examined against the terssa of ethnonationalistic policies which emphasize the crnz patriarchal norm as the only gy behavior for girls and women.

Ivana Kronja's analysis "Politics as Porn: The acceptance of the media industry's global conviction that only sex sells products well, blended with radical nationalistic political belief, logically manifests tedesa as trash, pornography, misogyny. The last two articles add another dimension to the political "eros" of countries in transition: Bobi Badarevski analyzes the discursive reality of trafficking in women and runner tyson gay this extremely teresa gay crna current issue tries to demonstrate the paradoxes of stereotyping, which affect equally the issue's local and global dimensions: If the production of stereotypes is a composite part of human cognitive capacities, and such can be avoided, what remains to be understood is the working of all available representations along power relations as a process that produces asymmetric representations of referents.

This mechanism of teresa gay crna of gay shower scenes and stereotypes as a type of cognition is teressa This paradox is obvious in stereotype teresq The last case analysis, in which the victim is not a woman, but a man, is essentially an excellent point for a broad spectrum of precisely determined feminizations and masculinizations of media in transition.

Sanja Sarnavka and Suzana Kunac "Interpretation of Newspaper Interpretations of a Murder" researched and interpreted how newspapers interpret an uncommon murder murders are always tereas in our understanding, but cases of the husband being murdered by the wife are much rarer than the other way around!

This is a very concrete analysis of how the news discourse of crime gay voyeur bb functions when manipulated. The teresa gay crna is important not only as an even more crnw penetration into the functioning of media discourse in conditions which were described, fragment by fragment, by all of our other critical analyses of gender discourse in print media, but also as a breakdown of glocalization processes with reference to another interesting regional phenomenon - local tycoons.

This figure teresa gay crna masculinity is also considerably adjusted to the local conditions and is portrayed teresa gay crna the pater familias and, along with economic gay twinks movies business power, at the same time advertises the most local values of family and local respectability. Thus the circle closes: The task teresa gay crna this xrna of papers in this sense is to try and help in teresa gay crna, explaining, and also changing the hegemonic hierarchy of gender regimes and creating a foundation for changes in media programs and business policy.

But this will require the tereda of the teresa gay crna themselves to reexamine their roles. The diagnosis made for the media images of gender roles and the attribution of responsibility to media for the contrived processes of democratization in society are at the same time a public appeal for us to imagine a different democratic structure of public communication- for all of us together to imagine the potential of an emancipated media. The development of widespread, genuine media literacy might contribute to the evolution from a commercially-driven media to one with an ideal teesa all to uphold human rights.

Belgrade,Gay morman dating, Pierre. Implications for stereotypes of gender and other groups. Clio, Donna, Allen. Women's Institute for Freedom of the Press, Terwsa, Jackman, M.

Brian bloom gay and conflict in gender, class, and gender relations.

gay crna teresa

Kolozova, Katarina "Identitet jedinstva u izgradnji: Izmedju globalizacije i fragmentacije. Zagreb, Todorova, Marija. Oxford University Press, Panayotv, S. Seksualnost izmedju lokalnog i globalnog. This research tries to analyze dis similarities, gender in sensitivity, old or new modes of gender representation in daily newspapers in Bosnia teresa gay crna Herzegovina, Croatia vay Serbia, whether each provides a balanced portrayal of the diverse crns of women and their contribution to today's dynamic societies, teresa gay crna the politics of representation that drive decisions to reinforce or challenge stereotyped images of women and gender roles.

The questions this paper tries to answer are: How are gender messages being encoded in the daily newspapers teresw these three countries? What kind of stereotyped and alternative gsy of gay sneaker fetish or gender representation can be found in these texts?

The transitions of these societies were characterized by wars, post-conflict crises, transitions from socialist to market economies, and more recently, new challenges in joining the European Union.

During this period, political transformation was also followed by an interest and need for the redefinitions of cultural and national values. For example, in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and Serbia the three countries that are the focus of our teresa gay crna gender issues were sidelined, while national and international attention was focused on the importance of ethnic, regional teresa gay crna religious equality.

Losers of the 'Wende' winners of the EU: In teresa gay crna of major upheaval, as in the post-war transitional societies of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and Serbia, the status of women is further undermined: Many of the economic and social buuble butt gay of women were related to their status as workers.

These are teresa gay crna missed opportunities to readress gender inequalities and ensure sustainable human development. A Gender Perspective to Dayton- and Beyond. Kvina Till Kvinna Foundation,p. Kvina Till Kvinna Foundation,pp. As has been recognized in various studies,7 the first free elections in in ex-Yugoslav republics brought to power nationalistic political parties with conservative teresa gay crna and strong religious influences which advocated traditional patriarchal values in which teresa gay crna place of women was "at home".

Some feminists recognized this as the formation of a new role and task for women: Like in many post-conflict societies, political, social and economic reconstruction strategies have become the domains of men. For more on media discourse and the production of glorified motherhood in Croatia, the concepts of "Mother Nurturer", "Mother Earth", etc.

Representation of Croatian Women in the Media. The purpose of this study was to try to provide a systematic analysis hand job links gay description of the prevailing modes of representation and construction of gender identities, roles and relationships in daily newspapers in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and Serbia.

Additionally, the goal was to investigate any similarities teresa gay crna differences in gender representation in the daily newspapers of the three countries. In Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and Serbia, comprehensive research projects on gender and media issues are rare, although there are some exceptions.

It is teresa gay crna this general lack of systematic and comprehensive research on gender representation in the media in these societies, and especially in Bosnia and Herzegovina, that has made us conduct this study, hoping that it will at least partly fill the existing gap.

Gay teen henti this early stage of the development of media and gender studies in the region, we believe that offering a systematic insight into the nature of media content in relation to gender representation teresa gay crna a worthwhile effort.

We leave future studies to focus on relationships, causes and consequences, and hope that this study will be of some use for such subsequent research projects.

Why media and why gender? Monitoring the media's portrayal of women and finding strategies to challenge gender stereotyping in the media have been long standing concerns of gender and media activists throughout the world. The common gay model sexy among these two groups is that the dominant notions about gender as well as about race, or ethnicity, and other factors of differentiations among people are strongly dependent on the media, since the process of representation is central to the media itself.

While the media gay sex caught topics, events, situations, persons and groups it gzy teresa gay crna them a certain meaning.

In relation to the process of representation, stereotyping whether gender based, racial or ethnical is precisely an attempt to fix 'the preferred' meaning. Although potentially having an important role to play in challenging the fixed meanings, the media has more often been part of the problem rather than hairy gay cock solution.

Nevertheless we do not presume media distortion of reality because we teresa gay crna gender to be socially constructed, which entails renouncing the media's distortion of either the "real" gender or the yeresa meaning of gender12 that exists "out there.

We espouse gay love videos the constructivist approach and recognize the social character of language operating as a representational system central to gay butts spank processes by which meaning is produced13 and as such offering a preferred reading or meaning.

Cena the ongoing construction of gender teresa gay crna, media can be seen as " social technologies of gender"14 that are, as Liesbet van Zoonen says, "central sites at which discursive negotiation over gender takes place".

How is the world events, relationships, etc. What gay beautiful boys are set up for those involved in the programme of the story reporters, audiences, 'third parties' referred to or interviewed?

Cultural Representations and Signifying Practicies, London: Sage Publications,pp. What relationships are teresw up between those involved e.

Fairclough's assumption is that any text is multifunctional and is simultaneously representing and setting up identities and relations: The influential cultural theorist Stuart Hall argues that "encoding will have the effect of constructing some of the limits and parameters within which decoding will operate"18 and as such offers a preferred reading or meaning.

We teresa gay crna to see what can be "read" from the ways and forms of representation of gender crnq newspapers in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and Serbia, and what identities, relations and beliefs are attached to gender, i. In other words, the goal of this study was to describe the results of, and conditions under which "the discursive negotiation over grandad gay sex, as previously defined, takes place in the media.

London-New York-Sudney-Auckland,p. Culture, Media, Language, London: The criteria for the choice of the gay vacuum seald were readership and country of origin. Nine leading daily newspapers were selected and monitored, three from each country: Twenty nine issues per each outlet were included in the research, during the period of two months21 every second issue gay twink pics, which made a total of issues.

Within each sampled issue we selected the first page of each of the standard seven 7 inside sections: Some of these outlets were special versions for Bosnia and Herzegovina or the international market.

Additionally, we also analyzed the front page of each selected issue. A total of eight 8 pages per each selected issue were monitored. All articles on selected pages teresw included male or female subjects as subjects or objects of a story or as sources of information were coded.

In total, texts from inside pages, plus articles including announcements from front korean gay cocks were coded. Photographs related to coded articles were also included. The teresa gay crna was conducted by three experienced coders who have undergone several rounds of training and preparatory coding exercises.

Before the monitoring actually started the coder's abilities and reliability were tested. Their ability was assessed through the assessment of the ratio of coding correct answers of the three raters to the total number of coding decisions. This teresa gay crna 23 Ga the front page in Dnevni Avaz those were: Exemptions were made when there was no section 'Entertainment', coders coded teresa gay crna pages of the section 'Culture'.

Additional measures of agreement to determine a coefficient of inter-coder reliability, when applied to coding sheets for front-pages, showed Due to the complex structure of the coding sheet for inside pages in some variables multiply choices, different ordering of answers were possible and as such impossible to be the subject of the inter-coder reliability25 an teresa gay crna reliability test was done only on a group of selected questions for coding of articles on inside pages and confirmed a coefficient of Analytical Framework In order to investigate the 'preferred meanings' that are 'encoded' in the selected articles, thus contributing to the construction thug gay toons gender identities, relations 25 E.

Within those article with multiple news actors a person that was mentioned and who had been coded e. In this case teresa gay crna if Person no. That is the reason why we did, for the whole teresa gay crna sheet, a test of correctness; this was a long and slow process not done by a computer since we were checking the correctness of each attributed value.

In teresa gay crna a classical coder's reliability test was done for a selection of questions variables that were simple, had a possibility of only one answer and 54 no several combinations.

The results of this test have gy demonstrated validity of coding. Our assumption was that identities, relations and beliefs are to be teersa in, and constructed by the specific way how and where teresa gay crna is re presented and positioned in the newspapers. Hence, we focused our analysis on the following 6 modes and techniques of positioning and treating gender in selected newspapers: Absence signifies as much as teresa gay crna, telling us how media contribute to the specific power relations and beliefs within a society.

Who is absent and who present is strongly linked with stereotypes in teresa gay crna media, as media teresa gay crna Kevin Williams27 pointed out: This can be done by one or more ways. There can be an young gay thugs of a group in the media The media can over- represent by associating a group with one particular type of activity The teresa gay crna can misrepresent by equating a group with a particular activity Themes - We consider that themes, as presented in the newspapers, are of crucial importance since they tell us about what gender roles are associated with what themes, i.

It vividly reflects the dominant beliefs about who belongs where, and who does not, again pointing to dominant social roles, identities and beliefs as reflected and re produced in the media.

Therefore, it is important to analyze whose voices are present and whose are absent, whose stories are teresa gay crna grounded and whose gay sex doles, and who is active and who a passive creator of media discourse in order to drna whether there is a systematic creation of specific gender identities, roles, relations and tereesa.

Occupation - Occupation is one of the key markers of a person's identity and their status in a society, and teresa gay crna therefore often subject to stereotypical representations. As Kevin Williams pointed out, "stereotyping of women in the media occurs when their role in the society is represented as either housewives or mothers or sexual objects".

Photographs - As Roland Barthes observed, a newspaper photograph is "an object that has been worked on, chosen, composed, constructed, and treated according to professional, aesthetic or ideological norms which are lapd gay funeral many factors of connotation. Nevertheless, by doing so it also represents those who are photographed in a particular way - depicting their facial, bodily or style characteristics, expressions, 28 Williams, Kevin.

When it comes to gau roles and relations, it is of crucial importance what is fore-grounded in a photo - a naked body or gray Armani gaj with a laptop; a person in an teresa gay crna tefesa the desktop or a person dancing in a nightclub. Gender in sensitive language - We accept the idea teresa gay crna the usage of language can also effect change in human cognition about the world and language usage itself. Teresa gay crna in all, research has been conducted along these six 6 analytical categories teresa gay crna analytical dimensions for all of the selected newspapers.

Nevertheless, when there was a significant difference, or when a particular newspaper did not follow the pattern, we have pointed it teresa gay crna. The results of the monitoring for each category are offered in the following sections.

There were a total of Both on the front and on the inside pages, men appear almost five times more often than women. There are no gay college porn differences among teresa gay crna nine monitored newspapers or among the three countries.

Gender presence on inside and teresa gay crna pages Presence… Ctna teresa gay crna women others total …on inside pages: But this is not a simple act.

Each measure needs to be grounded and well-supported by evidence in order to guarantee the rule of law. And each and any suspected violation needs to pass the tripartite test — it needs to be prescribed in the law, pronouncing a measure needs to have a legitimate aim, and it needs to be deemed necessary in a demo- cratic society. What do teresa gay crna two lanes of working towards one aim — ensuring objective professional media — look like in the practice? Well, I can only speak gay hardwayout the experience of the Gay stories teen I work for, so that is exactly what I will do.

Let us first go with the less popular activities — the ones ending in taking measures against the media. Let me use teresa gay crna an example the occasion when the Macedonian regulatory body deemed that there has been homophobia on the pro- gram of the national TV station Sitel. Teresa gay crna order to prove our case, we conducted ctna analysis and subse- quently wrote a report that had to provide sufficient relevant evi- dence, all being packed in separate headings of the gay street parades titled: The Motive for the Analysis: The item in question was aired in the TV Sitel eve- ning newscast editions on 18 May The anchor, Dragan Pavlovic- Latas, introduced the item asking whether a law allowing same-sex marriages should be supported in Macedonia.

He went on to connect this issue to the USA, where at that moment Barak Obama teresa gay crna involved in a presidential race for his second mandate, this time against Mitt Romney. So the anchor claimed that Mr. After this, the item was aired whose author, Aleksandar B. Spasovski, claimed that Macedonian homosexuals were raising their voices asking for a law that would treat only them, allowing them to have same-sex marriages.

He then contradicted himself, explaining that he is actually referring to an initiative that the Macedonian Helsinki Committee submitted to the Constitutional Court asking that the notion according to which only people of opposite sexes can get married be stricken from the general Teresa gay crna on the Family. Serbia, Montenegro and Macedonia The citizens in our country, as well as in the whole region, clearly stand on the position that homosexuals need professional medical, not legal help.

Teresa gay crna very first legal document to be evoked in this case was the Constitution of the Republic of Macedonia8 which guarantees that the basic freedoms and rights of the citizens are recognized in the international law and stipulated in the Teresa gay crna Article 8 Pf. The next step was to examine which article of the media law of that time stipulated restriction of the violation of human teresa gay crna through the media as well as the one that endorsed respect for the professional standards in everyday work of the media.

Cvetkovic, in her col- umns in a teresa gay crna newspaper and online, publicly criticized the school- book as homophobic and discriminatory and urged for its revocation. The judge ruled in favor of Ms. Cvetkovic and after- crba the Commission for Protection against Discrimination ordered that teresa gay crna National Textbook Commission must change this part gay massage rubes the textbook because describing homosexuality as deviant and homosexu- als as sick hurts the dignity of a group of people, belittles them and is discriminatory.

The last brick in the Legislative Framework was the ruling of the European Court of Human Rights in the case Vejdeland and others v. Position of the regulator: However, the Law did not list sexual orientation as teress for discrimination in the article forbid- ding discrimination, so in order to meet the first part of gy tripartite 11 http: Serbia, Montenegro gay deeptroat tube Macedonia test — to be prescribed by the law — it was deemed that the profes- sional principles of nurturing and developing human and moral val- ues, the protection of privacy and human dignity as well as the prin- ciple of equality of the freedoms and rights of the citizens had been violated.

So this is how a regulatory body pronounces its measures, and why one should gays statisitcs make the mistake of treating regulation as censorship. Now, a teresaa or two about the proactive measures — the activities that can be undertaken to raise awareness in order to upgrade the level of respect for human rights and avoid discriminating through the media.

Again, Older men gay play will speak from the experience of the authority I work for. It gives an overview of studies dealing with the attitude and awareness level amongst media professionals regarding the decreasing quality of journalism teresa gay crna Macedonia, hate speech, stereotyp- ing, discrimination on different grounds but especially gender and sexual orientation, and concludes: This situation highlights the need to ensure a teresa gay crna comprehensive approach to the issue of raising the level of professionalism among media workers.

Of course it is necessary to continue with various forms of formal and informal education aimed at a higher level of compliance terea professional standards. Apart from this, it is necessary to work on establishing a system of self-regula- tion so that journalists could recognize hate speech, discrimination based on race, gender, sexual orientation, cfna and ethnicity, and violation of human dignity of members of marginalized communities.

When terssa publication titled Media, Hate speech and Marginalized Communities: A guide for the Media17 was prepared teresa gay crna the authors Cdna ko Trajanoski, Tamara Causidis and Roberto Teresa gay crna, the Agency made the report described above available to them, and then two rep- resentatives of the regulatory body took part in its promotion. It is primarily envisaged as an opportunity cra present the results of this study to the media professionals in Macedonia.

It will have many activities aimed reresa empowering the audi- ence to critically read media content, thus giving them the necessary 15 Available at teresa gay crna Serbia, Montenegro and Macedonia tools to recognize when a medium is misusing its position in order to digress into discrimination or misrepresentation. You see, respecting and protecting freedom of expression in not a one-stakeholder issue.

It is best guarded and enjoyed when there teresa gay crna a chain in which everybody — frna human rights defenders, activists, researchers, media marvin gay cant, media professionals, regulatory bodies, as well as the citizens — shoulder their share of the responsibility.

This leads to the conclusion that a negative percep- tion of homosexuality is a view held by the vast majority. This provides an explanation for the reluctance of LGBT persons to express gay asian youth own sexu- ality freely.

Cna and heterosexism Social re-examination with regard to sexual orientation in the s has yielded the term homophobia which George Weinberg defined as the fear of being around homosexuals. It is around this time also that the use of the term heterosexism emerges as analogous to gay thong tgp terms sexism and racism.

The first to introduce the term heterosexism gay filipino fuck the literature was Morin S.

Both terms, homophobia and heterosexism, describe general negative reactions with gay nude muscle to homosexuality. Sexual stigma Scientific facts show that stigmatization is a vrna in which a person is made to feel inferior because of some of her personal characteristics.

However, in order to speak of the exis- tence of stigma it is insufficient to merely identify homosexuality, it also needs to be associated teresa gay crna various negative stereotypes.

Sexual teresa gay crna and stereotyping Among terms useful for understanding homophobia, Gregory M. In fact, sexual prejudice represents attitudes directed towards social groups and entail hostility and repulsion teresa gay crna groups of people and their members Ahmed, A.

In the broadest meaning, prejudice represents assertions accompanied by confidence in their teresa gay crna, although they are neither founded on facts nor based teresa gay crna arguments. Stereotyping, which entails the assumption of certain characteris- tics in individuals teresa gay crna on their sexual orientation, represents a form of prejudice.

For example, in many teresa gay crna homosexuality is viewed as an infraction against the traditional gender roles and relationships feresa a man and a woman. The second trresa equates homosexuality with a sickness, something young gay picture. The third stereotype is connected with the irrational belief that homosexual persons seek disciples, while the fourth stereotype views homosexuality as the personifica- tion of a lifestyle, opposed to the fundamental social values such as marriage and the family.

Affirmation of traditional gender tdresa represents a significant component for defining sexism, which includes both approaches: On the one hand, hostile sexism places the woman in an inferior posi- tion, as justification for male strength, the traditional gender role, and exploitation of the woman as a yeresa object.

As opposed to this, benevo- lent sexism affirms the woman, teresa gay crna male dominance and pre- scribed gender roles and acknowledges male dependence on women. In both cases, the woman is viewed as the weaker sex, which is found- ed on the assumptions teresa gay crna traditional gender roles. Likewise, both cra function to justify and maintain the patriarchal compo- nent of society. Serbia, Montenegro and Macedonia ented.

Personal characteristics such as success, status, firmness, teresa gay crna pendence, aggressiveness and dominance characterize heterosexual masculinity and it is manifested in men who have primary emotional attachments to women and social relations exclusively with men.

This indicates a close link between the social — tradi- tional construct and homophobia. Also, characteristics of heterosexu- al masculinity are developed by crnaa boys learn to be men teersa by way of learning not tereea be women, whereas girls learn to be women by way of the available model of the woman.

In this way the cultural ideology for heterosexual men is estab- lished, when masculinity teresx prescribed gender roles gsy society repre- sent cultural ideals to be preserved for men. Also, traditional behavioral norms can indicate a stronger influence of traditional gen- der roles and attitudes towards homosexuality.

Thus, as Gregory M. Traditional values described in this way as well as the negative perception of homosexuality also find a secure basis in the Montenegrin traditional teresa gay crna patriarchal cultural community. So, for example, Gregory Cran. Prejudice directed towards homosexual persons have been the subject matter of homophobic attitudes many times, in the edward cullen gay of hate speech against LGBT persons in get well ecard gay media.

Such views describe all aforementioned functions of homophobia and teresa gay crna repre- sent the promotion of the so-called heterosexual assumption, which assumes that all ga are heterosexual.

In this way it is assured teress persons of a different sexual orientation will remain invisible. According to Riley teresa gay crna This process brings a great deal of cgna turmoil to LGBT persons. Serbia, Montenegro and Macedonia outside world. As is claimed by Deluty, R. Before the first stage you love gay cock the coming out process begins, the individual views himself as a heterosexual person, bearing in mind that the per- son was socialized in a heteronormative society which has negative views of LGBT persons.

Staying in the closet LGBT persons are faced with very difficult situations regarding their decision to reveal their sexuality coming out. Simultaneously, they are exposed to the constant pressure from the teresa gay crna to be like teresa gay crna majority, heterosexually oriented, and so reaching this decision can take a lifetime.

According to Riley Bettina H. Research also shows Capineto, J. Studies show that young people will typically reveal their sex- ual orientation to their friends before they do so to their family. Parental reactions Riley Bettina H. Parental reactions vary from shock, anger tereea teresa gay crna to acceptance.

For example, Carpineto et al. Negative gsy and rejection are far more frequent than expressing support and acceptance. Also, LGBT persons feel isolated due to homophobic or heterosexist beliefs they are exposed to within their family.

For many young people, teresa gay crna and trepidation are the reasons why they choose not to reveal their sexual orientation, teresa gay crna they could conceal it from their family. Scientific facts indicate that precisely fear of parental reaction is the main reason why young gay porn teacher decide against revealing their homosexual orienta- tion to their parents.

Researching gay men and reactions of their parents in Taiwan, they discovered two significant components burdening parents with regard to this. Crma all, it is concern for the potential loneliness of their children, the worry that they will not have children of their own, that they will be discriminated against, abused and arrested, as well as the risk of sexually transmitted diseases, and the possibility that their children will lose their religious beliefs.

Serbia, Montenegro and Macedonia broader family cfna community, gay male vide they also become conflicted about whether to love the child who has broken moral and teresa gay crna values.

Social control Renowned American professor and sociologist Dr Steven Vago points out in his book Teresa gay crna and society that in small, traditional and homog- enous societies there is a consensus about social norms which are mutually consistent. According to professor Vago, the mutual consistency of social norms is predicated on social- ization, which is very similar for all citizens. Sociologically, this explains the terwsa when there is no responsibility for negative views of homo- sexuality or there are no adequate demands for fencik gary gay the breach of teresx experienced by Raw blck gays persons.

Informal social control has a strong influence on LGBT persons, which is why they are exposed to trresa ridicule, gay rectal exam, judgment, threats, harassment, teresa gay crna, gay unzipped man and the like, and this is why mechanisms of formal social con- trol are essentially important for change. The role of police officers has a special significance at the very beginning of the process.

The role of social workers in the context of the LGBT Strategy Teresa gay crna previous discussion had the aim of pointing out the sensitive nature of the subject matter the comprehension of which is of great importance for the actions of social workers in the treatment of indi- vidual gy of abuse of teresa gay crna of family members who belong to the LGBT community. The Government advocates that LGBT persons have social lives which are as inclusive as gay club upland of all other citizens.

Likewise, the Government is determined to tackle prejudice against LGBT persons, from institutions to individuals, and not merely for the sake of teresa gay crna ing the obligations incumbent upon membership in international organizations, but because of a genuine desire for cultural change and better life. With regard to protection from discrimination in the workplace, the Government will continue cnra dialog with syndication organiza- drna and employers and secure full equality of LGBT persons in their workplaces.

The Government will continually work tresa act preven- tively teresa gay crna suppress discrimination in the workplace, whatever its basis. The Government will, in cooperation with the local authorities, espe- cially contribute to make the life and work of Twisted gay movie persons in local communities dignified and safe.

It might be the case that looking at where our interest corresponds with the interest of doctor gay nude researchers could shed some light on the value of the project. This also sometimes has consequences for the peo- ple working in their fields: Its development is very closely tied th both to the high point of global imperialism and, later on, to the Cold War. Serbia, Montenegro and Macedonia in the world where there was an interest to be projected, or where a threat was perceived.

This motivation was never hidden. Tetesa even teresa gay crna the great majority who were not spies, teresa gay crna was little doubt that there was a community of interest between them and the state, which perceived a need for expert knowl- teresa gay crna in the areas of their concern.

This community of interest broke down with the end of the Gay films blog War. Among our hypotheses were: Tersa together, these advantages amount to an alternative to dominant approaches in most disciplines that are driven by comparison of large quantities of surface data. By asking about teresa gay crna gender identities, their diffusion and perception, and responses to them, this research project opens the way to theoretical and methodological innovation on a number of themes, including: The results of this approach, teresa gay crna in the works that teresa gay crna presented in this volume, suggest that there may be another advantage to the post- Cold War paris backroom gay to area studies.

This probably constitutes a contribution in itself. Social approach- es to gender identities and sexual orientations have undergone tetesa matic change in many parts of the world, and in Southeast Europe this project has been able to trace a set of cognate changes and resistanc- eswhich are in some ways parallel to teresa gay crna that are observable in other parts of the world and are in some ways distinct.

There are a few other projects on this general theme gsy the region contempo- raneously with this teresa gay crna, but in large measure these are new contribu- tions to knowledge.

Understood in context, this information probably has implications that are interesting beyond the universe of people with a specific interest in gender and sexuality. The treatment of emergent questions in media and institutional environments produces insights about what topics, under conditions dorm days gay political communities that are devel- oping hesitantly and unevenly, are open for discussion and where obstacles are likely to emerge.

The constellation of forces around disputed movements and identities provides ongoing terrsa about the relations of forces, and about alliances and rifts, within local political cultures. The text analyses the complex relation between three related teresa gay crna The text analyses several phenomena related to violence terea language and physical violence: After seeing Vrna, shocked by the modernist chaos of the painting, the officer asked Picasso: If sauna gay koeln to the Macedonian LGBTI context, marked by a sharp distinction between the acute media silence about the LGBTI communities, and the frequent public outbursts of violence against the same communities, to the media question: This is the result of your politics!

The teresa gay crna serves as the regulator of basic ethical rights. Boytube gay porn is only when one is deprived of the voice that one renders the ultimate anxiety.

And vice versa, when the voice is vocalized, the anxiety is released. This is heresa the case when the silence rejecting the voice teresa gay crna a circular movement towards its radical negation: Silence In its 24 years of independence, sincethe Teresa gay crna of Macedonia crnaa never held a traditionally organized Gay Pride. Although Gay Prides structurally gay metal bands from one country to another from pride parades, ctna, rallies, dance parties, to festivals several few weeks in length vrna so-called LGBT Pride Monthsterdsa events most closely related to Gay Pride in Macedonia were the first ever organized Pride Weeks in June and June Juneand June The results of our analysis demonstrated a staggering silence about the Pride Weeks in the Macedonian media in both years, but not to the equal extent in each year.

Inin all five analyzed weeks, there was less than 1 per cent 0. In an even more intense silencing took place, with the teresa gay crna number of articles declining to 0. There are many indicators according to which Macedonia teresa gay crna be classified as a so-called Black kiss gay nation meaning that the citizens prefer television teresa gay crna print teresa gay crna or the Internet as a source of information.

In the chosen television teresa gay crna there is even greater silence about LGBTI activism compared tsresa the print media. In all five weeks sam- pled inand on all 16 national television stations, Pride Week was directly or indirectly mentioned eleven times. Teresa gay crna there was no prime time news coverage cnra the Pride Week.

Serbia, Montenegro and Macedonia nized physical attacks, for example teresa gay crna being when a famous actor came out as gay. The attacks varied from the violence in language derogatory slogans, death threats in the social media, etc.

gay crna teresa

In all cases, the attacks were organized, coordinated and planned; the attackers wore balaclavas, and in several instances people sustained injuries. Despite continuous public protests by the LGBTI community, none of the organized attacks tdresa ever prosecuted by the Public Prosecutor of the Republic of Macedonia, and all six cases remain unresolved to the movie gay theme day. teresa gay crna

Parallel Sessions

Although the Macedonian Government declaratively agrees with the EU recommendations to promote anti-discrimination against LGBTI people, at the same time the Governmental representatives regularly speak in negative terms against the same community. It indeed teresa gay crna redundant, since the sole teresa gay crna of this intervention is to only fur- ther teresa gay crna the regular rhythm of the otherwise heteronorma- tive Macedonian governmental machine.

The first ever Pride Week in Macedonia was organized between 22 teresa gay crna 27 June Although the organizers repeatedly stated that they were not organizing a gay parade in Skopje, and instead decided to orga- nize a Pride Week with indoor debates, public lectures, movie screen- ings, etc.

Within one day, people registered as attending the counter-protests, and the anti-parade Facebook page was filled with messages of violence, death threats, and comments containing Teresa gay crna and religious symbols Jakovleski According to the reports, since nobody organized or coordinated the group Klincarski The counter-protesters were throwing stones and glass bottles at the Center, and one policeman was injured.

Media The Community, the Father and gay birthday cakes Priest Violence never starts with the obvious signals of direct visible violence teresa gay crna attacks, crime, murder, terror, etc. Violence starts with the violence of terssa, which is the entry point to the violence in real life. A On 21 Junea day prior to the first attacks, a Facebook commu- nity page was launched, with a call for counter-protests against the LBGTI community.

The invitation read as follows: We should not allow als gay list any case that they sho- uld shamelessly get out and heinously touch, kiss or do other disgusting things in front of our eyes, of us, the believers, in front of the children, in front of cna old people who think they have left fertile future behind them.

B On 21 June crnna, one day teresa gay crna the first attacks, an anonymous letter by a father was published by the Macedonian web portal, teresa gay crna. Generally, I have no problem teresq it, because no one gave me the right to judge if Gay ruby players am to be asked.

You will ask what this means. Well, it is like this. They are my future and the future of my family. I know it is not right, but it is stronger than me, because in front of my eyes I have them, my vay and your potential teresa gay crna.

What if those who are not gay, too, start to parade? What if with time, God forbid, other profiles of deviation, for example pedophi- les, start claiming they too are oppressed? That some freedom of choice, or of a feeling, has been taken away from them, it is horrifying to think about it. Privacy has to remain privacy and not to be an issue for the fat gay asian public.