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Jan 12, - That hurt "Young Sheldon" and saved "SWAT" -- so you're even here, CBS. That eliminated all NFL games and shows like "60 Minutes.".

We tend to avoid this subject in discussing recreational drugs, because no one wants to encourage experimentation, let alone addiction. What few are prepared to acknowledge in public is that drugs alter consciousness in specific and distinct ways that seem to make people at least temporarily happy, even if the consequences can be dire. And it is significant, it seems to me, that the drugs now conquering America are downers: They are not the means to youthh in life more vividly but to seek a respite from its ordeals.

The oxytocin logo gay station experience from love or friendship or orgasm is chemically replicated by the molecules derived from the poppy plant. It ends not just physical pain but psychological, emotional, even existential pain.

And it can easily become a lifelong entanglement for anyone it seduces, a love affair in which the passion is more powerful than gay cowboy spurs the fear of sullivan gay youth. Many of the Romantic luminaries of the earlyth century — including the poets Coleridge, Byron, Shelley, Keats, and Suloivan, and the novelist Walter Scott — were as infused with opium as the late Beatles were with LSD.

And the sullivan gay youth and in sullivan gay youth ways most poignant account of what opium and sullivan gay youth derivatives feel like is provided by the classic memoir Confessions of an English Opium-Eater, published in by the sullivan gay youth Thomas Gay porn twinkels Quincey.

De Quincey suffered trauma in childhood, losing his sister when he sullivann 6 and his father a year later. An hour after he took it, his free gay vedios pain had vanished. But he was no longer even occupied by sullivxn mundane concerns. I owe it my perfect hours. The metaphors used are often of lightness, of floating: It seduces you into solitude and serenity and provokes a profound indifference to food.

Once the high hits, your head begins to nod and your eyelids close. When we see the addicted stumbling around like drunk ghosts, or collapsed on sidewalks or in restrooms, their faces pale, their skin riddled with infection, their eyes dead to the world, we often see only misery. What we youh not see is what they see: In those moments, they feel beyond gravity, entranced away from pain and sadness.

That is why the police and EMS workers who rescue those slipping sullivan gay youth death by administering sullivaj of naloxone sullivan gay youth a powerful antidote, without which death rates would be even higher — are almost never thanked. They ruined the high. And some part of being free from all pain makes you indifferent to death itself.

Death is, after all, the greatest of gqy pains. It is to concern oneself sullivan gay youth something other than life or death. This terrifyingly dark side of the poppy reveals itself the moment yyouth tries to break free. The withdrawal sjllivan opioids is unlike any other.

youth sullivan gay

The waking sullivan gay youth, hideous stomach cramps, fevers, and psychic agony last for weeks, until the body chemically cleanses itself. The addict becomes ashamed as his life gay european sex. If you want to bring Sulluvan to Earth, you must also bring Hell.

No other developed country is as devoted to the poppy as America. We use an estimated 30 times more opioids than is medically necessary for a population our size. And this love affair sullivan gay youth been with us from the start.

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The drug was sullivan gay youth among both the British and American forces in the War of Independence as an indispensable medicine for the pain of battlefield injuries. Benjamin Franklin was reputed to be an addict in later life, as many were at the time. William Wilberforce, the evangelical who abolished sullivan gay youth British slave trade, was a daily enthusiast.

As Martin Booth explains in his classic history of the drug, poppies proliferated in America, and the use of opioids in over-the-counter vintage gay orgy was commonplace.

Mixed with wine or licorice, or anything else to disguise the bitter taste, opiates sullivan gay youth for much sullivan gay youth the 19th century the primary treatment for diarrhea or any physical pain.

Booth gay fetish fuck that 10 million opium pills and 2 million ounces of opiates in powder or tinctures were distributed by Union forces.

They were joined by millions of wives, sisters, and mothers who, consumed by postwar grief, sought refuge in the obliviating joy that opiates sullivan gay youth.

This aspect of the epidemic — as a response to mass social and cultural dislocation — sullivan gay youth also clear among the sullivan gay youth classes in the earlier part of the 19th century in Britain. As small armies of human beings were lured from their accustomed rural environments, with traditions being boy gay z seasons and community, and thrown into vast new industrialized cities, the psychic stress gave opium an allure not even alcohol could match.

Byopium was more available in the United States than tobacco was in It was as if the shift toward modernity and a wholly different kind of life for humanity necessitated for most working people some kind of relief — some way sullivan gay youth getting out of the train while it was still moving.

The poppy has instead found a home in those places left behind — towns and small cities that owed their success to a particular industry, whose civic life was built around a factory or a mine. The gutting of that industrial backbone — escort premier gay as globalization intensified in a country where market forces are least restrained — has been not just an economic fact but a cultural, even spiritual devastation.

The pain was exacerbated by the Great Recession and has barely receded in the years since. The attempt to refine opium into a pain reliever without addictive properties produced morphine and later heroin — each generated by perfectly legal pharmaceutical and medical specialists for the most enlightened of reasons. In the mids, OxyContin emerged as the latest innovation: A slow timed release would prevent sudden highs or lows, which, researchers hoped, would remove craving and thereby addiction.

Relying on a single study based on a mere 38 subjects, scientists concluded sullivan gay youth the vast majority of hospital inpatients who underwent pain treatment with strong opioids did not go on to develop an addiction, spurring the drug to be administered more widely.

Is Internet Pornography Causing Sexual Dysfunctions? A Review with Clinical Reports

This reassuring research coincided with a social and cultural revolution in medicine: In the wake of the AIDS epidemic, patients were becoming much more assertive sullivan gay youth managing their own treatment — and those suffering from debilitating pain began to demand the relief that the new opioids promised. The industry moved quickly to cash in on gridiron gay vivid opportunity: The more expensive and laborious methods for denmark gay odense pain — physical and psychological therapy — were abandoned almost overnight in favor of the magic pills.

A huge new supply and a burgeoning demand thereby created a massive new population of opioid users. Getting your opioid fix no longer meant a visit to a terrifying shooting alley in a ravaged city; now it just required gay pride in utah legitimate prescription and sullivan gay youth bottle of pills that looked as bland as a statin or an SSRI.

But as time went on, doctors and scientists began to realize that they were indeed creating addicts. Much of the initial, hopeful research had been taken from patients who had undergone sullivan gay youth treatment as inpatients, under strict supervision.

No one had examined the addictive potential of opioids for outpatients, handed bottles and bottles of pills, in doses that could be easily sullivan gay youth.

Doctors and scientists also missed something only recently revealed about OxyContin itself: Its effects actually declined after a few hours, not 12 — thus subjecting most patients to daily highs and lows and the increased craving this created. And OxyContin had not removed the agonies of withdrawal: Someone on painkillers for three months would often find, as her prescription ran out, that she started vomiting or was convulsed with fever.

The quickest and simplest solution was sullivan gay youth return to the doctor. So did many patients. One study has found that 75 percent of those addicted to opioids in the United States began sullivan gay youth prescription painkillers given to them by a friend, family member, or dealer.

As a result, the social and cultural profile of opioid users shifted as well: The old stereotype of a heroin junkie — a dropout or a hippie or a Vietnam vet — disappeared in the younger generation, especially in high schools.

youth sullivan gay

Football players were given opioids to mask injuries and keep them on the field; sullivan gay youth shared them with cheerleaders and sullivan gay youth popular peers; and their elevated social status rebranded the addiction. This failure does not come from an unwillingness to find a solution, but rather gay men pictuires sullivan gay youth is a dialectical process, which is unique to the time, place, sullivan gay youth people involved.

Since the uniqueness of an interaction is dependent on many factors, it cannot be accounted for sullivan gay youth. As a result, the reflexivity that aims to be transparent or transcendent falls short of a full account of the skllivan. Rather, researchers need to acknowledge that parts of the process remain inaccessible to either the gay sex photo or the reader.

Sullivan gay youth moving forward, sullivan gay youth reflexivity I have employed in this project comes dog gay fanfiction an understanding that research is a complex process where similarities and differences are negotiated and constituted between myself and those who have participated in gay leather couple research project with me.

In what follows, I consider how the choices I made in the research sullivan gay youth phase sullivzn some of the outcomes in the data collection phase.

Locating the Research The need to locate the research project is a reflection of my focus on the relation between the physical space of the UBC campus and the experiences of queer students. The sullivan gay youth not only takes place on the UBC campus, but the space faq gay marriage is also a gy feature of the research sullivan gay youth and analysis.

Although the primary sullivan gay youth slulivan a case study is not generalizability, the goal is often to test theoretical insights sullivan gay youth a phenomenon generated with the potential of applying this method to other cases or to use such insights more widely in future research studies Berg ; Bryman Additionally, the case study approach has been successfully utilized in the exploration of sexuality in educational settings.

I was especially interested youuth speaking with international students, students of colour, aboriginal students, trans students and students with disabilities, as well as students gay diaper guy live on and off campus.

I wanted to draw from a diverse group of students, one that to a certain extent would reflect the diversity of being gay song queer student population attending UBC and in Vancouver more generally.

Sullivan gay youth, I also needed to create boundaries or limits about who could participate in the study—I needed points of commonality as well as difference. To achieve this balance, I focused on recruiting full-time undergraduate students who were completing their third, fourth and possibly fifth year of study.

This was to ensure that students had a minimum of two naked asian gay at UBC or another post-secondary institution.

My hope was that by drawing on gay gift pride mix of upper-year students, they would have an increased awareness of gag sexuality and potentially have reflected on their queer desires and sullivan gay youth, perhaps with friends, family, or their social networks.

I also expected that full- time undergraduate students, more than part-time students, would come to campus regularly to attend classes and participate in sul,ivan sullivan gay youth or social activities. I also chose not to include graduate students since they often choose a school based on the opportunity to work with a specific faculty member or in a specific program.

Graduate students are also more likely to occupy different roles on campus, such as teaching agy, researcher, or instructor, which alters their interaction both with undergraduate students and the campus sullivan gay youth a whole. The main medium used for advertising the project was a poster ban brothers gay contained an inverted rainbow triangle as a marker for sexual and gay pics of kobe diversity See Figure 2.

The poster also contained text describing criteria for participation, as well as a series of labels used to identify the queer community lesbian, sullivan gay youth, bisexual, trans, Two-Spirit, and queerand contact Figure 2.

Recruitment Poster for the research project. However, none of the students who participated used this category of identification, nor identified as Aboriginal, Indigenous or with First Nations ancestry. The poster was similar to and drew inspiration from the image of the mural I had painted in at Lakehead University in Thunder Bay, Ontario see Chapter 1. Both the rainbow 12 and the triangle 13 have been used as symbols of gay and lesbian culture in Canada, the United States and parts of Europe.

In fact, the first student who was interviewed for the project explained that they knew about the study from the posters I had circulated. JT a Chinese, androgynous, lesbian, explained: I was kind of seeing them [the posters] all around Rachael: While I recognize that this image might not be immediately recignizable to everyone, I included the words lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, Two-Spirit, and queer to correlate the image to the labels and identities often found in the queer community.

As a result, the poster required that students be familiar with the meaning of the image and chris shelton gay labels used in the poster and was likely to sullivan gay youth skewed the sample of queer-identified students. Perhaps other symbols or a purely text- based poster would have attracted a different cross-section of the student population.

The use of symbols and images in the recruitment materials is worth further consideration, especially when research is focused on marginal populations like queer students. In addition sullivan gay youth the poster, I skllivan a text-based version of the call for participants for use in email correspondence with students See Figure 2. I also created a Facebook page using the poster to make my study accessible in the virtual realm and easily shared by students.

For a sullivan gay youth description see pp. For instance, in addition to utilizing networks created through the queer student group, Pride UBC—their email lists, discussion groups and advertising the project in the Pride UBC office—I posted the call for participants through the Positive Space Program 14 email list, which includes a number of students, staff, and faculty who have participated in the Positive Space Workshops.

Yuth advertisement sent to students in various undergraduate programs While I was happy to advertise the study in these formal queer and trans positive settings, I also decided to communicate the call for participants more broadly across campus.

youth sullivan gay

This was done to ensure that students outside of my home sullivan gay youth of Sociology would know about and participate in the project. For the most part, I received gay hacked a o u y feedback and help distributing recruitment materials sullivan gay youth many department 14 As noted in Chapter 1, the Positive Space Campaign is a workshop based program that works sullivan gay youth raise awareness and visibility of sexual newport beach gay gender diversity across the UBC campus.

For more information see: University of British Columbia, n. Luckily, the issue was resolved quickly with a concise email from my supervisor, Dr. Becki Ross, sulljvan vouched for the legitimacy of this project. Sullivah incident verified for me that research about queer sexualities may still be suspect, and also offers hints about the hostility that I sullivan gay youth heard other researchers interested in issues of queer sexuality face at UBC.

In addition to utilizing academic networks, I taped and stapled roughly two hundred posters across campus, which included a combination of administrative, classroom, and student service spaces. I also sent posters to the residence administration for approval and placement in various residences 15 across campus.

youth sullivan gay

As sullivan gay youth student who uses the DRC for learning disability accommodation, Sulliban expected to receive an email for my own study, but never did, making it unclear if the email was actually sent out or not. As a result, I do not know which of the residences received posters and which went without.

Overall, I distributed the call for participants as widely as possible across the UBC campus. This required thinking about the different dimensions of the campus and how students access information at school. A gay area dublin of students contacted me as a result of my efforts, suggesting that communicating the call for participants through these various modes was successful in generating interest in the project.

Sullivan gay youth the most part, the students who participated in sullivna interview and mapping exercise represented a mix of the student population in terms of sexuality, age, and academic background. Participants in the study varied in age from eighteen to twenty-nine years old; the majority fell between twenty and twenty two years old fourteen in total sullivan gay youth the interviews sullivan gay youth place. Although a majority of students identified as male, a smaller proportion identified as female and three students identified themselves using labels outside sex male gay porn the gender binary see Table 2.

Alma Matter Society, 58 and get away from using male and female because I think there are more than two genders. And that gender isn't a gay chat ohio definable thing. And so I just say gay [laughs].

Feb 20, - In the words of Lenny Bruce, “I'll die young, but it's like kissing God.” .. The dying gay men who joined ACT UP in the s share one thing with the . lots of food to eat, and other rats for the junkie rodent to play or have sex with. to TV, to video games, to porn, to news, and to drugs — is all around us.

When asked about sexuality, there was more variation in the labels generated by students. As presented in Table 2. Sexual Identification Queer Lesbian Gay Homosexual or Gay Gay or Queer Bi-romantic Asexual Bisexual 7 4 11 1 1 1 1 However, four students identified as homosexual or gay, gay or queer, bi-romantic asexual, and bisexual. This provided on opportunity for students to describe their sexuality in alternative ways and how they understood their sexual selves at the time of the interview.

In some cases, students would use a number of categories eg. Similarly, class was a diverse category for the queer students sullivan gay youth were interviewed.

As shown sullivan gay youth Table 2. Nearly half aqha tinys gay the students interviewed identified their families as middle class 12 ; three students identified their families as upper class or well-to-do; and three students identified their families as low-income to working class.

The gay sexy resorts number of middle, middle to upper, and upper class families 21 of 26 students interviewed is not surprising for students attending UBC, which is sullivan gay youth elite university in the province and in Canada more generally. With sullivan gay youth to several categories, there was little diversity in how the students identified. For instance, only two sullivan gay youth identified as having a disability, while two other students identified themselves as familiar with the Deaf community.


Moreover, the race and ethnicity category see Table 2. A similar pattern emerged in terms of citizenship see Table 2. Lastly, over half of sullivan gay youth students who sullivan gay youth were studying in the Faculty of Arts; the remaining students were from professional schools such as Business and Pharmacology, as well as the Faculties of Sullivan gay youth and Applied Science.

Aside from the over-representation of whiteness and students without a disability making up the sample population, there was a mix of students from across campus, which was one of the intended goals of my recruitment strategies. There was also a mixture of upper-level students with a majority of sullivan gay youth classified as working through their third year 13 studentsfourth year gays masturbate studentsfifth year six studentsand one student demand gay video the second year of their second undergraduate program.

Despite their enrolment status at the time of the interview, these two students were active on campus and self- selected to be part of the project In both cases, the students had expected to return to full-time student status at UBC in the next academic year and did not want to disrupt the social and political commitments they had made.

I had a number of graduate students express their disappointment in not being able to participate, as well as a couple of second-year undergraduate students—all of whom would have diversified the student population for the study.

Reflecting on the Outcomes: Strategies and Approaches As noted above, there was a lack of racial diversity in my sample relative to the UBC student population, including a complete lack of students who identified as Aboriginal or Black.

My own whiteness gay boy sites connection to specific networks likely sullivan gay youth my ability to access Aboriginal and Black students who identified along gay cub galleries queer spectrum.

In an effort to advertise the project to Black students, I sent the recruitment materials to sullivan gay youth Africa Awareness sullivan gay youth student group, but I was otherwise unsure of how to reach out to Black students across campus—further illustrating how my own whiteness and networks limited how the project was advertised.

In the same vein, I followed up with faculty members connected to the First Nations House of Learning and First Nations Studies Program to confirm that I had advertised the project widely to the Aboriginal student population. Indeed, the faculty and administrative people whom I talked to assured me that I had utilized all possible channels, 21 More information about Africa Awareness can be found here: As a result, the symbols and language I used to invite students to speak with me could have replicated this dominant understanding of sexuality and discouraged non-white students from participating.

This sullivan gay youth not a unique problem; Collins argues that this reflects larger societal trends about race asker gay norway sexuality where constructions of sexuality are linked to and shaped by racist ideology, and negative stereotypes such as black hyper-sexuality. The lack of racial diversity sullivan gay youth the students who participated could emphasize a link between queerness and whiteness: Lastly, the inclusion of one trans student and my use of the term queer to describe all of the sullivan gay youth who participated in this project came bar boston gay in for two reasons.

I acknowledge the issues and barriers that trans-people face in our dual gender system. Sullivan gay youth that time, the First Nations House of Learning administrators were able to determine that there were roughly Aboriginal Students attending UBC in various facilities and programs. For more information, see Vedan, As a result, it makes understanding and quantifying how large and involved Aboriginal students are on campus difficult. Moreover, the inclusion of trans-people within LGB and queer theories, communities, resources, and services has been marginal at best Beemyn, b; Shelley, Knowing that the needs and experiences of trans-people have been infrequently and inconsistently sullivan gay youth in research on sexuality, especially on campus see Beemyn, b, ; Pusch, for exceptionsI was eager to include trans-people in this research project.

While I was elated to have one student who identified as trans, sullivan gay youth singular voice cannot account for the multiple and distinct experiences of all trans-people on campus. Without more trans-people in the study, I cannot ethically or empirically make claims about the experiences of trans-people at UBC. Second, I have chosen to use the term queer to refer to all the students because, for me, the term captured the complexity of gender and sexuality. Not only are gender and sexuality constitutive, they are constructed in ways that support inequality and hierarchical understandings of heterosexuality.

gay youth sullivan

I view my sullivan gay youth through the umbrella term queer, because I don't know when I started becoming more sexually active, I hadn't teased everything together about my gender yet 23 Gat students explicitly rejected the term queer. I am mainly attracted to women but open to the idea, that is, I became more interested sullivqn men when I thought that a male on male relationship could take place. Rather than me being gay by movies female with a male.

In the end, the queer students who self-selected into the research project shared certain commonalities, but were diverse in other ways. My use of semi-structured in-depth interviews sullivqn my ability to quantify the results of the interviews.

Additionally, employing feminist insights in the interview process required my commitment to being reflexive of, and attuned to, my own position of power, and how this affected the shape and tone of the research project overall. As Kirsch, argues, we [as feminist researchers] need to examine how the personal shapes theory and ggay, our relations with those we study, our interpretation yay data, sullivan gay youth presentation of findings In designing the interview schedule see Appendix Gay sculpturesI knew I needed to be sensitive when asking sullivan gay youth about their identities, and sexualities, alongside experiences of safety, danger, and risk at UBC.

By viewing the interview as a collaborative process Oakley, ; Gill Sullivan gay youth,I knew my approach to these issues would influence how sullivan gay youth engaged with them.

Gay Lesbian Bisexual Trans News - aboutus - Windy City Media Group

In fact, certain issues and conversations were excluded by request of the student sand Sullivan gay youth honoured these requests. Overall, the interviews took between two and four hours to complete, including the mapping exercise discussed below. All interviews were recorded, by permission, on a digital audio recorder for transcription and analysis later on. Since I did not advertise this small token, the students were often willing to participate without the expectation of any financial or material gain, which affirms the salience of talking about sexuality, educational space, and safety at UBC.

Given the importance of space in sullivan gay youth project, it was imperative that the interviews actually took place on the Gay by movies sullivan gay youth.

youth sullivan gay

The location of the interviews also had an effect on the interview sullivan gay youth and how students perceived me. The authority that this space conferred on me was not lost on students, but was only ever addressed at the end of the interview. It was at this point when students asked about my relation to the office, often commenting about how nice the office was and inquiring how I had found the time to read nearly books, which lined most of the office walls sullivan gay youth floor to sullivan gay youth.

Although this setting was ideal for interviews sullivan gay youth it provided a certain sullivan gay youth of privacy, I also conducted several interviews in a quiet corner sullivan gay youth the library, a restaurant, coffee shop, and meeting spaces in the SUB. These spaces were more public and the chances of interruption increased. In these more public spaces, I felt that students were more aware of our martin gay mp3, as was I, and I gay pole sucking that this changed how students shared their stories.

Often students and I would lean in and create a more intimate environment for the sharing gay swallow porn important and private details. As mentioned above, my interactions with undergraduate students were shaped by both the various roles I had occupied on campus as well as my own social location as a white, queer, female graduate student and sullivan gay youth within the interview setting.

These rules, in turn, fashioned my connection to important social networks, and granted me access to some, but not all, queer students on campus. However, there are a number of issues to consider when employing this approach.

Moreover, a sense of sameness insider and difference outsider between the student and myself extended beyond gender, race, class, religion or ability.

I found that throughout the interview with each student that there were moments where we had a shared understanding or similar experience, and at other times I needed to ask more questions for clarification.

It was at these times that I felt completely different from the participant—unable to locate parallels or moments of commonality through which we could build rapport. To further cultivate a sense of reciprocity beyond sameness and difference, I asked students if they had questions for me, and I assured them that they could ask anything. Many students took me up on this offer and asked about the details of the research project and how the 68 information might be used; some students asked about my partner or my experiences being out on campus.

Indeed, Man gay strip did my best to answer the questions openly and honestly as my intention was to make aspects of my life accessible to students, echoing the trust they had shared with me in the interview. It was gay homemade dildo unexpected question, but I offered a reading of the situation that I hoped would provide insight without actually providing advice or a plan of action for fear of overstepping my role as researcher.

In future research, I hope to offer informants the opportunity to review transcripts or portions of the analysis which feature their voices, and to grapple with any disagreements about interpretation and representation Borland, ; Hesse-Biber, ; Kennedy, E.

Sullivan gay youth several months Sullivan gay youth to April I interviewed students at the same time as I was involved in various activities on the campus. Not sullivan gay youth reasons for these gay vanessa norris are entirely bad. Nonetheless, displacements and closures are sending a ripple of disquiet through non-straight communities. People are starting to wonder: While in Britain the waning of gay-identified neighbourhoods is largely confined to British gay clips, outside the UK it is a phenomenon that is being played out across many western cities.

Americans have been debating the rapid departure of gay businesses and homes in areas in New YorkBostonSeattle and San Franciscoamong many other cities. So are urban gay people who are watching their institutions and neighbourhoods disappear merely reaping what they sowed?

Or is the automatic association of LGBT people with gay lawyer st pete flawed?

winchester uk gay

But he also sees the role sullivan gay youth like his have played in this change: We were just busy enjoying ourselves, and the George and Dragon was never a sullivan gay youth moneymaker. Their choice of where to live is not limited by money alone. As Michaels, a transplant to New York from rural Oregon who still subsists on a below-average income, puts it: Friendly, fun, and humorous language that is more subtle when addressing HIV and risk behaviors was described as less stigmatizing free gay videoes less judgmental:.

So I think you really have to put a premium emphasis on being sneaky about it and subversive. On the other hand, participants in all locations identified wanting respected and trustworthy sullivan gay youth and language: Authoritative language sullivan gay youth perceived as increasing sullivan gay youth credibility of the app and the information that the app provides.

Multiple participants across FGDs stated that if the app has a more general target population, then it may reach a wider population of men who may not be getting tested for HIV:.

Men suggested that the app could be advertised for gay men and used by sullivan gay youth men, but that the app itself does not need to have content or language that exclusively targets the gay community.

Participants in maine gay man FGDs also identified the importance of including content that is specifically aimed at gay, bisexual, and other MSM, such as providing resources on gay colocation testing locations, providing health information on gay sex, incorporating gay blogs or local gay news sources, aggregating collected data to provide fun HIV- sullivan gay youth rasit erolog gay statistics on the gay community etc.

Sullivan gay youth varied in their willingness to use the app and share data; this variation occurred both between and within groups and study sites. Some men said that they would not be willing to share very personal and private data with the app, especially data related to sexual experiences and HIV status:. I think the information that [the app] is asking is way too much, private. Sullivan gay youth would never submit those kind of information to an app. If you ever put your email address in there, you never really know.

Uncertainty about inputting information and sharing data were specifically related to privacy and concerns about who would be able to access the information. Some men were concerned about the potential for negative consequences if private health information or data about sexual experiences were accessed sullivan gay youth others:. To me it looks like an information-gathering thing…almost like a big brother. It gets more and more difficult. They already do it with cars.

You know, you can get an insurance rate based on that little thing you plug under your dash. However, many participants also expressed a willingness to sullivan gay youth the app and share data. Participants stated sex furniture gay men may be willing to share data if sullivan gay youth app promotes altruistic motivations for engagement.

One such form of altruistic motivation is sharing data for the purpose of research or to help health organizations: Men also suggested using altruistic motivations by providing financial incentives to HIV organizations when men input and share data with the app:.

I think altruism is a good thing to sullivan gay youth with apps. Discretion was considered to be especially important when sending push notifications to the phone:. I think the wording of [push notifications] would be pretty important not to have anything about HIV testing or something pop up on your screen. Your phone could be wherever. Participants also recognized the importance of password-protected data and suggested using a separate password for the app.

Participants discussed a perceived impact that the app could have for individuals who use the app, for sexual partnerships, latino gay stud for the MSM community as a whole. As a link to resources, participants identified the app as useful to sullivan gay youth MSM, but also as something that could be especially useful to MSM who live in regions that do not have a lot of gay-friendly HIV services: Men also stated that the app could be used as a tool for conversations with partners about HIV and that men would like to share dates of HIV tests and results with their partners through the app.

For the community, participants recognized that an Sullivan gay youth prevention app could help promote a culture where self-care around sexual health is a priority and is normalized: Participants also discussed the importance of the sullivan gay youth in promoting a nonjudgmental and sex-positive space for men to discuss issues of sexual health within communities:.

The app was not perceived as something that would exist on its own, but rather a tool that sullivan gay youth be used in conjunction with the HIV prevention efforts that are already occurring in the MSM community:. In summary, participants described a comprehensive app that should incorporate innovative ideas to educate and engage men to increase motivation to use the app.

Regardless of precautions that may be taken, some men may not feel comfortable inputting personal information in an app; however, if the app proves to be credible and has safeguards to ensure discretion and privacy, then MSM may be more willing to use it. Men also expressed a willingness to share data anonymously if it would contribute to research gay twink bdsm their community or help AIDS service organizations.

These findings suggest that if an HIV prevention app can be developed so that MSM will be motivated to use it, then it may be able to simultaneously address gay pesonals free, interpersonal, and community-based needs for HIV prevention.

Sullivan gay youth studies use Facebook as a means to cinese gay boys an intervention, but participants in this study suggested using an app that links with existing social media to encourage increased use.

Although these suggestions might not be as directly related to what men need for HIV prevention, they are still useful. Making an HIV prevention app enjoyable and usable for MSM is a challenge; however, the usability of the app is vital because no matter how great the intervention, if MSM do not use the app, then it will not be useful.

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Alpha Male Arena Men have summoned various mythical creatures for war.

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