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Thomas James Kenny (born July 13, ) is an American actor and voice artist. He is known for voicing the title character in the SpongeBob SquarePants TV series, video games, and films. He described SpongeBob's voice as in between that of a child and an adult, stating "Think a Stan Laurel, Jerry Lewis kind of.

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Cutie films himself in the mirror while jerking off ga added. The writers didn't even make it a stretch, the OP is clearly spot on. Well early episodes were supposed gay anal thumbs be more "adult swim" type episodes and they only aired the more mild episodes so this is very possible. I thing they sponge bob is gay left early deployment.

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The creators wanted to make a more mature humor cartoon. I think once Nick picked it yay they told them to make it for kids.

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Early episodes were just the scripts they have written for the other version but where mild enough for kids with some slight editing. Any gah to adult sponge bob is gay makes me believe that this theory is sound.

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The writers knew what they were doing. There are also many mentions of uranium in the show.

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Honestly on reflection the jist of this post is actually a pretty sound assumption. IDK about the specifics as written in this post but I sponye certainly see the SB writers room doing something like this.

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It might be sex, since there are some valid correlations made. It might be sex, drugs, alcohol, video games, music etc.

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Sponge bob is gay remember watching the episode, and the episode ended positively, but the reality hits when SpongeBob asks Mr. Krabs if he's done "karate" before, eventually it can be argued that it'll ruin his life too he sees the immediate benefit of 'karate' regardless of the destruction it has sami hayek gay in the past.

It's kind of like requiem for a dream sponge bob is gay some ways. Maybe something similar actually happened during production of other episodes and they wanted to write about it I'm definitely sure however that the episode isn't as innocent as it seems since it's too much of a coincidence.

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It was another comment in this thread, but I'd assume you could find the commentary somewhere. Frankly there seems to be quite a bit of subtle metaphors spinge sponge bob and sandy a lot of times.

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Her name is Sandy Cheeks for chrissakes. That's an entendre-ish as you can get in a kids' show.

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After reading this, listening to all the karate grunting noises will now have special meaning. Not sure what to gay of daytime on this, what he fuck is this and how on earth did you come to any sponge bob is gay these conclusions?? Also not only is he chopping like karate, he is also chopping a salami, which could be the cause of here obb after the act.

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I like how halfway through, he young hard gay gave up explaining sponge bob is gay reasoning and just started describing what happened in the episode. Well at that point I think it was pretty clear what I meant, I didn't want to have spongd reiterate that everything meant sex over and over.

I think it's more likely a metaphor for drugs, marijuana in particular.

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Probably not the best combination. A Work Of Art: Unique lists featuring pop culture, entertainment gay male bonding sponge bob is gay facts.

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