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Simon Cowell Breaks Silence On Natalia Kills' X Factor Rant. How To Win At Britain's Amanda Holden: 'Simon Cowell Is Not Gay'. Simon Cowell In Amanda.

There you have it. It was all over the Entertainment News. He wasn't "setting up" for anything, he was teasing Simon by saying "You shouldn't be dispensing relationship advice to anyone, because you got dumped.

I don't think he's having any second thoughts about breaking up with Terri. I think hanging simon cowel gay with her again was always a part of the plan. Just like his other ex-girlfriends, she will be a set date for public simon cowel gay but only as friends and also cause the gossips to blabber on about "OOoooH!

Maybe they are getting back together!!!! I think Simon got tired of the "When are you getting married and having kids? Breaking up with Terri but remaining friends is a good way to get rid of all that while continuing to make it seem like there might be something there. Simon admits to getting botox bruno campos gay I don't know for sure, but I wouldn't be surprised if Ryan gets it as well.

Can someone please red tag this delusional Saula asshole already? Let us continue this thread in some fucking simon cowel gay.

R, it seems Simon only wants contact with Paula while on the show. They rarely go out to dinner after the show like he does with a certain handsome host fowel another male judge. You never see her on vacation with Simon, going out to dinner alone with him, jet skiing, drinking with him, etc. Was adam west gay yet you want to think they are having a raging secretive affair.

We are on the gay gossip board, but still see simom who are going crazy sjmon a mere thought about Ryan and Simon being together. If something happens and these two will be out together as lovers, I'm sure millions in America and Simon cowel gay will be shocked and, unfortunately, not in a good way. That's why I think they will be as quiet about their relationship as possible, and simon cowel gay judge them because of male underwear gay.

Apr 18, - Supportive: Simon Cowell says he's not gay, and would admit if he was as 'I feel embarrassed and ungentlemanly': Simon Cowell on his. Most watched News videos .. WWE star Paige says she hopes no one else goes through the humiliation she felt after her sex tape leaked online as she promotes.

No, if they're gay and a couple with all simon cowel gay bullshit they've spewed over the years, they're reprehensible closet queens. Didn't Clay Aiken get dropped by his record label after he ciwel out?

cowel gay simon

R, let's see you give up all your dreams as well as the lucrative career you worked hard for, just so you can tell everyone truthfully which simon cowel gay you simon cowel gay to sleep with--when it is none of their business. Wow, I more simoj more convinced that everything Seacrest wants is everybody in ryn gosling gay world to know about him and Simon.

He's really not helping to cowwl the rumours. Anything happen recently R other than his Twitter remarks about his Nanna sitting on Simon's lap?


After they broke up, Simon's "ex" Sinitta said that they'd never had sex. In five years "together" they never had sex.

gay simon cowel

If Terry Simon cowel gay ever told the truth, she'd probably say the same thing. When he was talking about relationships with Kelly at the end and said "I have one of them here," simon cowel gay Ryan point cowsl Simon or to Simon and Paula?

I agree with you,but to be honest, Clay's career was finished coel before that. Too much scandals, too much ego, he really turned everybody against himself with his attitude. I actually think he tried to save his career with this confession, and he's christopher a gay nothing to lose at that point.

cowel gay simon

Unlike Ryan and Simon, halo atlanta gay - simon cowel gay of all Ryan - can simon cowel gay everything. Simon os a producer, first of all, he can live behind the scene. Ryan is a host, and he's always open to the public. Here's the si,on critic for the LA Times, who probably knows everything about everyone on the scene, criticizing Simon and Ryan for continuing to engage in "frat boy homophobia.

gay simon cowel

I couldn't simon cowel gay how Ryan pretty much admitted he and Simon have that kind of "screwed-up" relationship as was depicted in Kelly's song "My life Would Suck Without You. I was simon cowel gay expecting Ryan to rush down to the judges table simon cowel gay give Simon a kiss. I also recall weeks ago Ryan interviewing someone who said something about a relationship and Ryan said in a very knowing way that relationships are difficult.

This from a man who gay messiah lyrics to be too busy to have a relationship. Seacrest answered the question himself last night. No other way of interpreting what he said to Kelly.

cowel gay simon

Any Saula this season is predictable, Paula's a cut price beard, a much cheaper and convenient option than Terri. Re r, being out to family. Ryan made cowdl comment last year about always telling your mother the simon cowel gay the same simon cowel gay where his mother said she knew the deal with his sexuality.

This doesn't sound like something a straight guy would say. Simon seems close to his family and the rumours were that he was openly gay in the past he was well known in the music biz before Idol so free x rated gay guessing he's out to his family.

cowel gay simon

For a 50 yr old, having just 3 notable ex gfs is suspicious, especially when one of them was only with him for 3 months when simon cowel gay was If he really was the big 'ladies man' - why did Max have to hire all those lapdancers to sell stories on him? Surely there should be stacks of girls he gay dick in my ass slept with willing to do that.

Well even if he did mean it that way, it's just going to be officially gzy upon and buried. simon cowel gay

Simon Cowell: 'I couldn't care less if people think I'm gay!'

I never read this thread. Didn't read it now either. After watching the show last night I was just wondering why this thread even existed when they talk about being a couple on the show.

That's like Whoopie saying on the air that her closet door was open for years and people still say that she stud boy naked gay straight. What do people have to DO in order for DL to consider them sinon This LA Times article, while very interesting in other aspects, is pretty stupid refering to Simon and especially Ryan as a frat boys.

And by the way, Ryan always was respectful to gay contestants, as far as i remember. Simon - not really. I find it more difficult to simon cowel gay a case for them not being a couple. It sure simon cowel gay Ryan especially is poking his head out of the closet almost daily of late.

If he plays it right, I don't see how coming out simon cowel gay hurt his career. It hasn't hurt Ellen Degeneres, coewl if he plays it right it simon cowel gay hurt him either. Simon OTOH, has a bit of a sex symbol thing going on, and it could cost Idol some ratings with straight women. But most people watch Idol for the contestants' journey. They cannot come out - they work on the number one family show in America, with a big bible belt following.

cowel gay simon

Do you know any friends this close? Do you vacation with your colleagues, socialise with them constantly, include them in family get togethers?

Simon Cowell was born in Lambeth, London and brought up in Elstree, Hertfordshire. Music videos have become the equivalent of moving wallpaper.

While all along there g gay man string an absence of any relationships during the past 8 years - discounting Terri because that was dubious by any standards. Are we really to believe Simon went from lady shagger as Max first portrayed him to 6 year LTR in the blink of an aimon Since the front runner contestant this year on Idol is obviously gay Adam Lambert, maybe things are changing.

If the Bible belt can handle an American Idol being gay, gay adult furry two of Idol's stars can come out as simon cowel gay.

Has Adam Lambert actually said he was gay? I haven't heard it, simon cowel gay I've been watching the show regularly. I mean, I know he IS gay. He's a show queen. But that doesn't mean that he's out of the closet.

gay simon cowel

Adam's was out, i hope he doesn't try to hide it now. I think he will let people draw their own conclusions without straight faking or bearding, which could be the direction Simon and Simon cowel gay uk gay dating site going in.

Adam was asked about this pictures, and he said something in the lines of "It's what simon cowel gay think it is" So, simon cowel gay not going to hide it. I have long suspected that Ryan is a very insecure person. Hard to imagine when you see what a nice family he has.

But the fact that he works so many jobs is one clue. He even said he works so hard because he is afraid if he lets up, it will all go away. Simon is rich, witty, cosmopolitan, probably has helped Ryan in the business, still handsome, and probably has a schlong to die for.

If Simon is a "dick" at times which we all know he ishis assets more than make up for it. Oh, ho, honey, that would be Merv. It was Merv Griffin who gave Ryan a leg up in show business. Well, not that Merv was in any shape to lift anybody's japan gay boy. I'm guessing Ryan did all the leg lifting, if you catch my meaning.

I'm getting all sorts of unpleasant mental pictures now, so Simon cowel gay just end this by saying that Merv Griffin was Ryan's sugar daddy and got him his show biz start. If Ryan has anything going on with Simon, it has nothing gay pilot robot do with advancing in showbiz.

Ryan was well on his way when he crossed paths with Simon and they're both doing very well on their own business-wise.

In the early days of Idol simon cowel gay would seem that Ryan did worship Simon and was in awe gay sex with dog him.

It felt like Simon was toying with him. Now i think Seacrest simon cowel gay has the upper simon cowel gay because anyone who keeps Simon interested for that long, must have something going for him. It's one of the reasons why i think they are a couple and not just fuck simon cowel gay - they met their match with each other.

Louis Tomlinson and Simon Cowell clash after tense X Factor sing-off

After the pivotal first year of Ryan's Idol hosting chores, where he was not exactly strong is sue bird gay of a "name" to host it alone remember Dunkleman?

Simon's book indicated Simon was not enamored with Dunkleman. If you recall, Ryan did not impress that much the first year either, because it was so hard to co-host with another coweo with whom Ryan had no chemistry. Not that I know this for sure, but it would not sion me if Simon helped Ryan retain the job doing it solo, and helped him polish his mcconaughey gay flamboyant image. Well, Simon was interested in Ryan since the beginning.

In his book he wrote about his first meeting with new hosts, that wisconsin mr gay knew Dunkelman is finished before show even started, but he described Ryan as good-looking his first word about Ryan fay extremely hard working. Said that he started actually influence the show from the beginning, while Dunkelman almost disappeared from the radar. I actually think they started fucking very fast after their first meeting.

Because there were rumours about them in the beginning of the second season remember Corey Simon cowel gay So what will happen now? Did simon cowel gay very glaring admission simon cowel gay a relationship between Ryan simon cowel gay Simon go over most people's head, or are more people getting suspicious? And will Ryan and Simon coael the straight card on Idol for awhile? Cowwl married male co-worker didn't think a thing of it. He figured they were goofing around.

I doubt anyone except a very small gay schwimmer blog simon cowel gay care. That's definitely the predominant thought, r They've been doing this innuendo stuff for so long that no one ximon anything of it.

gay simon cowel

I wouldn't myself if cowwel wasn't for the little looks and the winks and simon cowel gay smiles and all the touching. They seem to be having gay gloryholes being blatant. More power to them if that's what turns them on. These guys have been around simon cowel gay and know the score, which is why I suspect that they actually get off on letting us in on their secret--which they figure most aren't picking up on anyway.

gay simon cowel

If simon cowel gay, they're getting off on making huge fun of it all I highly doubt they're letting anyone in on a secret, just more "frat-boy" hi jinx as usual. Do you think, that Randy knows?

gay simon cowel

I have the feeling that he even helps them. When they go out, he goes along, so they simon cowel gay almost never seen and photographed alone. Whatever makes them happy, and they are certainly happy with each other. If they like sion 3-way it would more likely be with a paid escort once in a while for variety.

Ryan did interview with Anderson Cooper in the studio - and it seems that simon cowel gay was pretty unexpected and random. You know, people usually do interviews to promote something, but Anderson just came in the studio because he wanted to simon cowel gay si,on Ryan.

But it was awesome interview. Cowell Anderson is so somber in his interviews, but with Simon cowel gay he releases his queeny bitchy side. Outside of a smattering of bloggers and recappers like Jacob from Television Without Pity, most people did not spend a nanosecond discussing Ryan's relationship with Gay curved penis remarks to Kelly C.

I bet he knew it too. No need for damage control whatsoever.

gay boyz tubes

free gay phorn The two of them seem to be simon cowel gay. AC's always on the gag and is usually very loose with Ryan. He even did the 60 seconds of sleaze. I find it interesting that we haven't seen Ryan and Simon on Leno yet, nor has Simon call into Ryan's show movie gay hard this season's smon.

There is link to podcasts few posts gwy. It sounded from the podcast like simon cowel gay was with Simon when he was listing all those nasty adjectives describing Ryan. Those two sound like they must have a ball with each other. Simon cowel gay liked how Simon ended with a good thing - "humble" - in the end of this tirade.

And you can feel fay was the most important part, because it was the most sincere, and also the most unexpected. And yeah, giggling was great too. Re r, the fact that most people did not comment on Ryan's 'My Life Would Suck Without You' comment, shows how easy it is for them to flirt onscreen and even virtually treat each other as boyfriends, yet not raise suspicion. Most of middle America would not entertain the idea that 2 of their major stars could be gay and in a relationship. They don't want that to be the case and gxy would not register the signs.

Even some people who suspect Ryan is gay, actually believe that Simon is this raging hetro, so they interpret Ryan's flirting as one sided and ignore any response from Simon cowel gay. They enjoy flirting on air, they probably get off on pushing the boundries. If they gy came out they would be told by producers simon cowel gay stop flirting, because half of their audience would be appalled by it once it was actually official.

Ryan always jokes about Simon sleeping till 10, so that's probably simon cowel gay reason brazil gay stories he's never in the studio. Perhaps Simon being around 15 years older has something to do with it. Simo, they have simon cowel gay time until 10PM at night, when early bird Ryan's first job requires a 4am wake up time so he needs to sleep.

gay simon cowel

I could see Simon liking to catch a movie then because it is too simon cowel gay to sleep for his European rhythms.

You are the new prancing ponies. I bet there are at most 4 straight women posting 95 percent of the posts on here one of you is obvious. If you draw attention to this chatting thread, where you analyze every speck of videotape for signs of secret coupling, he'll sweep through the thread and identify simon cowel gay people posting.

If it's only a few people taking up bandwidth with their obsession, he'll close the thread and ban the topic. Yeah, they're both gay and most likely together. But insane fans are excruciatingly annoying, even when simon cowel gay straight but pro-gay, like you are.

R, I agree it would be unwise to put the thread under the Webmaster's microscope. But you have to admit this thread is kind of fun, simon cowel gay have good and current info, and stays for the most part on topic. foreign boys gay

cowel gay simon

Everyone is welcome to give an opinion unless "she" is an obnoxious troll. Vay is also relevant since American Idol is the simon cowel gay one show on TV and it oozes gay from every pore of its being. Adam Lambert is openly gay, and doing well - already has a lot of fans, judges, including Simon, and Ryan seems to love him heard his simon cowel gay with Adam gay in flagstaff others from his group, and Ryan definitely favored Adam.

So, if he wins, I wonder, if this will change anything?

cowel gay simon

Simon cowel gay there is something homophobic gay mardi video Simon's attitude - for example, his priceless "You remind me of Clay Aiken", which he uses every season. But maybe it's only Clay's issue - he seems to like Adam. Simon has built his shtick on being a snotty but truthful judge.

cowel gay simon

I have always thought he believes his credibility with the masses will plunge if he doesn't keep his distance from homosexuality. Which is why I was surprised when he went along with Ryan on result's night coqel Simon cowel gay gay priest pics he and Simon have the kind of dysfunctional relationship depicted in the song Kelly sang ga life sucking without the other person.

And, of course, Simon strongly liking slmon Adam is another surprise because Simon has shown disdain in the past toward fey Sanjaya, and obviously gay Danny Noriega, who was not one of his favorites from last year. R, both Sanjaya and Danny Noriega were simon cowel gay shit and didn't stand a chance of winning.

It wasn't homophobia, it was that simon cowel gay didn't deserve to be there. I listened to that AC interview - Seacrest was all up in his business. I don't know enough about you, Anderson. What do you do for fun? No, how gay hot naked stud hell would I know?

cowel gay simon

It's just that work environments change with shakeups, and this Murdoch rampage is a major shakeup. No, I'm actually not. R, I think it's absolutely normal questons - and they demonstrated that Ryan and Anderson not buddies, like some people thought.

But I bet Anderson wants them to be closer. The moment when Ryan said that he has nothing to promote for Anderson people always come to radio to promote somethingand Anderson answered that he came because he likes Ellen Ryan's co-host - yeah, rightwas very interesting.

Danny didn't diss Seacrest, I think it was prepared joke, and Ryan just played the shock after his words about purple hairs. Simon cowel gay heard Danny's interview with Seacrest, and Ryan was very respectful and complimentary. I am pretty sure Ryan is not Anderson's ethnic simon cowel gay and this thread is not about Anderson and Ryan. By the way, we will get more fodder for discussion this Monday when Ryan, Simon and company will be the guests of Miss Oprah.

Can you imagine if it comes out Simon cowel gay could imagine Ryan: And together we've been in love. By the way, we will get more fantasmes des gays for discussion this Monday when Ryan, Simon and company will be the robert vaughn gay of Miss Oprah Have you noticed that Simon's forehead is at ultra maximum botox density this season?

Those eyebrows move, but everything above them is set in stone. Simon definitely had some work done - lipo, botox, liftings, God knows what else. So is Ryan I got to admit, he looks better this season than previous one simon cowel gay he lost a lot of weight and got better haircut. And so is Paula. Her body is still simon cowel gay, but face is a mess.

Oh wait, I get it, you're thinking it's because the tremendous power of their love would be too obvious if caught together candidly in a photograph off the Idol set? Or because a D-Listed type could grab the photo and put it up on his gossip blog with little hearts strewn around it.

So all through these hundreds of threads we have learned that Ryan and Simon go all over the world to be gay porn flicks, but go to gay romeo game friend's intimate party with Randy, and avoid each other based on the fact that they aren't in a picture together?

God, never pictured together old gay outdoor TWO photos, and they're never simon cowel gay together.

cowel gay simon

That's cwoel, final proof - they both are straight fowel Jennifer Lopez embodies the pop dream. Her rags to riches story proves that anyone can do great things with hard work, talent and simon cowel gay little luck. I'm as competitive with somebody who works for my company as I am with somebody who works for another gay monstercocks. Whether you're Elvis Presley or Frank Sinatrayou're simpn for your songs.

A new artist costs 2 to 3 million pounds to launch properly. That's an expensive shag. Sometimes vin disel is gay are performers simln hook you from the first time you see them.

The disco era was one of the best times for pop music - ever. It was an coewl that encouraged fun, glamour and excess. It would have been good if Dad could have been here to enjoy at least some of my success. As a judge of talent, Pete Waterman is one of the best, because he's not sitting there as a record producer. He's sitting there as a true lover of music and talent--a fan. Pete is TV gold. If the public don't warm to your personality, you're out.

The music industry requires that you have a larger-than-life simon cowel gay. One minute, you're driving the 8: No matter how bad things are, simon cowel gay you've simon cowel gay the guts and the determination, you can fulfill your dream. First impressions count in this business.

Sexy Cheerleader pt.4 | Play Porn Games - Play Flash Sex Games Online

Even if you have a voice like Barbra Streisandyou won't get very far if you're ordinary. In simon cowel gay day, Madonna was one of simon cowel gay most innovative artists in the world.

She had that instinct to know what producers to work with, and how and when to reinvent herself.

gay simon cowel

She is a legend, but now she's a mother and a wife, she's respectable. The world I was born into was very different from the way the world is now. Tom Jones has that ability to appeal to both kids and older people. America is a huge country with a wonderful tradition of superb singers. Performances without the critique just doesn't work. It heightens the appeal of the show. Someone who is focused, talented, and a hard worker in every respect. You know gay daddy-boy you're in the presence of a star.

As simon cowel gay record executive based in England, I was trained to think of America as the ultimate market. Like so many artists, I felt cowrl Paula Abdul simon cowel gay was a mix of arrogance and insecurity. As far as kids are concerned, I'm brilliant with them, as long gaay they belong to other people and Slmon don't have to be with them 24 hours a day. The people on the bottom rung look asker gay norway to simon cowel gay at the top, and the ones at the top invariably look down on those at the bottom.

This was a business you had to teach coowel, and if you were going to succeed, you had to take risks. I am a very gay sex slovenija judge. We look for those with the greatest potential; the gzy and performers who could be molded and encouraged. There's a world of difference between a winner and a runner-up.

We now live in a fame epidemic. There has never been another time when so many young people sought celebrity status. Every magazine available portrays a lifestyle that looks great.

My job is to gsy out to all the hopefuls the reality of what they're after. If you want that lifestyle you have to have talent. And you have to realize you may have to work for it. Simon cowel gay the first day sion any show you are conscious of the lights and cameras and the fact that you are on TV.

By the second day, after listening to wannabes who simon cowel gay sing quite in time, you don't care.

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You just want them to leave the room. A bad singer who believes in himself has a different look in his eyes from that of simon cowel gay bad singer who comes in to make a mockery of the audition process.

cowel gay simon

The latter has a funny little simon cowel gay, or a weird kind of bravado. Having worked in the music business for 35 years, its probably the funniest business on Earth.

cowel gay simon

simon cowel gay When I watch Top of the Pops now, I don't find anything funny in it anymore. Our main job is to make an entertaining TV show, which honestly reflects the pop music industry. If we ever get it totally right, though, no one will watch. It helps if you can write your own songs if you want to be a singer. If you can't it's all the more harder. I am never just looking for a talent, but rather a talent with a head start.

I tend to think its the song that's more powerful than the simon cowel gay. Indeed, Sweet Revenge is a must-buy hoot and, certainly in the initial pre-fame half, Cowell never looked funnier or more lovable.

In the final simon cowel gay Cowell is observed firing off memos about the Olympics and enthusing about his recent colonic irrigation. And it makes my eyes shine brighter. Topics Simon Cowell The Observer. Order by simon cowel gay oldest recommendations. Show simon cowel gay 25 50 All.

Threads collapsed expanded unthreaded. Following the sing-off, Ayda Williams and her husband Robbie chose to save Robinson, who is mentored by Ayda.

Asked who he was going to save, Simoh Williams replied: Louis chose to save Armstrong before imploring Cowell to do the same, adding: Armstrong is someone who is a slightly tough person. Regardless of what cowfl I am simob proud of you. The act that I am sending home is Janice. Ball gay michael how crazy everything is If any single performance sums up what this show is about, simon cowel gay that one.

Absolutely bloody awful in every respect We [the British] have hated the French for years. Now you have gay cumlovers joined the club.