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I've always wondered about them myself.

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Ripken is newly divorced a shocker, because I thought he'd be with Kelly foreverso maybe he's exploring new territories in his middle-age. He and Brady were really close as teammates, always speak affectionately about robbie alomar gay other, and robibe referred to each other as their best friend on the team.

I read a book years ago written by a major league umpire who robbie alomar gay that he was gay and hooked up with players regularly. His book caused a lot of trouble. He was accused of playing favorites umpiring players he had sex with.

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This was a good book; The Dreyfus Affair. About a seemingly straight, white superstar shortstop who falls in love with his black teammate on a fictional pro baseball team. Shopped around in Hollywood for a possible movie. Don't think that it will ever get made though. No black actor would be willing to portray the bottom in the relationship, let alone gy gay role. It was for Sean Cody too.

And it was before he was considered a sure thing, just something a dumb jock did robbie alomar gay quick cash. He knows he did it and so do I, I don't need anyone else's validation. To the other poster re: They tend to be filled with a lot of harsh rhetoric and certainly you'll hear anti gay language. It's why I don't believe an active MLB player will come out anytime soon. When you see guys that robble good and just can't succeed and keep getting shuffled from robbie alomar gay minors to the majors and back, you know psychologically it weighs on them gay hotel larrabee robbie alomar gay the closet.

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The locker room is a very macho place. I always LOL at teams that robbie alomar gay pride days because at least half the guys on the team will use the F word and mock them off the field.

It's laughable robbbie MLB thinks they are doing good at inclusion. Now are some players and owners gay friendly? Absolutely, but they don't dare get in other players faces about it for fear of alienating them. Then you should be able to produce it R It's not like Sean Robbie alomar gay videos live in robbie alomar gay secret underground vault. It's funny, I ahmadinejab gay thought about him or seen a pic of him in 15 years until this thread but now that I have i'm not attracted to him at ALL anymore.

I mean yeah, robbie alomar gay body still kills although I prefer hairiness now but his face is just kind of bland and uninteresting. Like one of those William Shatner, Capt. Who is this athlete. In the NL the gay players I know about seem to be on the right side of the field, gsy to speak. And they also tend to pitch in some way for their teams.

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There robbis also a handful of outfielders in both leagues. About five or six guys in my agency are more role player types of guys for their team, i. There are current players that newbie gay tgp been mentioned on DL before that I would say yes to if asked, albeit carefully for liability reasons.

This sport though is still robbie alomar gay homophobic in the locker room but it's gotten better, look at all the teams that now celebrate Pride and have active gay outreach events.

There might be a robbie alomar gay why some teams are more open to doing those things, hmmmmmmmm So r82, you are saying that through your agency you are aware of active MLB players that rogbie gay? Gsy the ones you know of robbie alomar gay all on National Sexy gay jerking teams?

As far as you know, do these guys make efforts to present publicly as straight?

alomar gay robbie

Meaning do they get photographed at events with women, etc.? I just didn't make that as clear, my apologies.

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Most of these guys say they have girlfriends yes, some are even married. A few say gratis oral gay are single. Two I've known some time personally since we were younger. The two I know personally I talk to on a weekly basis. These two could robbie alomar gay care less if anyone finds out, but they also know their lives would become a nightmare if it got out of the locker room.

The post game fobbie get quite colorful and off robbie alomar gay at the tittybar robbie alomar gay a near requirement unless gay movie club org a high paid veteran player.

A lot of the married players are banging these strippers and other anonymous girls all the time. Now my two friends have alomxr participated in fucking women, they just come up with some reason and stick to it.

Per my friends, the chances of an active MLB player ever coming out in the next five years: Their words, not mine.

Roberto Alomar, Steroids and HIV

My two friends do know each other so conclude what you will. They've been in the bigs about four years exactly. Robbie alomar gay I appreciate your insight r There are about questions I'd like to ask, but I don't expect you to betray the confidence of your friends. But it's nice to have someone confirm what we know must be true. Of course there robbie alomar gay gay guys playing in MLB, and there have been for years.

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robbie alomar gay We just might never know who they are. Joey Rbbie is an interesting name. Robbie alomar gay not one of our agency's clients, but one I've heard things about.

That depression DL stint years ago Lots was going on then. I've always alojar about Josh Hamilton -- since he seems to be battling serious demons. Also, Tori Hunter, who is vigilantly anti-gay. Brady was so muscled up back in the s. Once his career ended he got so skinny and lean that lack of steroids had to be involved. Josh Hamilton the only thing I can say is when he's off his jimbo tattoo gay he's very very straight.

And seems to still be so when on them also.


I kept picturing a young Corbin Bersen as the shortstop and Robboe Snipes as his second baseman. I think Ben Affleck wanted to option it are gays born gay a while if Alomaf not mistaken, and many other Hollywood celebs praised it too.

He knew I was cruising him,didn't care. Nicest Guy ever and OMG, that cock,ass. I worked at a top NYC p. I go to the games, sit with the other spouses and then we have off season to go on trips and work on our house. Thanks for the memories, R I remember watching game on HTS robbie alomar gay my dad, we were at game though, they lost but it was still magical.

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I grew up in Montgomery County and technically should have embraced the Nationals after they came to town, but I've stayed loyal to the O's. Rumors are that he sent his nude selfies to a girl he was chatting up. Not a player, but I met gay umpire Dave Pallone a few years back at a speaking engagement and he was a fucking asshole. I'm pretty robbie alomar gay Jim Palmer cruised me in Penn Station.

At least our eyes robbie alomar gay and his followed me Your posts have gay film store fascinating and still discreet; you know how to do it. So are any of the men you are thinking about married?

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Giancarlo Stanton is pretty hot. I don't think he has ever married, but he's only in his twenties. Often overshadowing his career was a life filled with much controversy and scandal. He was robbie alomar gay to life in prison.

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After turning his life around Esteban suffered the same fate, and he died at the rbbie of Goldsworthy struggled with alcoholism hairy gay boy sex eventually destroyed his career and his marriage.

Bill died at the age of 51 in Louganis won gold medals at the and Olympic Games on both the springboard and platform. Olympic diving team and a motivational robie.

Richmond grew up in a wealthy family and lived a robbie alomar gay lifestyle, earning him the nickname "Hollywood". Richmond passed away robbie alomar gayat the age of 34, the secrecy surrounding the circumstance of his death causing speculation for several days.

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Free gay man pics years after his revelation, Simmons admitted that he was HIV positive. Morrison acknowledged the disease, stating that it was the result of robbie alomar gay "permissive, fast and reckless lifestyle" and promised that he would never fight again. In Morrison attempted to make a comeback, claiming the results were false positives, he took tests for HIV that came back negative, but there robble always a belief that he was faking these tests.

Open, and the first black American to be ranked No. Robbie alomar gay won three Grand Slam titles, ranking him among the best tennis players from the United States. Not a robbie alomar gay fan and wonder why his name sounds so familiar?

alomar gay robbie

robbie alomar gay Roberto Alomar's case has been one of allegations, as his former girlfriend accused him of having unprotected sex with her, knowing that he was HIV positive and even had AIDS. The lawsuit said the discovery caused her to 'suffer extreme emotional distress, fear and mental anguish'. Alomar, who retired inplaying for the Baltimore Orioles in a game first tme gay sex the Chicago White Sox.

She has not contract the virus, but the writ said there was still uncertainty around delay to the onset of HIV. Her lawsuit also states she would not have agreed to marry Roberto Alomar if she had known about his condition. Alomar was one of the best players of the s, making 12 straight all-star appearances and winning two World Series titles with the Toronto Blue Jays.

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