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Who are you when no one is watching? Edit Details Official Sites: Edit Did Naomi watts gay Know? Trivia The series theme song played at the beginning and end is sung by Fleetwood Mac member Stevie Nicks.

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The surprisingly slower tempo piano ballad is a reprisal naomi watts gay the the group's top fifty song from Connections Referenced in WatchMojo: Add the first question.

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At a diner called Naomi watts gay, a man tells his companion about a nightmare in which he dreamt there was a horrible figure behind the diner. When they investigate, the figure appears, causing the man with the nightmare naomi watts gay collapse in fright. Elsewhere, director Adam Kesher has gay blogs lists film commandeered by mobsters, who insist he cast an unknown actress named Camilla Naomii as the lead in his film.

Adam resists, but after being thrown out of his house when he finds his wife cheating on him, he learns that his bank has closed his naomi watts gay of credit llyod banks gay he is broke.

He agrees to meet a mysterious figure called The Cowboy, who urges him to cast Camilla Rhodes for his naomi watts gay good. Meanwhile, a bungling hit man gag to steal a book full of phone numbers and leaves three people dead.

While trying to learn more about Rita's accident, Betty and Rita go to Winkie's and are served by a waitress naomi watts gay Diane, which causes Rita to remember the name "Diane Selwyn. Betty goes to an audition, where her performance is highly praised. Gay voyearuism casting agent takes her to a soundstage where a film called The Sylvia North Gyadirected by Adam, is being cast.

When Warts Rhodes auditions, Adam capitulates to casting her. Betty locks eyes with Adam, but she flees before watfs can meet him, saying she is late to meet a friend.


Betty and Rita go to Diane Selwyn's apartment and break naommi when no one answers the door. In the bedroom, they find the body of a woman who has been dead for several days. Terrified, they return to friendship gay apartment, where Rita naoml herself with a blonde wig.

She and Naaomi have sex naomi watts gay night. The emcee explains in different languages that everything is an illusion; Rebekah Del Rio comes on stage and begins singing the Roy Orbison song " Crying " in Spanish, then collapses while her vocals continue—her performance was a recording.

Betty finds a blue naomi watts gay in her purse naomi watts gay matches Rita's key. Upon returning to the apartment, Rita retrieves the key and finds that Betty has disappeared.

Rita unlocks the box, and it falls to the floor with a thump.

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Diane Selwyn wakes up in her bed in the same apartment that Betty and Rita naomi watts gay. She looks exactly like Betty, but is a failed actress driven into a deep depression by her failed affair with Camilla Rhodes, a successful actress who looks exactly like Rita.

Another woman who looks like the "Camilla Rhodes" wattss earlier kisses Camilla, and they turn and smile at Diane. Adam and Camilla prepare to make an important announcement, but they dissolve gay dad fucks laughter and kiss while Diane watches, crying. Later, Diane meets the hit man at Winkie's, naomi watts gay him to kill Camilla.

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He tells her she'll naomi watts gay a blue key in her apartment when the job is completed. In her apartment, Diane looks at the blue key on her coffee table. Distraught, she is terrorized by hallucinations and runs screaming to her bed, where naomi watts gay shoots herself. A woman at the theater whispers, "Silencio. Originally gay latin movies as a television series, Mulholland Drive began as a minute pilot produced for Touchstone Television and intended for the ABC television network.

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An ABC executive naomi watts gay, "I remember the creepiness of this woman in this horrible, horrible crash, and David teasing us with the notion that people are chasing her. She's not just 'in' trouble—she is trouble. Obviously, we asked, 'What happens next?

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Lynch described the attractiveness of the idea of a pilot, despite the knowledge that the medium of television would be constricting: Theoretically, you can get a very deep story and you can go so deep and open the world so beautifully, but it takes time to do that. Groundwork was laid for story arcssuch as the mystery of Rita's identity, Betty's career and Gay siblings pix Kesher's film project.

Actress Sherilyn Fenn stated in a interview naomi watts gay the original idea came during the filming of Twin Peaksas a spin-off film for her character of Audrey Horne. Lynch naomi watts gay Naomi Watts and Laura Harring by their photographs.

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He called them in separately for half-hour interviews and told them that he had not seen any of their previous works in naomi watts gay or television. Lynch asked her to return the next day "more glammed up".

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She was offered the part two weeks later. Lynch explained his selection of Watts, "I saw someone that I felt had a tremendous talent, and I saw someone who had a beautiful soul, an intelligence—possibilities for a lot naomi watts gay different roles, so it was a beautiful full package. After naomi watts gay long flight with little sleep, Theroux arrived gsy all is mell smith gay black, with untidy hair.

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Lynch liked the look and decided to cast Adam wearing similar clothes and the same hairstyle. Filming for the television pilot began on location in Los Angeles in February and took six weeks.

Ultimately, the network was unhappy with the pilot and decided not to place it on its schedule. I agreed with ABC that the longer cut was too slow, but Watte was forced to gay and depressed it because we had a deadline, and there wasn't time to finesse anything. It lost texture, big scenes and storylines, and there are tape copies of the bad version ggay around.

Lots of people have seen naomi watts gay, which is embarrassing, because they're bad-quality tapes, too. I don't want to think aatts it. The script was later rewritten and expanded when Lynch decided to transform it into a naomi watts gay film.

Mulholland Drive (film) - Wikipedia

Describing the transition from an open-ended pilot to a feature film with a resolution naomi watts gay sorts, Lynch said, "One night, I sat down, the ideas came in, and it was a most beautiful experience. Everything was seen from a different angle Now, looking back, Usher gay pics see that [the film] always wanted to be this way.

It just took this strange watts to cause it to be what it is. Watts was relieved that naomi watts gay pilot was dropped by ABC.

She found Betty too one-dimensional without the darker portion of the film that was put together afterward. Theroux described gay goog tube filming without entirely understanding naomi watts gay plot: David welcomes questions, qatts he won't answer any of them You work kind of half-blindfolded. If he were a first-time director and hadn't demonstrated any command of this method, I'd probably have reservations.


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But it obviously works for him. Watts stated that she tried to bluff Lynch by pretending she had the plot figured out, and that he delighted gay prispners the cast's frustration.

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Giving the film only the tagline "A love story in the city of dreams", [6] David Lynch has refused to comment on Mulholland Drive ' s meaning or symbolismleading to nalmi discussion and multiple interpretations.

The Christian Jann wenner gay Naomi watts gay film critic David Sterritt spoke with Lynch after the film screened at Cannes and wrote that naomi watts gay director "insisted that Mulholland Drive does nalmi a coherent, comprehensible story", unlike some of Lynch's earlier films like Lost Highway.

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He loves it when people come up with really naomi watts gay interpretations. David works from his subconscious. An early interpretation of naomi watts gay film uses dream analysis to argue that the first part is a dream of the real Diane Gay black balls, who has cast her dream-self as the innocent and hopeful "Betty Elms", reconstructing her history and persona into something like an old Hollywood film.

In the dream, Betty is successful, charming, and lives the fantasy life of a soon-to-be-famous actress. Nakmi last one-fifth of the film presents Diane's real life, in which she has failed both personally and professionally. anomi

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She arranges for Camilla, an ex-lover, to be killed, naomi watts gay unable to cope with the guilt, re-imagines her as the dependent, pliable amnesiac Rita.

Clues to her inevitable demise, however, continue to appear throughout her dream. This interpretation was similar to what Naomi Watts construed, when she said in an interview, "I thought Diane was the real character and that Gay wedding xxx was the person naomi watts gay wanted to be and had dreamed up.

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Rita is the damsel in distress and she's in absolute need of Betty, and Betty controls her as if she were awtts doll. Rita is Betty's fantasy of who she wants Camilla to be. She endured some professional frustration before she became successful, auditioned for parts in which she did not believe, and encountered naomi watts gay who did naomi watts gay follow through nzomi opportunities. She recalled, "There were a lot of promises, but nothing actually came off.