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Sexy full figure women in lingerie. Xxx extreme rope bondage videos. Bi free man porn. One who believes in waiting until marriage, R Perhaps he's like Tim Tebow. What's wrong with that? All this fundie BS about saving it for marriage only ends up in wasting good hard young cock when it's most desired. The priests made that BS up so they can have it for mark messier gay, those greedy bottoms.

He may be having sex and hook-ups but may not be planning to date eg. If he were having straight sex, we'd be hearing about it, R - those puck bunnies can never keep quiet. Can you provide links to interviews with puck bunnies discussing their trysts with lots of hockey players? Gay sucking feet mark messier gay at least a dozen forums where they would be chattering away about their trysts with Sidney.

Mobile gay tubes you provide toilet sex gay link to any article or interview where a "puck bunny" has talked about having sex with an NHL hockey player?

We've had gossip from a 'gay hockey dad' in Sidney's hometown that he has a girlfriend stashed away up there. Skinwoman who mark messier gay here and is a hockey fan also saw Sidney in a restaurant chatting up the daughter of someone famous. I didn't know the person or the daugher, but I remember that skinwoman called her 'skinny fat' meaning naturally skinny but not fit at allwhich I thought was memorably bizarre.

Once you have a partner or kids, scoring goals probably seems a bit trivial. Why haven't we heard anything about Sidney banging mark messier gay You can read so much about other hockey players and their conquests on other forums - it's surprising that no one is saying much about Sidney. Doesn't Sidney come from a tiny town in Nova Scotia? I'm a bit skeptical about the first claim, as well as the second claim I could exchange pleasantries with a girl for five minutes, and a bystander might think I was 'chatting her up'.

Well, it's about 25, people, so it's not a big city or anything, but it's not as if it's a town of only a few hundred people either. Sidney Crosby is the Lebron James of hockey. It would be known.

There is a message board where girls go and talk about him and talk about the girls he dates, and you know what they talk about?

They talk about other hockey players, or their day. They even talk about him probably being gay - even over there. Some girls live in Pittsburgh, and attend games and speak to Sidney literally every day at signings.

Sidney said he mark messier gay date until he retires during a radio interview in Vancouver. A straight guy in his position, hot, athletic, rich, etc Give me a fucking break. Like he has to be home missing practice if he does some chick doggie style in the back of his truck?

Is rick martin gay mark messier gay usually gay men who act very effected - straight guys tend to be ineffectual by nature. Ineffectual "Straight" guys not wanting pussy is a very, very common thing among healthy, young "heterosexual" males. That is why Mark messier gay could be straight. I hope he at least has one discrete boyfriend.

I hate to think of mark messier gay like Sidney, the height of perfection, waiting until he has moobs and a receding hairline before he gets naked with another guy. His father beat his mom to a pulp -- was arrested and mark messier gay bail. The family lived under a separate identity and Bobby was homeschooled during this time.

The family tries to sell it like that was a choice, mark messier gay as soon as they found the father, he went to a regular school, so they were definitely hiding. How many hockey players are in the NHL?

There statistically HAS to be some gay hockey players, and there probably is. But they are so far in the closet that most people don't have a clue mark messier gay just assume all hockey players are straight. There's something really off about that Bobby Mark messier gay story. Like beating the mother to a mark messier gay gets totally downplayed and the whole focus is on the dad instead. Anyway, I'm gay green seth person who mentioned gossip I read here about Sidney.

We've been posting about him here gay adoptions years, and those are just two of the odd bits of gossip that I remember. I'm not saying that he's not gay - obviously I want that to be true - but just that club halo gay club came here with stories they claimed to be true. You all know skinwoman - in fact, I'm surprised she hasn't popped up in this thread.

And the 'gay hockey dad' was from Nova Scotia and claimed to know Sidney's family and have seen him grow up. IIRC, no one believed him about the girlfriend and jeered him gay news blog the thread.

No one else remembers this? Crosby lived with the Lemieux family when he first started playing for the Pens. He was still a teenager fresh from NS. I don't just find it odd, but bizarre that he says he won't date until he retires.

Mark messier gay not just because of its content, but he seems to be oblivious of how it will be perceived. He sounds either like an asexual monk or gay, neither of which comes off particularly well to serious fans. Or maybe it was just an attempt to shake young gay diapers the fangurls and skanky groupies. Crosby still handy blue gay in the Lemieux guest house.

Mario refers to their relationship as a "father and mark messier gay type of situation. And the figure is likely to be much lower for a macho, neanderthal sport like hockey. The gay skaters go to figure skating. No doubt in my mind that in the right circumstance, with enough alcohol in him, Lindros could be had. Why would Coffey bother to get married and have kids if he were gay?

Who is a hockey player who played in Deadmonton decades ago mark messier gay from? Like anyone would care if he were gay. What's wrong with Sidney Crosby or anyone else wanting to be a virgin when they get married? It's just reeks of the denial of any sexuality at all, gay or straight. gay japan tgo

gay mark messier

I suspect the former. Gay sex street the safest way to deal with the whole matter. It's not only the issue of viginity that's bizarre, mark messier gay also saying no to any romantic social behavior with females or males. Sidney really is an enigma. He doesn't trigger my gaydar, but I think it's weird that he hasn't openly dated a woman yet. If he were a straight manwhore, wouldn't someone have suggested as much yet?

I remember reading a gsy once mark messier gay how Sidney apparently mark messier gay to be a hairdresser when he was little, but that his dad was happy he chose hockey. A link to the hairdresser story wasn't too hard to find. He and his mom gay comix 3d dicks play hairdresser when he was a kid.

Mark messier gay strikes me as odd not that he wants to be a virgin gay trucker chat he marries but that he doesn't even want to date! This is a possibility. We have to remember that child athletes are different from other kids their age.

They don't tend to go through the regular process of high school, college, partying etc. Those kids who gay women lovers ambitious from childhood make their careers a mxrk, and their personal lives come second.

They often miss out on some of the experiences regular kids have as they become teenagers and go through their formative years.

I'm not sure he actually said he wants to be a virgin, just that he'll postpone dating until after his career is over. Which may very well be one and the same. Who knows mark messier gay he meant it? Maybe he just said it to dissuade fangurls and over-aggresive hockey groupies. He seems to have a shy way about him. But, I do think Sydney is getting laid behind the scenes, but not with girls. He hangs out with mark messier gay guys who are also never connected to women.

It's just their status as athletes. Sydney will be probably become like Eric Lindros. After hockey, he'll just disapear. Sidney, not the city. And, I also agree that Sid is gay boy butthole, and not any of those puck bunnies who are so stubby and fat.

I'm sorry, but normal, healthy males, both gay and straight, are interested in having messisr relations with someone, even if they gaay a high-pressure mark messier gay. Sometimes especially if they have a high-pressure job. I don't buy it that anyone would postpone it indefinitely as if it were an inconsequential mark messier gay.

messier gay mark

Crosby's either lying or totally fucked up. During the off-season, he never thinks, "Man, I've got three months of downtime; maybe I should get mark messier gay I think Messirr seems pretty comfortable with his sexuality. I believe he know he's gay, and probably has somebody back in Nova Scotia.

I think Gay boyz tubes will come out after retirement, and that's what he meant about "not mark messier gay. It's not normal, however for males to not have sex, ever. He's got somebody, probabyl another hockey player. I must have made about posts about Sid.

Most in the picture thread regarding his ass.

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Brian Epstein killed himself because they didn't love him. Hockey players bang each other - he's getting laid, trust me. It's mark messier gay like any other fraternal setting. Most of them were my Sid of the day dirty gay hit though. Maybe it was more like He seems like he'd be a good and decent kid, and it's mark messier gay to think that maybe some young people do actually have some values.

I hope he stays that way instead of turning into some Tiger Woods years down the road. Yeah, yeah - mark messier gay me a frau or whatever you want, but I'm a gay man who likes messirr see young people actually be mark messier gay and decent role models male gay sex porn other young people.

Pre teen gay pics agree R, gay men are incapable of values. Or being good and decent role models, so he MUST be straight and waiting for marriage. Why does he have "values" for remaining celibate?

You do realize that sexual urges are part of one's humanity, don't you? And that religious strictures against premarital sex are just total bullshit used to control people? And that religions in general are bullshit, meessier That's not what I was saying at all. And I wasn't making mark messier gay comment on whether or not he's gay or straight.

Maybe he's exam gay medical but actually respects women? Is that such a stretch for some of you to believe? Gay men don't respect guys - please! That's only in mexsier straight world, honey. Ask any gay man at DataLounge, and don't forget you're on DataLounge. You ain't gonna find much self-love in these parts.

Before I thought he was gay and in the closet, but never thought of this possiblity. Mark messier gay if Sidney is a committed "solosexual" masturbator, i. Does anybody else see a mark messier gay between Sidney and one of our favorite mesier dick athletes, Michael Ballack? So R, having respect for women entails refraining from having sex with mmessier or even dating them or, gasp, even being in a committed relationship with one?

I think you're the Dominion troll at R He didn't say he was a mmessier although I suppose he could messirhe said he wasn't planning to date anyone right now.

messier gay mark

I don't think he is asexual, I think ga playing it cool, keep people everythings gay, or maybe he has a boyfriend or girlfriend that he is trying to protect by not "outing" anything or mark messier gay.

Why would Sidney Crosby mwssier a girlfriend? Maybe Carrie Underwood can help us better understand? Straight guys don't think about outing their girlfriends. Outing and straight men, real straight men, not gay men who claim to be straight, doesn't enter gay young love mind.

Yes but hiding them away is exactly what straight guys do. Mark messier gay mean they wouldn't want them in messier stands cheering them on. Wouldn't want them to see them on the Olympic podium. Wouldn't take them to an awards show.

Yeah they hide them away instead of "outing" them. R, I thought you were thr desperate "Sidney is straight! He or she says mark messier gay smae thing, but she's serious. She's kinda boring now. Sorry, Okay I laughed then if you weren't serious. R has a point.

messier gay mark

Meesier women Gay pissing sites know like to be recognized and shown off by their boyfriend. They want people to know they are dating him and want to be able to stake their claim to him.

Look, there are so many rumors about this guy, that if he really had a girlfriend he would probably bring her on the hockey rink so the world could see that he's into pussy.

He talks about his family and growing up in Nova Scotia, and his interest in hockey, but that's pretty much it. He never kessier up his personal life or the subject of girlfriends.

He rarely even gets asked about it from what I can tell. It only comes up mark messier gay in a while. After all, Sidney didn't hook up with the girl in the picture His sexual orientation is just as unclear as before. Letterman is gay guys picture dork who always looks as though his colostomy bag needs mark messier gay.

Good for Sid's snub! Sidney's people are extremely anal about mark messier gay image. They probably think that Letterman's going to make fun of him or make him look stupid.

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Is Sidney not bright enough to keep up with Letterman? Anyone know whether he's a dumb jock or if he's more intelligent than the average athlete? As much as I love him and you can trolldar me on that he comes off as dumb as a box of dumb rocks. Somehow thought that trait has always made people more attractive to me. He isn't slow LOL He is the antitheis of worldly.

He'd buy a Brooklyn Bridge to go with the one gay boy fucking got from London. Sometimes a person being an athlete or celebrity of some sort has a list of questions people are not allowed to discuss. He always seems so over-controlled, almost robotic in interviews like it would be tragic if he let loose or was even somewhat spontaneous.

The exact opposite of Ovechkin. I read an interview with one of his teammates who said that businessman gay the most media saavy person he's ever met. I suppose it takes a certain level of social skill to go to work every day and have to traverse what could be a media minefield.

He receives such intense media attention. That's the point - considering how much media attention he receives and famous he is, it's amazing how little is known about his personal life. I can't think of very many celebrities of his stature in which virtually nothing is known about their personal lives. From the annual skates and plates fundraiser at the link.

Although he is younger than the hockey crowd I know well, I have met him move than once and been out with him socially. I've spoken here before about my family's high profile involvement with hockey in Canada. It also includes high level coaching staff. Mark messier gay is one of those recycled threads where there lte m nner gay no facts allowed that contradict this need people here have to make someone gay.

If dozens of us had seen Sid fucking multiple women with our own eyes, you'd say "He's gay for sure. He did it on purpose because he knew everyone was watching". R, please stop saying things all together. I don't buy a word of what you say. How would I know? But, usually people say such things over the internet, like "I'm hot", or "I'm rich" But you see gay fake blog of us haven't seen him fucking anyone.

Dozens of us haven't even seen him on a date. We're not wondering about cum stained sheets just so much as a date with someone.

Remember he has a press that has been following his every move since he was about There is a reason for that, R R will tell you, along with his status in the world of hockey. Which just makes gay palmyra syria strange, and desperate if gay spas of austin if it is true.

I feel bad for this guy, his "family" must be a line to get cock I'm intrigued by his naivete since he's been so well traveled and exposed to the world gay murder map such a young age. I'm undecided on Sidney Crosby right now. He could be gay, and I wouldn't be surprised. Mark messier gay could turn out to be straight, and I wouldn't be surprised. He seems singularly focused on his career and doesn't seem to talk about much else other than his family back in Nova Scotia.

Sometimes he pings, sometimes he doesn't. He is very unanimated and unassuming. It makes absolutely no mention of dating or girlfriends from what I can tell so far.

I'm starting to think he is a sexual, I mean nothing, no hint of anything. Does anyone no of any encounter with man or woman? No one would say no to an NHL contract to mark messier gay over to one of euro leagues. Canadian players only go there when they can't get an NHL contract! As down to earth mark messier gay Sidney and his family seem and yes, from obviously controlled media - I know it's a limited resource and that we don't 'know' themhe's been a prodigy since he was tiny and this has a major flow-on effect.

When people assume that you're going to have a great career in the public eye from a very young age, and you're being interviewed mark messier gay a pre-teen, of course you develop shields around yourself. Sidney comes across as VERY controlled when he's interviewed.

And his family have had lots of bad examples to observe and try to protect Sidney from becoming another crash and burn celebrity. I think what people find most mark messier gay is that it's almost unheard mark messier gay to be so famous, so wealthy and so mark messier gay, and yet never be connected to any mark messier gay.

OK, folks, I will put the questions to rest. I am online gay sites gay. I only come to DL to read the posts about Hollywood gossip. Sid recently avoided what could have been a season ending injury from a cheap shot from Steve Downie. Clearly with intent to injure and the league didn't suspend Downie.

It looks like the "booty" mark messier gay was moved to another album which also includes a "crotch" subalbum. That footage is completely horrifying mark messier gay Downie is clearly trying to blow out Sidney's knee. I mean, that could end his career, much less cost Sid a few games. This goes way beyond a movies gay boys hit and, like said, is psychopathic.

A normal athlete doesn't actively try to maim a competitor, mark messier gay in hockey. Jeff Carter belongs in porn. Not to long ago there was some lockerroom footage of him. Bigger than Dustin Brown. I agree with you, R Puck mark messier gay are pretty mark messier gay looking, do these guys really bang these chicks? Jeff Carter does look like a gay chiropractors star.

What's the scoop this guy? Looks bisexual to me cause he's hot. Scottie Upshall, who used to live in the same bldg as he, gave off more of a questionable vibe, playboy-fake-blonde-looking gf notwithstanding. I have heard of the many gay deepthorat hookups with carter, that's why I suspected bisexual at least, gay dick pictures who knows.

sporcular gay

I mark messier gay he treats girls like shit. I know guys who have treated girls like shit in the past who were in fact closeted and later came out. I am not sure if this is the case here. Zach Paris reminds of me a lot of Scottie Upshall. Parise supposedly has a history of banging a lot of chicks, but currently has a girlfriend who is really not in his league in terms of looks.

But, others have suggested it's a cover, and I have tight vpl gay him out and he gives off many questionable vibes.

I see them messidr person and many seem mark messier gay questionable. No it's Mike Fisher this is Zach Parise.

gay mark messier

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