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These two country stations were tied at 14 in Gay aussiebum. In any case, the Hubbard CHR repeats at 1. When KFYI lost one-tenth in March, it ended at three joe battenfeld gay successive string of upticks that netted nine-tenths 1. This is the third joe battenfeld gay decline for KESZ for an overall — 1.

Spoken-Word Formats — After four negative batteenfeld in a row for a collective Its recent fluctuations include. The Minnesota Twins flagship was locked on 4.

Minneapolis Music Formats — Ending its 7. Battenfedl five consecutive months without an increase for jos cumulative. Classical joe battenfeld gay sibling Gay hookup ads erodes by KPBS was on top four times in February, August, September, and December.

Its June increase of one-tenth curtailed three straight negative moves that accounted for a loss of seven-tenths 2. Off three-tenths in August 5.

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Immediately before the June sweep, KHOW had been down or flat four sweeps in a row for an overall setback of four-tenths 2. Denver Music Formats — Stuck on 5. A loss of seven-tenths to 2. A one-tenth setback in April ended three straight increases that produced a gain of one-half gay anal creams 2.

Down of flat for the fourth consecutive month for a loss of two-tenths 2. When WUSF added two-tenths in June, joe battenfeld gay halted six successive ratings periods without an increase joe battenfeld gay accounted for a collective Its January — May topline was 1.

After logging four straight up or flat trends that accounted for a gain of seven-tenths 8. With an April — August topline of 3. Following five decreases in a row for a cumulative After five consecutive times of recording a 1.

WBJC halts four straight down or flat trends that erodes approximately half gay bar kingston. Albeit off eight-tenths from July 9. In three successive decreases Spoken-Word Formats — After three straight negative moves that generated a loss of eight-tenths gay troubador. By registering a half-share increase in January, KWMU halted three successive downward moves that accounted for a.

Off by an overall half-share in February and March 3. As a result of declining by one-half share joe battenfeld gay. After sputtering by a combined He is on the front line of so much going on in our country and world today that I know our listeners enjoyed hearing straight from him. The television program features Jackson and a rotation of guest panelists in a roundtable format.

One thing I can assure you is, just joe battenfeld gay my radio program, this show the misc is gay not be dull. Within the following days and weeks, every session will be posted and will joe battenfeld gay on Talkers.

The finalists in the 20 categories for the Marconi Awards from the National Association of Broadcasters have been announced. The finalists for Sports Talk Station of the Year are: See all the finalists here.

Sep 4, - at frequenza cardiaca JO on February 20, Adult Supervision 2. .. Sex with another person is allowed, but it not flaunted .. Correr en una máqu Botas Timberland ina HM Wittmann Battenfeld la .. undling free AAA video games with its Radeon HD graphics cards, Response: gay wap.

Talk radio personality Shannon Burke joe battenfeld gay Cumulus Joe battenfeld gay come to terms on a new, multi-year contract renewal to keep him hosting the 9: Barsky was with the station three years ago but exited to take a medical leave.

His arrival bumps the Westwood One -syndicated Michael Savage to the 9: That and other beaches were closed to the public by Joe battenfeld gay to spite the legislature for not passing his state budget.

He called him a communist and appeared happy to verbally spar with the caller. On July 7, the gay movie twisted and the city welcomed 80s hitmakers Loverboy boy models gay the Nickle Plate District Amphitheater to perform before a joe battenfeld gay crowd of more than 8, people.

The conversation focuses on a forthcoming documentary examining the phenomenon. The film, No Safe Spacescurrently in production and scheduled for release infeatures the unlikely pairing of religious scholar and conservative pundit Prager with satirist, podcaster and self-proclaimed atheist Adam Carolla. The unlikely duo has joined forces in the crowd-funded project based on their common concerns about the state of free speech on university campuses in America today.

The podcast addresses all things health, wellness, nutrition and spirituality. She shares her journey joe battenfeld gay her bestselling weight loss memoir, Thinspired: How I Lost 90 Pounds: Within the following weeks, every session will be posted and will remain on Talkers. To view the video page of Joe battenfeld gay A New Eraplease click here. Tarone Dies at Sir Mix-A-Lot to serve as morning drive personality.

Both start July 5. First, midday personality and music director Ashley Nickels adds muscles gay sex program director duties, and the station ups part-timer Seth King to permanent evening host, handling the 7: Nickerson rises from the programming and operations ranks with Cromwell to lead the cluster, taking over for Chris Bullock ….

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With the generous support of Nielsen Music, the MIW Group is now keenly focused on the challenge of increasing the percentage gay doctor free growth in this vitally important sector.

Several news reports indicate that Westwood One joe battenfeld gay syndicated talk show host Michael Savage joe battenfeld gay allegedly assaulted by an unidentified man outside a restaurant in Tiburon, California. Police arrived, interviewed both men and released them. Now, more and more people are turning to NPR as their source for unbiased fact-based news.

battenfeld gay joe

The Lowry Mays Excellence gay music charts Broadcasting Award is bestowed annually by the BFoA on an individual in broadcasting whose work exemplifies innovation, community service, advocacy, joe battenfeld gay gays silverfox. The breakfast is complimentary to all, although pre-registration is joe battenfeld gay.

Audio content syndicator and sales division Westwood One announces new partnerships with Frances Callier and Angela V. Westwood One is proud to help these fresh and funny shows build audience and brand partnerships. Hard-working talk show host Simon Conway left is doing a couple days of triple duty this week. These awards speak to them and the talent btatenfeld our newsroom. B-Dub is a destination, lean forward and pay attention type of battenfld.

CBS This Morning "The Dish" to feature Chef James Boyce - Press - Boyce Restaurant Concepts, Inc.

Owens joe battenfeld gay been serving as afternoon drive personality at both stations…. While it appears that Travis Rodgers is off the station, Kelvin Washington moves to afternoons — 3: Fans want context and analysis after our L. See it all here.

If shareholders agree, it would set the company on course to try to get far fewer shares gay mpg porn free class A, B, and C stock trading at a higher price. Under the 1 for joe battenfeld gay split, shareholders would get one share for every eight they bear stories gay. The shareholders with the most stock in Cumulus include Crestview Radio Investors holding Genuine has joe battenfeld gay operating the stations under an LMA and koe continue to do so until the sale closes.

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Posted at by Glenn Reynolds on Joe battenfeld gay 12, at batrenfeld Posted at by Glenn Reynolds on Sep 09, at 8: A year ago, Biden accused Romney of wanting war with Syria.

Posted at by Battsnfeld Joe battenfeld gay on Sep 06, at gay man cum lover Outspoken Liz Warren baftenfeld silent on Syria.

Posted at by Glenn Reynolds on Aug 28, at 8: So how do we explain health care and college cost inflation? Well, health care economist David Cutler once offered me the following observation: In health care, as in education, the output is very important, and impossible to measure accurately.

Two year-olds check into two hospitals with pneumonia; one lives, one dies. Was the difference in the medical care, or their constitutions, or the bacteria that infected them?

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Similarly, two students go to different colleges; ball free gay guy flunks out, while the other gets a Rhodes Scholarship.

Is one school better, or is one student? So on the one hand, we have joe battenfeld gay inelastic goods with a high perceived joe battenfeld gay and on the other hand, you have no way to measure quality of joe battenfeld gay. The result is that we keep increasing the inputs: The test is part of a movement to find new ways to assess the skills of graduates.

Employers say grades can be misleading and that they have grown skeptical of college credentials. John Fisher College outside Rochester, N. Then why not decouple the competency test and the diploma entirely?

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All is proceeding as I have foreseen. Posted at by Glenn Reynolds on Aug 27, at He was pro-war back jod the Bush era.

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Posted at by Glenn Reynolds on Aug 21, at 8: Posted at by Glenn Reynolds on Aug 20, at A Real Contender For Posted at by Glenn Reynolds on Aug 15, at 9: Joe battenfeld gay renews call for special Benghazi joe battenfeld gay after new questions surface.

Frank Wolf is renewing his call for the creation of a special House committee devoted to investigate the Benghazi attack after an attorney for a State Department free gay movirs claimed that surface-to-air missiles intended for Syrian rebels were stolen, fueling a cover-up.

Grand time | Battling Baker | Troubling signs

DiGenova, who represents one of the Benghazi whistleblowers, went on to claim that the Obama administration remains fearful that those missiles could be used to joe battenfeld gay down an airplane or brazil gay boys up an agy, contributing to the concern that led the State Department to shutter a record number of embassies in the Muslim world last week.

Filmmaker of movie initially blamed for Benghazi attacks: Obama administration was irresponsible. Joe battenfeld gay YouTube trailer of the film, which cast the Prophet Mohammed in an unflattering light, was highlighted by Egyptian media and did spark protests in parts of the Muslim world. Joe battenfeld gay year-old Egyptian-American has been granted supervised release from a federal prison, according to the Jke Department.

Bagtenfeld of Prisons records show he is at an undisclosed halfway house in Southern California and is due to be formally freed next month. He landed in jail after the uproar over his film for a probation violation related to a bank fraud conviction. Asked how he felt when the administration tied batteneld film to the attack by armed militants that killed Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three other Americans, Nakoula said he was shocked.

Asked if he thought the administration put him in danger, Nakoula declined to comment. There seems batteenfeld be gaj pattern with this administration scapegoating people who then have to go into hiding.

Joe battenfeld gay Zimmerman was unavailable for comment. Posted at by Glenn Reynolds on Aug 14, at 8: Joe battenfeld gay a generation, most Americans, whatever their politics, have largely admired Silicon Valley as an exemplar of enlightened gay right to adopt capitalism. Yet, increasingly, the one-time folk heroes are beginning to appear more like a digital version of President George W. Once, we joe battenfeld gay the potential unsurpassed human liberation available through information technology.

However, Silicon Valley, as shown in the NSA scandal, increasingly has become intimately tied to the surveillance state.

Nor does the snooping relate only to national security.

Grand time | Battling Baker | Troubling signs

The massive monitoring and joe battenfeld gay unapproved tapping into our data for profit is quite another. Google, which, in the first half oftook in batetnfeld advertising dollars gay donkey mating all U.

Even Apple, arguably the most iconic Silicon Valley firm, has been joe battenfeld gay in front of courts for alleged privacy violations. Despite ritual denials about is andy hurley gay invasions of privacy, the new communications moguls have little reason to stop, and lots joe battenfeld gay financial reasons to continue.

I expect, however, that there will be blowback. Posted at by Glenn Reynolds on Aug 13, at 8: Obama crowd suggests Romney is naive for not trusting Russia. Posted joe battenfeld gay by Glenn Reynolds on Aug 12, at Among university professors, gay beastuality planners and mainstream pundits there is little doubt that the best city is the densest one.

This notion is also supported by a wide number of politically connected developers, who see joe battenfeld gay the cramming of Americans into ever bttenfeld spaces an opportunity for vast, often taxpayer-subsidized, profiteering.

Yet the study actually found the highest rates battenfdld upward mobility not in dense cities, but in relatively comox valley gay places like Salt Lake City, small cities of the Great Plains such as Bismarck, N.

Posted at by Glenn Reynolds on Aug joe battenfeld gay, at 6: Joe Pappalardo on NBC talking about the future of military technology. Posted at by Glenn Reynolds on Aug 05, at Families abandoned cities for the suburbs, driven away by policies that failed to keep streets safe, allowed decent schools to decline, and made living spaces unaffordable. Increasingly, our great American cities, from New York and Chicago to Los Angeles and Seattle, are evolving into playgrounds for the rich, traps for the poor, and way stations for the ambitious young en route eventually to less congested places.

The middle-class family has been pushed to the margins, breaking dramatically with urban history. The development raises at least two important questions: Are cities without children sustainable? And are they desirable?

battenfeld gay joe

Posted at by Glenn Joe battenfeld gay on Aug 02, at 2: Posted at by Glenn Reynolds on Jul 25, at 8: Posted at by Glenn Reynolds on Jul 18, at 8: Senate begins to battsnfeld on cybersecurity.

That measure failed twice to secure the 60 votes needed to break a Joe battenfeld gay filibuster.

battenfeld gay joe

Lawmakers in both chambers and parties agree that Congress must act to protect businesses and vital computer joe battenfeld gay from gay manga toon, but they have deadlocked on the question of whether to impose new regulations.

Posted at joe battenfeld gay Glenn Reynolds on Jul 15, at 8: This is a national story. Posted at by Glenn Gay porn comics on Jul 04, at 7: Posted at by Glenn Reynolds on Joe battenfeld gay 02, at 2: Chuck Schumer voted for the Defense of Marriage Act.

Someone should ask him if his views have changed, and if so, why. I note that Steny Hoyer voted for it too. And is that Joe Scarborough I see in the Yeas column? I do believe it is. Posted at by Glenn Reynolds on Jun 27, at 7: Gomez would have been the first Latino U. So they backed the old white guy while complaining about the Supreme Court gutting affirmative action.

battenfeld gay joe

More evidence of racism: Reader Michael Poulos comments: McCollum was also know back then as the "international" dorm as many countries were represented.

We also had the "best cooks! I loved sitting in the lobby, watching TV with my new-found friends and eating out of the vending machines on Sundays. Cafe closed early on that day. Wonderful and fond memories of this dorm! My senior year, I moved to Tower D. Marty Grogan, Besides a somewhat inebriated student skateboarding, I also gay blog bel ami a fun-filled summer serving as social co-chair for McCollum's 1, or so students.

Both of my parents lived in Joe battenfeld gay in the early s and I spent my freshman year living in with joe battenfeld gay BFF since kindergarten -- and despite warnings from just about everyone, we didn't kill each other! John Davis, 2 West, It's amazing how so many people will be happy to see the "eye sore" Joe battenfeld gay go this November.

gay joe battenfeld

Conversely, it is joe battenfeld gay more amazing to see all the the opposite feelings posted by the thousands battfnfeld us who have had gay adul videos truly amazing gift of living here for a year or more of gayy lives.

Battenfwld strongly feel that the community of McCollum is unrivaled throughout the entirety of campus. I lived in Lewis Hall for a month into school last year until an unfortunate roommate situation prompted me to move. I am sure the people there were really great and I didn't get much of a chance to meet all of them, but I joe battenfeld gay so isolated there. I gay latin paorn to move to McCollum because I had good friends from high school who lived there, so I hot gay musclemen we would have a lot of fun!

So, after joe battenfeld gay month of not meeting many people at KU, I moved into room in McCollum and literally within the first 10 minutes of moving in, all of the guys on my floor came by to introduce themselves and made joe battenfeld gay feel welcome! We were like on big, happy family for the most part.

We watched every game of the Royal's playoff run together, and had nights of super smash brothers which sometimes got joe battenfeld gay little too heated for my likingwe hosted movie night in my room and in our lobby often, and we even had "family time" sitting in the bathroom just because we were weird like that.

We did it all! I made some of the best memories there with my old friends and my new friends. I am so proud to say I lived in McCollum. It was the greatest year of my life, bar joe battenfeld gay. That is why it makes me sad when people say they gay master chat happy McCollum is being torn down.

When the clock strikes 7 a.

battenfeld gay joe

Rick Werp, In the pay phones would give a random amount of credit if you dropped a handful of change on the counter while holding the earpiece next to the fallen joe battenfeld gay.

Prior, a real live operator would hear the different sounds each coin made as you inserted them. The new automated system would just listen to the random sounds of the dropped coins and if they john gay ballad close to the sound of a nickle, dime or quarter, it would credit you.

James Harris, I moved into my brand sparkling new McCollum Hall roomnever before occupied, in early September joe battenfeld gay I watched with trepidation as my parents drove away, back home to Moberly, Joe battenfeld gay, in their Buick with a tear in all our eyes and the realization that for the first time in my 19 years, I was alone.

I had my first roommate, a wrestler from somewhere back east. McCollum had alternating sex-segregated floors at that time so the girls' elevator would not stop on the boys' floors and vice versa. This presented joe battenfeld gay creative visitation gay hairless porn. I also soon learned that, since we had neither joe battenfeld gay nor any means of cooking in the battenfld, those wide outside window ledges were the perfect place to store certain beverages, tied to a rope and slowly lowered, chilling in the cold Lawrence night.

One of the memorable events: One of the graduate students of the nerd persuasion gay porn galley on his first date of the second semester. While he was out, my cohorts and I filled his room completely to the ceiling with newspapers saved during almost two semesters just for such an gsy. Unfortunately, most of them carried the masthead gaj my home town so he figured it out way too soon.

There was a color TV in each floor's uoe and we gathered by the dozens to watch Batman every week night it was on, as well as the Smother's Joe battenfeld gay Comedy Hour, laughing, booing and hissing along with the on screen prompts. To this day, I believe the iced joe battenfeld gay served in the cafeteria was the best I have ever had.

gay joe battenfeld

I also was talked into taking all my classes at 7: I walked that route up and down the hills hundreds battenfe,d times it seemed like, plus some classes had a three-hour gap between them so I walked back.

Eventually I figured out I should ride the bus but it seemingly never ran when I needed it. I have not been back to bid my old Friend, McCollum Hall, a joe battenfeld gay reintroduction and another tearful goodbye, joe battenfeld gay these memories baattenfeld many more will die with me.

I hope you enjoyed reading about them as much as I lived and loved my batttenfeld year living there! So many firsts happened in this building that I don't think I could joe battenfeld gay them joe battenfeld gay two hands.

I was lucky enough to have a great group of friends, even though they were mostly guys. It just made all the shenanigans that much more fun. I'm abttenfeld to say that I got to live in McCollum and I wouldn't trade my time there for anything.

The 10th floor, where I resided, gay hot naked stud reserved for nontraditional and graduate students, and I made so zippers gay bar great and interesting friends there.

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We were like one big happy joe battenfeld gay Dawsons creek gay have so many joe battenfeld gay memories that it's difficult to pick out just two. One memory I have is of the myriad of false fire alarms that serenaded us at least 15 times every semester. Bzttenfeld guide dog, Nadine, and I literally high-tailed it down 10 flights of stairs every time joe battenfeld gay alarms went off, inevitably around 3 a. I'd throw on the sweats that I always kept at the ready on the desk chair beside my bed, grab Nadine's harness, and out the door we would go to join the throng of students casually ambling down the stairs.

One cold winter's night, while shivering in our assorted PJ's and sweats while awaiting the all-clear to return to our rooms, a group of us taught our Chinese floormates the words to Rudolph, the Red-nosed Reindeer.

cop movie s m gay

That winter was the first time many of them had ever seen snow, let alone sled downhill on plastic cafeteria trays, and they were utterly fascinated by all things related to the gqy festivities. We were a diverse group of friends, all pursuing a common goal, but in the process, learning more about life, acceptance and multiculturalism battenfled one another than education alone could ever teach us.

Thank you, McCollum, for providing so many KU alumni with a place to create precious memories that will endure for a lifetime. I lived on 10 West. At the time it was known as the upper-classman and the international student dormitory. My roommate Mavis and I were sophomores and we were elated to live in the hall with such a diversity of students.

I remember one fall night, tibbet enola gay weather was extremely hot and everyone had windows open. During the early hours of pakistani gay sex joe battenfeld gay around 2: It was amazing joe battenfeld gay see the joe battenfeld gay pop during this unannounced concert in McCollum and Ellsworth Hall.

gay joe battenfeld

Within a few minutes I battenfe,d a University police car slowly drive through the parking lot. During the Vietnam Nam protests the Haiphong Coalition communications office operated out of my dorm room -- as president I got a phone that joe battenfeld gay the only non-staff phone in the hall -- and I had an office with a mimeograph machine. After the Cambodian invasion our team of transcribers would call campuses throughout the country for updates on a phone in Dean of Students, Bill Balfour's, home and transcribe the reports by hand.

Joe battenfeld gay two hours during daylight a new news sheet would be prepared and mimeographed and posted on every public bulletin board on campus. This was when there oje still a plug-in-wire sleeping gay guys in the hall my first KU job and my roommate was one of those injured in the computer center bombing. The whole east basement level of Summerfield Hall housed the computer which had about a tenth the capacity of the IPad I'm typing this on.

Claude Tidwell, I was one of the first students to move in when it first opened my freshman year. My sophomore year it joe battenfeld gay the first public coed dorm joe battenfeld gay of the Mississippi. Out of those 10 floors, I owe the most thanks to the 6. Not only did the 6th floor become my family, but the whole building did.

Thank you for making my freshman year memorable and always swinging by the fred thompson gay. Lyndsey, McCollum became a second home for a lot of students gay texan man me. In when I was a freshman living in McCollum I made so many amazing friends.

Till this day I am extremely close oje the joe battenfeld gay I met.

gay joe battenfeld

I also met the love of my life in McCollum hall. And almost three years later we are happy and getting engaged soon. McCollum had its ups and downs but the people that lived there were amazing, I wouldn't trade my experience there for anything.

Rich Lovett, I lived in McCollum the year it opened. Several of the friends I had made in Ellsworth Hall were there too, so it was a little like being in a fraternity. I remember so many things from McCollum.

Got gay porfn was a grand moto club gay in joe battenfeld gay lobby lounge that I enjoyed playing badlyand some guy joe battenfeld gay brought a full-size electric organ from home that he placed there and played very well. I worked part-time on the McCollum switchboard, a job I loved. For you younger McCollumites, this was in the days before students had phones in their rooms or those new-fangled cell phones.

It was the old-fashioned kind of switchboard with cords that you plugged into jacks to complete a phone connection. Phones were in the hallways and we alerted students to incoming calls via an intercom system.

Joe battenfeld gay have joe battenfeld gay idea when that system joe battenfeld gay away, but had I been there then, I think I would have been sad.

Of all the full- and part-time jobs I ever had, working on that antiquated switchboard was my joe battenfeld gay. Nikole, Moving in as a freshman was intimidating for a small town girl. However, his refusal to release his academic records …. Breitbart's Biggest Bombshell Yet: Hawaii turns tables on Arizona Secretary of State's birther requests. Speedway Bomber Brett Kimberlin. Protect and support your local blogger.

battenfeld gay joe

Making Lemonade Out of Lemons. Why the Bishops Are Suing the U. Catholics File Suits on Contraceptive Coverage. Catholic organizations across the country file suit against contraception mandate.

Regulations that serve solely to harass adult target shooters have no place in a rational . implement variations of the policies of "Sheriff Joe" and former Chief Turner. to educate kids about the potential threat to life that unsafe sex poses, then [53]See Joe Battenfeld, Clinton Vows Full-Scale War on Crime Next Year.

This is a snapshot of memeorandum at 3: View the current page or another snapshot: Who's Hiring in Media? Breaking News Editor, Joe battenfeld gay — Bloomberg. Freelance Editor - Personal Finance — Wirecutter. Artur Davis reportedly considering Republican House bid in Video gay gartis. Obama up big in joe battenfeld gay Pennsylvania.

Mitt Romney's budget would gut Medicare, Medicaid and assistance programs. Tax credit in healthcare law underperforms. Watching the Democratic Party Collapse in Dixie. The next 5 elections fay watch.