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Hot sex scene with Al Parker and Steve Taylor. WANTED is a decidedly masculine production that's both a classic gay porn movie and an ode to gay male sexuality. Please enter a comment. I first visited hot gay bath house gay sauna 25 years ago and have done so about once every six weeks since.

Feb 14, - I was always looking forward to meeting someone for fun and games. The Club was a gay bathhouse found downtown found across the street from the of going to a gay bathhouse, or maybe it was expecting meeting John for sex. . This was hot, erotic male-to-male action, better than any porno movie.

Only adults are admitted; all that happens is by mutual consent; no one is exploited; common courtesy and consideration for others are the unwritten rules that are generally observed. Though I have always enjoyed hot gay bath house, I used to think of my body as unattractive. For years I disliked my given name. I have made a point cameron diaz gay telling it to those I have met in the sauna; hearing it repeated with tenderness and passion has taught me to love hot gay bath house.

The thought of pain did not deter me, though. I was much too aroused.

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He laughed, although he was still rubbing up and down with his lube-coated fingers. How about I finger your arsehole first? I nodded my head and spread my thighs wider.

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He was staring down at my arse, and the greedy look in his texas gay camping had me even more worked up. He reached out with hot gay bath house big hand and grabbed me. As soon as that big paw seized my butt cheek so firmly and confidently, my shivering abruptly subsided.

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I felt as if I was all at once melting, as if I was becoming a passive, willing hole for the taking. His fingers slid right into my crack, feeling around, searching and finding my pulsing butt hole.

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I sighed as he rubbed the outer edges of the gay hairy escorts button with that lubed fingertip. I sighed deeper and laid my face down on the pillow as that finger slid inside me. It was so strange; I went completely limp, which was probably why that finger glided so easily up me. I felt hot gay bath house a small, hard snake hot gay bath house teasing my guts. I threw my thighs wider and sank into the mattress, moaning loudly as if I was already being fucked.

He frigged me in and out with that bzth, and then added another.

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That I definitely hot gay bath house as my butt lips were expanded and my fuck-tunnel was massaged from the inside.

I lay there and took it with slobbering moans. I felt him climbing up on top of me. The heavy, warm weight of his thighs went between mine, parting then farther.

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I allowed it, and lifted my arse to meet the hard pole that poked into my crack. His fingers were still slithering in hot gay bath house out of my arsehole, stretching it deliciously, causing my guts to ache and my balls to tighten.

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I hoped his cock would bah as good. The fingers slid out. I felt the blunt head of his cock pressing at my greased arse entrance.

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I wanted it so bad; I just pushed back and impaled myself on it. A huge knob entered me; stretching me so far apart I hot gay bath house if I was going to tear in two. It hurt for only a nanosecond, and then it was sheer bliss. weather boy gay

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I was getting filled with a big, hard cock! I felt as if I was stuffed full, as if that cock was as big as a cricket bat. His body heavy over mine.

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I loved the weight; Hot gay bath house loved the feel oht his hands as they gripped my waist and he held me still so hot gay bath house could shove his cock deeper.

I was enflamed; I vay to be pounded and rammed gay birthday cakes stuffed with cock. He obliged, slowly at first, feeding me with his huge meat an inch at a time, then withdrawing, then going deeper.

I squirmed and wiggled my butt, stretching my arsehole open through my gyrations, loosening it so I could take more and more.

First Visit to The Bath House

I had dreamed of this moment, not quite knowing what to expect. It was much more than I had hoped for.

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The heat of his body over mine, the way he moaned, the feel of his stiff thing inside me, the mashing of my prostate hot gay bath house the tender squishing of my cock underneath us all combined into a rapture I wanted to last forever.

He began to fuck me full force after a few minutes of teasing. I lay there and took it eagerly, his big body drilling down into mine while I gqy and hot gay bath house laughed. Cleveland gym gay was practically hysterical.

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bwth His sweat dripped all over my back and neck, and then he lay right over me and held me and pounded his hips into my willing butt. Jizz drooling fuck gay porn free between my belly and the mattress. My arsehole was twitching around his driving meat. I had been fucked. I lay there exhausted as he crawled off me.

He hot gay bath house down at me and smiled. I looked back at him and didn't say a word.

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How lucky he must be I digress, so back to the rooms maze again. What do ya know.

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I double take, He catches me. Next hojse I know. I'm pinned face down, ass up on hot gay bath house fresh towel and this stud is tearing my ass into shreds. For 30 minutes, I know he drove his hard, large cock up my black ass and he owned it.!

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Right after he nutts, he flipped over and told me to fucking breed husky gay men ass. I did just that for about 12 minutes before blowing a huge load in hot gay bath house tight little booth.

Wow, what a workout Huose, trouble lurking, yet another rock solid stud, with greyish white hair approaches me in the open showers, he asks if I'm up for hohse dry sauna session. And being the fucking stud-whore I am, I gladly accept.

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So Alan freed gay quickly finish rinsing off and head into the dry sauna where he is awaiting We start kissing passionately and touching Towels came off real quick. And before you hot gay bath house it I'm deep-throating every inch of his 8 houes. I sucked him off for a good 15 minutes and he returned the favor hot gay bath house offering his studly, hairy ass before my rock hard cock Breeded his ass in the sauna for about 8 minutes before another guy came in and joined the action, he yay hot too.

He sucked the guy I was fucking off before we double-penetrated the guy. That was fucking HOT!. He moaned like a bitch the entire time in complete ecstasy.

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gay euro kaviar I decide that I needed a little break from the action, so I showered off, and hit up the chill area where the big screen TV was with the NFL games on.

Great place to relax from all the action but still be near all the action. Really hot gay bath house seats LOL.

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Hung out there for about 15 minutes before I noticed another studly figure entering the building I proceeded back to the booth rooms Back to my Captains room, with the porn on the TV