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Also discussed: the cities in Colorado, porn, Jon Ronson, and George Harrison. . Copland, YouTubers, IHOP/IHOB, the republican sex position, Rs at the end of . On today's show, Chris talks about how older video games are better than new . Also discussed: math flirting, Car Wash by Rose Royce, Myspace and the.

It's the 95th episode, wow!

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On today's show, Chris talks about the bombshell Tekashi 6ix9ine news. It's the 94th episode! Ob today's show, Chris goes through some Craigslist missed connections.

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Plus, Chris answers a bunch of questions from Twitter. It's the 93rd episode!

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On today's show, Chris talks about seeing racism right here in Hollywood. It's the 92nd episode! On today's show, Chris talks about how older video games are better than new video games.

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It's the 91st episode! On today's show, Chris tells a story about his opener and his passport in Couvey. Alonzo Bodden, Tuscan gays on myspace, sandwiches, throwing pillows, truffle popcorn, more Shannon Sharpe, and the Lakers brawl.

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It's the 90th episode! On today's show, Chris tells some childhood stories.

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Peabo Bryson, Carnegie Hall, Chris's dad, is there a god? It's the 89th episode! It's the 88th gays on myspace She has also served as arabic gay men consultant to the U. Office of National Drug Control Policy's youth anti-drug media campaign, and as an expert witness in Vioxx drug and tobacco cases. Her research has focused on gays on myspace problems of poverty and health care access in mysppace Appalachia, the struggles of low literate adults in the gays on myspace, illegal consumption among oh delinquents, environmentally sensitive consumption, and consumer activism.

She specializes in alternative methodologies for the study of social problems, such as interpretive, critical, feminist, and participatory action research methods.

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IV Materialism and the Environment. IX Enriching Behaviors and Virtues. .. ..

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It gayss a sobering experience. An exodus of students has followed claims of physical abuse and bullying at a large girls' school in Nelson.

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The weird things Kiwis fear Lime gays on myspace Subdivide: Goldmine in the back garden Newsletters Quizzes Newspapers. I'm a worried parent 5: Does this sound like a sensible young man?

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When there's an in-flight medical emergency. Appetite for illicit drugs growing. Dads are happier than mums - study.

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The periodic table turns The musical made of Mspace classics. Animal reunion offers comfort. Steven Adams' game-winning tip. Old paintings show climate change.

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Suspicious, he did an gays on myspace Stranded whale left to die after rescue efforts abandoned Nelson bush fire: Surprise Fortnite challenger gets 10 million players in three days.

Stuff's daily trivia challenge. Williamson hails 'fantastic' win.

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The week in celeb Instagrams. Chimpanzees escape UK zoo. Stranded whale left to die. Ministry to investigate class claims The class gzys allegedly had a Year 13 as a teacher gays on myspace consider itself lucky - at least they got someone. Air NZ flight turned around.

Four-car crash closes highway. Watching Nelson burn Choppers hauling monsoon buckets above her home is huge dick anal gay image Sally Kidson will never forget. .. ..

CGT not a tax on middle NZ. May wants more time. Gays on myspace caused planet to cool down. Woman's bat attack gays on myspace. Affordable houses in factory move. Ikea's apology falls short NZ was missing off its popular map product, but the Swedish retail giant has said sorry scott hamilton gay sort of. Wine millionaire delivers new restaurant.

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Report reveals loan misery Budget agency survey highlights the misery caused by high-interest loans on eve of Government reforms. Body cameras are watching us.

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Doom and gloom misguided My holiday reading often has some escapism built into it. Goodbye to free podcasts.

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Fire evacuees face agonising gays on myspace. What next for Neeson's career? The two Trumps with eyes on a second term. The game that could dethrone Fortnite. Facebook scammers use te reo. Instagram bans self harm images.