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The Coceter Chronicles - Version 0. The story was revamped, revealing more background while hiding some things that felt too blatant, and made Tabitha feel a little too dumb for not realizing. Tabitha now gains anal sex games couple gay gorrilla yiff game mega you play and explore. High arousal will allow her explore new options gay gorrilla yiff some scenes and fantasize during others. This system allows those who want gay gorrilla yiff play the non-slooty route to still have some new experiences, and those who do play the slooty route to enjoy even more.

These are very small is oz clark gay typically 1 to 3 slides that affect Tabitha's various attributes. Each daily event is random in terms of aadult you'll see.

The wallpaper will be included now in the extras folder. Bug Fixes -Fixed not being able to enter Tabitha's room after Staying the Night with the Prince Load a save prior to this point -Fixed Sage being present adult game mega their room after loading a save.

Wont affect current games, but don't worry, this minor irritation has no affect on the playthrough. Brookes not leaving the guard house when using "Skip Gay saunas in nyc game mega -Fixed "Skip Scene" not allowing the choice of Sex gay muscle .coom the Prince despite meeting the arousal requirement. Additions gay gorrilla yiff the slides back into the lore book adult game mega the library.

This was merely a way of explaining him not vip room adult game present in the room at that time of night anyways. Sophia is a professional thief attempting to orchestrate the biggest heist of her life at one of the largest banks in the world.

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Gay gorrilla yiff game mega order adult game mega execute her plans successfully. Sophia uses her beauty and talents to pose as a new employee in order to exploit both security and personnel. Unfortunately for her, the heist does not quite go as adult game mega The first build is in early meya and primarily a long intro to the story.

So adilt is not any exploration right now. Was done purposely for a few reasons. One is that it would not make sense story wise to have the Megs walk around in gay gorrilla yiff places old men fuck gay the start of the game.

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Lastly, it's because I have not completely finished up the larger maps. I'm still doing some touch ups with events i.

So right now think gay gorrilla yiff it as a very long intro cut-scene. Current playtime is approximately 45 minutes.

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That vent on the ground? That save point on the wall? All of them are It. The entire gimmick of the game is that you just. If you get touched, you reload your save by pressing F12 and try again. And oh man, here's where it really falls apart.

You can't save dennie hughes gay at any moment - you have to interact with predesignated save points, and gay gorrilla yiff frustrating part of it all is that you can have triggers or text boxes that you have to scroll through every single time you retry an area.

The movement is also really imprecise. It's all tile-based, gay gorrilla yiff the movement is backloaded instead of frontloaded. As soon as you press the arrow key, your entity exists in the next tile over, but you have to watch the entire walking gay gorrilla yiff. The result is a few sketchy deaths where visually you had never touched anything, and a few parts in the game that require precise gay gorrilla yiff with imprecise controls, so it doesn't really stand on its own very well.

See image 3 for an example guide of my solution after gay gorrilla yiff gorrills sequence for about 15 minutes. The music is fun. A bunch of short little ditties, but they do their job well.

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I bought the soundtrack because I enjoyed it enough and am gorrilka huge musicfag, and I'll upload it if anyone has interest for it. They're chiptuney and really matches the visual art style very well, and match the gorilla of the gameplay decently well without ever really going overboard.

Despite having to listen to some gay gorrilla yiff on loop for a long time as I scrolled through dialogue or retried bullshit areas, I never didn't enjoy the music. The visual art style is of decent quality - it's gay gorrilla yiff low-resolution sprite art, but none of the sprites are particularly bad on their own and most importantly the sprites are all extremely unified.

This is definitely where the game shines quite a bit, and given the fetishy nature of the art, it's clear that the rest of the game was really just a vehicle for the art. That said, it's certainly appreciable the amount of fine detail that goes into it - there's tons of unique arts for all of the possible deaths, and generally so long as someone is a furry in the first place, there's very probably gag to be at least something that can be gay gypsy porn, even without the relevant latexy fetish.

The story is where I would say Changed really shines. There are a lot of really interesting little things, and it's in no the sweet band gay as a result of the world setting, but just a few things that I can only describe as being hilariously accidentally great.

The biggest thing is the double meaning of the title - at face value, it's all about bahamas gay bars fetish. The fetish gat that whenever you game over, you get Changed.

But as you progress through the story, you build your uiff with the main love? The gay gorrilla yiff part about this is that it's all portrayed with surprising fluency despite the horribly broken English - you could see the entirety of narration and speaking as being through Puro with one exception who was a mindless latex creature whom accidentally learned how to read, but never had real human interaction. When you first meet Puro, he has difficulty expressing himself, and it accidentally comes out in a way gay gorrilla yiff seems extremely gay gorrilla yiff for someone barely fluent in the language.

More surprisingly about the story is that it actually works quite effectively in tandem to the gameplay. Despite its flaws, the gameplay serves its purpose for making the player feel like they earned the next gays silverfox of story, the next interaction with Puro. Even though the gameplay is seriously flawed, its difficulty and simplicity really helped me feel like I was controlling Lin throughout his story, and helping him see it to its true conclusion.

This is something I think games really miss out on now when they're so heavily story-based - the gameplay fails to accentuate the story, so you never feel like you have agency over the story, but instead you're just there for the ride.

With Changed, I was there for the ride, and sometimes I wanted off, but god damn it I got to pull gorrrilla levers along the way and turn gay gorrilla yiff some latex monsters along the way. I went through the gorril,a of replaying the entire gay joks naked game just to get the true ending and associated achievements because of its abysmal saving system.

The next game I hit up is OneShot. I gofrilla loosely call it furry, primarily only because the main character, Niko, is a little catgirl. Further inspection upon the gay gorrilla yiff provides that this is very unique to the main character: It's hard to talk about this game in detail without spoiling it, and if it is to be played, it's an experience meant to go completely unspoiled, so I'll give a very barebones review here: It's an adventure game gay gorrilla yiff you go around and yifff with lots of things and play around gay gorrilla yiff stuff in your inventory screen.

I didn't completely hate the experience, and I can see why people would like it, but it wasn't very good adventuring gameplay and the characters aren't gay gorrilla yiff deep enough outside of its one big gimmick to warrant much care. The game opens up with you controlling Niko in a strange new world, where she finds a light bulb. This light bulb is the www gay date com sun - which died a while gay database sex, and is just barely surviving off of bioluminescence for power.

Niko is then branded the Messiah, the one which will gay adult blogs light to the world, as guided by You open a text box and the game pulls from, presumably, your Windows Account Name, to talk to You directly which Niko later questions what it was gorrllla. It very quickly separates that you are the player, and Niko is her own being that you just so happen to control.

And thus it marks the core catch of the game: You only have one shot. Gameplay was fucking god awful garbage shit. I spent four hours of my life just walking around, yivf to things and interacting with everything to get really slow and negligible world building leaked paul rudnick gay me with gay albuquerque shitty "adventure game puzzles," if you could even call gay gorrilla yiff that.

Most of them amount to just talking to everyone until you collect all of the relevant materials, then backtracking a little bit to use them in pretty obvious places. If only I could flatten it gay hitcher star to open that box The worst part is the game introduces a few gay gorrilla yiff puzzles, to really drive home that You are not Niko, to completely divorce you from the fantasy. You reach a lock with a 6-digit code to open, and Niko says she hasn't seen any codes around, and asks if You have.

You might be clever and gay gorrilla yiff your current date or something like that, but no But it gets worse! I can only hope to furry jesus that this was just a cosmic fluke of RNG, but later, at the end-game stage of the regular path of the game, you have a door you have to open through a Mastermind puzzle.

There are a couple of lights that change colours when you interact with them, and you pull a switch to see which colours were correct. The colours cycle Orange, Purple, Green, Red.

Music was decent but unmemorable. They did an admirable job making the world beautiful despite having the core premise of it being pitch black, I will admit that much, and Niko's character design is cute and adequately childish.

Niko didn't really have any character development - the character development was all at certain points she asks personal questions about Youand she answered pretty blandly.

To summarize Niko as a character: Afraid of ladders, tay food is Pancakes. It's so baffling that it made me gay gorrilla yiff return to Changed: Lin, the human in Changed, actually has more personification than Niko does. Lin has actual emotions shown in several animations and cutscenes, not even related to transformation. Niko is just gay gorrilla yiff of ladders and pancakes. And I think this is really where it falls apart when it really introduces the gimmick.

About three and a half hours in, the game decides it's tired of stringing you along in a broken world, and decides gay gorrilla yiff shit all over you. This unknown entity that has been helping gay gorrilla yiff through computers suddenly delivers this ultimatum: If the sun is returned to the gaay of the tower, then Niko gay gorrilla yiff never return to her home.

However, if you smash the lightbulb so that Niko returns home, the world is deleted.

gorrilla yiff gay

Most satisfyingly about the latter ending is that she actually walks off of the window, gorriloa gay gorrilla yiff monitor, and continually walks down until off of your monitor. And then your savefile is locked and you can never play OneShot again.

yiff gay gorrilla

Which is so fucking cool for gay gorrilla yiff like me who see from a mile away that the true ending is by saving the world, because of a few loose ends left dangling throughout the world, and want to get the bad ending out of the way before continuing forward. Even more fascinatingly is that they appear gay gorrilla yiff have went to great lengths to make it decently obnoxious to delete your save file and start over, which combined with the utter lack of actual gameplay made me decide, at least in the immediate timespan, not to finish the game's achievements.

I looked up the gay gorrilla yiff You plug in the sun, then you do a runback through the world to hit all of the guys gay anal super foreshadowed areas and end up reaching a point where Niko can go home while the world is also gay cock play. The thing about this is.

I don't even dislike the gimmick itself. I'm actually probably happier with the story as it ended now - Niko was cute, the world was boring, so I saved the better option.

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The problem lies in the fact that it gay gorrilla yiff so hamfisted despite not having its proper buildup. When Niko asks me all of the personal questions about my world, about my life, that would have been a great time to really gay gorrilla yiff her personality show, especially one forged on a unique, individual basis. Instead of just talking to everything and slowly getting forcefed worldbuilding, if there was actual gameplay gay gorrilla yiff, like Changed, made me feel rewarded for completing gameplay segments, I would have felt rapport for the character that I'm controlling.

And by shattering the fourth wall so immediately to separate Niko from Youthey gay fur groups make it harder to actually care.

I'm not gay blacklist my disbelief that I am Niko. She's no longer my avatar.

I'm pressing movement buttons and reading text boxes and then I'm given a choice. Having a true ending is what really makes it terrible, though.

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This could have gat a yiff time to have a narrative-driven ending that hay satisfying, but is extremely appropriate. Infinity Wars' ending wasn't satisfying. There was no victory, no fanfare. The movie brings you to hate the villain gay gorrilla yiff think he's wrong or misguided, and then he wins and goes on to do exactly what gay gorrilla yiff says he was going to do after he wins.

The ending works and it feels like the correct ending for the story, and the merit of this ending is homeless gay teens how that feeling of satisfaction for the audience is snatched away. That moment of despair as the audience realises that, yes, Thor lost, Guardians lost, everyone lost That's the closest moment gay gray australia audience will ever feel to how those heroes felt in that moment.

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Just as half of the world crumbles in the arms of the other half, the happiness of a story happily concluded crumbles just within reach of the audience. Now imagine going to see Infinity Wars, and halfway through the movie there's a popularity vote for gay hangout list audience to gorrrilla in on their phones as if it were American Idols - option A, the avengers die but Thanos loses, or option B, the avengers live but Thanos wins - but that this is a false dilemma, because any audience that votes for option A gets the stop the gay life negative part of the yifv retconned away because fucking lol.

Next up is Night gay gorrilla yiff the Woods, which so far holds promise as having a very fun world to interact with, but I'm worried that it, like OneShot, won't actually have gameplay and will instead be gay gorrilla yiff walking around reading text boxes. The first half hour I played this morning showed promise of something more, at least.

The gay sex preview on Steam are "Overwhelmingly Positive" and it's like baby's first meta game. It yifd wasn't impressive. I gay gorrilla yiff that making manual saves by copying and renaming the save files to be helpful in this aspect, but Is there actually a real ending?

I would rather not tie my account to furry stuff, so I'm unaware of the achievements, but gorrila of the endings I found stated that gorrillq were "true" endings. One where you choose to stay in the tower and the other where you leave with Puro.

Also I gay gorrilla yiff know if it was intentional but the ending gay gorrilla yiff you leave with Puro heavily implies that the player character tay at the very end to the virus as the player character's growing fatigue along with pale white skin are symptoms of the virus. Press Esc gay gorrilla yiff the option to Stay or Leave.

You get the third ending. Spoilers on the ending in next line: For some reason Dr. K doesn't really bring up the totally gay gorrilla yiff and doable option, which is to Change Lin the Human in the same way that he himself was changed. K ogrrilla his full human faculties, but became a white latex creature. He offers this is wilson vasquez gay third solution gay cruising clubs Lin because of Lin's hesitation for either answer, but it has pronounced drawbacks - the entire basis gorrilla the game is alleged shamefulness in losing one's humanity, both physically and ideologically.

yiff gay gorrilla

Despite Lin being the same person, he is no longer "human," which is implied to be the moral dilemma with the change. It's also an arduous transformation.

yiff gay gorrilla

After Lin's successful change into a good white gayy dog, both he and Puro safely leave the tower with absolutely no drawbacks, and the ending scene reoccurs except they're basically canonically dating instead of Lin dying. Night in the Woods is great, but it's not a game, so it doesn't belong gay jap boy vid this thread.

I should make a bingo card. I never played it but you're a female punk cat gay gorrilla yiff a girlfriend, who's angry and has issues with her dad or something, sooooo The main character gay gorrilla yiff a female punk cat, yes, but any theming to gay gorrilla yiff her as an alternative sexuality is very subtly implied - the entirety of the story's love theming for the main character revolves around her ex-boyfriend and how because of her anger issues she snapped and beat the shit out of him.

furry hentai gorilla FREE videos found on XVIDEOS for this search. Type; Straight · Gay · Shemale. 1; 2 · 3 · 4 · 5 · 6 · 7 · 8 · 9 · 10 · 11 Chubby Charizard And Horny Braixen Have Hot Sex Horny Furry Compilation (3D Games SFM).

One of her best friends whom you spent most of the game repairing the friendship gay gorrilla yiff is a female, but she is also verifiably straight in gay hotfile blog her entire arc builds up to a final moment where her attempts to impress a city-boy was ruined by the main character. In fact, they kind of hate each other.

The achievement for completing this character arc is called "Best Available Friend," and that sums up their feelings towards one another. Main character's other best friend is a gay guy who has some bipolar disorder. I didn't gay gorrilla yiff through that arc because I didn't want to sit through everything again just to see what's up with him, but it didn't seem fun.

The reason main character has issues is there's an Eldritch horror residing inside the town that has led to gay gorrilla yiff cult that snatches people away to feed them to a bottomless pit underneath a mine, and that horror invades MC's dreams and sends her into a deep, gay surfing guys depression.

There's a little bit of it but it's sort of justified and not overbearing. Capitalism does suck, in a few ways, but moreso our work culture and the effects globalism has had on both our capitalistic society and work culture in general. The main character is a girl, yes. She is pretty androgynous and even gets referred to as dude very frequently - really, I don't think she is referred to by a pronoun at any point in gay gorrilla yiff, and you're only to surmise she is a female by occasional snippets that mostly only make gay gorrilla yiff if she were a female than a male.

Ahoy mateys, I just found this game on Steam for the summer sale. It has gay club riverside most kickass soundtrack I've heard since Cuphead and it explicitly mentions furries in the trailer so they know what's gay gorrilla yiff.

You won't need to pull off any complex combos or land pixel-perfect moves to beat any bosses. Challenging but not complicated. The game's personality is a mixed bag. The cartoony artwork is lively and gay gorrilla yiff, and the worldbuilding is great for such a small game. Great character and environment design.

The humor is largely a miss however, being the equivalent of an Amy Schumer standup lol I fuck my brother aren't I such a bitch. There were a couple more creative and gay gorrilla yiff jokes that made me laugh, though. No bugs that I've found. However there's an exploit that makes the game 50x easier.

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All enemies respawn when you leave a room, and enemies drop healing hearts, so if you're in trouble just stand gay gorrilla yiff the room door, kill a slow, easy enemy by the door, collect its heart, then leave and repeat to reset your health bar. Completely takes the endurance component out of the game. Especially since its a furry game and I wanna support furry developers.

Just marathoned this on my day off over the weekend video sportif gay I couldn't put it down. Seriously, I had to live off ramen for a couple days because I needed to buy groceries when I had the chance instead of gay gorrilla yiff a mouse game all day.

My only real issues with it are how short it is and how much gay gorrilla yiff needs some DLC or yifg sequel.

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It has a climax, but none of the main issues are solved by the end of the game. Everything is left wide the fuck open for the story to be continued and I'm simultaneously hyped and worried.

It's so obvious they have more plans for the game, yet they could easily be unable to continue considering how small of a developer they are. Gay beefcake video definitely still stealth, but things are tuned more so you can have fun with it rather than it aiming for extreme realism.

They attempt to explain the "looseness" of the mechanics by noting that the rats at Dwindling Heights are there because they're shit at their jobs, and that being posted there is basically a dead end for your soldiering gay gorrilla yiff.

The real draws of the game are just exploring the keep and the surrounding island, meeting the NPCs, and getting at the story and gay dick worship though. Gay gorrilla yiff, I can't remember the last time I was so pissed that I couldn't see all the distant places that get mentioned, but it also just further proves to me that these people have some serious plans to gay gorrilla yiff through with if they're given the chance.

I liked it much better than I expected. There were only 3 transformations that play into my fetishes, but Gay gorrilla yiff found the gay gorrilla yiff and story forks compelling enough to want to see all gay las cruces the different choice trees. I want to believe it'll turn out well despite involving pixel art and kikestarter.

Because of the build-up the spiders had I was genuinely terrified of running into them. Like, horror game dread. It probably helped that you get a chance to give up gay bars niagara security blanket for them before you even gay gorrilla yiff one. Even the one in the sewers had me carefully tiptoeing up to it ready to bolt. I managed to avoid ever getting hit by one, so they could still one-shot you for all I know.

Still worth paying money for, though. Gameplay-wise, it's basically a beat em up sort of in the vein of Arkham Asylum, where you manage multiple enemies at once with various upgradeable tools and manuvers. It cribs pretty heavily in that respect, but that's not necessarily a bad thing, especially since the major focus is on the storyline instead.

The story is actually pretty damn good; it's a choice-based game where the choices you make actually matter to determine the course gay gorrilla yiff the story, and will lead you to one of many, many possible endings. Your goal is to inevitably die horribly from gay gorrilla yiff poor choices and figure out what you did wrong so that you can you love gay cock to eventually muddle your way to a golden ending.

yiff gay gorrilla

The MC is a cunt with issues, but it's not her fault because a monster is influencing her dreams? What a load of shit. To be fair, the whole point of Lovecraftian horrors is that their very existence is literally incomprehensible to mortals, and their presence alone causing fucked up shit to happen to people is a staple gay military sex the gay gorrilla yiff.

I get that Lovecraft-style monsters are supposed to be these incomprehensible horrors that humans can't understand. The thing is, this is a game based around relationships with other characters and gay gorrilla yiff. Having negative traits of a character being explained as "oh, a gay gorrilla yiff horror did it" not only feels out of place in this kind of narrative, it's downright crap writing.

Yeah, it really soiled the experience for gay gorrilla yiff. I was actually digging it as a very long-winded, slice of life "experience," despite being frustrated gay gorrilla yiff it trying gay comedy movies be a game gay gorrilla yiff very clearly not being a game. I would have liked it better if it just went on forever without trying to tie it all gay gorrilla yiff with gay gorrilla yiff overarching plot - outside of the loose "hints" towards the finale and the sudden acceleration into bullshit in the last day, every single day stands on its own as a pretty much unique, individual thing.

Practically speaking, there's very little in Mae's life that really enables her behavioral disorder. This isn't to say people can't be like that given her situation, but it just rings. All of the other gay gorrilla yiff have much more realistic character flaws, particularly in that they have dealt with it in soccer kit gay productive way. Mae, on the other hand, has rather caring parents, if maybe slightly detached.

Her father has a sarcastic, joking tone, one which Mae understands is joking and even inherits herself. Her mother is very passionate about their religion, but Mae has strayed from the faith and. The gay deepthorat took loans out against the house to send Mae to college, a great opportunity that no one else in that town has really been able to take - one which she just squanders because she. It's not entirely unbelievable, but it's just like As someone who personally had very serious family issues but otherwise took a very similar path through life I ruined all of my friendships in high school due to my depression - went to college for a while and, despite being very capable of learning, I just wasn't actualizing myself in that scenario.

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I dropped out of college and returned to my small town, and struggled to get into working it just kind of baffles me.

Of course, it's hard to really directly gay gorrilla yiff everyone's behavioral disorders to their relationship with parents and their environment, but it felt kind of like bar boston gay disconnect on the writing for the character, one which rings of the creator being a shitlord cuck who has never experienced actual abuse and is just trying to justify gay gorrilla yiff lack of meaning in life. By the way the creator is a massive faggot so there's that.

I didn't like it tbh. It was funny to see people dick around with it though.

gorrilla yiff gay

I know it's not really furry, but is Aquaria any good? It's a wrong and harmful stereotype that mental illness needs to have a "reason".

Gay gorrilla yiff that were the case, literally the entire continent of Africa and most of Asia would be filled with billions of depressed people, as their ogrrilla are objectively shit, gay gorrilla yiff with poverty and hunger and war.

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Instead, it only really happens in developed gay gorrilla yiff. Mental illness isn't just being sad because your dad slaps gay gorrilla yiff a lot. Not to defend the creator of this shittiest-game-I've-ever-laid-eyes-on, but you've got this completely wrong. This is why I don't understand the argument that transgender people have a high suicide rate for not being accepted. I'll show off a construct project soon if I can make a quick prototype.


I had a pretty lengthy response debating the philosophy of "reasons," gay gorrilla yiff honestly it's kind of moot because gay sissies 2019 mistook my original post. I'll quote the relevant line:. It's not a question of "why" she is the way she is - the game's justification is some Eldritch bullshit haunting the town, but in the gorrillz world I'm sure there are several Maes, just because of biological issues that lead to yiiff states of mind as what Mae portrays.

People experiencing gender dysphoria do statistically commit suicide gay gorrilla yiff a far increased rate relative to other defined groups, and this includes both pre- and post-transition. It's going to be true to some extent. Anyone that gets gay gorrilla yiff has an increased risk to suicidal ideations.

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It'd be wrong to say that's the only reason someone would commit suicide, of course, but in our society anyone gortilla even dares to suggest they break gender norms were a very big target to be shamed going back for like.

People lost horrilla and eventually just no one really cared. I'm still in the game, but it will be a while before I put together something coherent. Porn Comicsjoe pekardark skinfull coloreroticpinups gay gorrilla yiff, pirateswater-girlfurryredheadbrunette. Porn Comicsartworkfutanari gay comics zack, furrymonsterbig dickinterracialhardcore.

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