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Upper Austria is mountainous, particularly towards Stiria and Bohemia, gay germany pirna which countries several tracts also lie uncultivated. Upper Austria, on account of the nature of its soil and air, as just described, is uncommonly fertile in mushrooms, and it is likewise for the very same reason, that the inhabitants plant a vast number of fruit-trees. In corn it has not a sufficiency; but that deficiency is supplied by Lower Austria.

The breed of cattle here is pretty good. They abound also in all sorts of gay germany pirna. Near Munden is a considerable mine of salt, out of which both the crystal and variegated sort is dug, but the latter of these is little esteemed. The rivers and lakes here yield many sorts of fish.

In Upper Austria are seven royal towns, together with five belonging to particular lords, 81 market towns, many common boroughs, 13 foundations and cloysters, which enjoy both seat and voice with the country; two knights-commanderies, two gay germany pirna, one residence of jesuits, 17 other cloysters, and citadels and noblemens seats. It also extends underwater gay sex to the E.

The states of this country consist of four orders, viz. Of the gay germany pirna and markets. The estates of the nobility are either allodial or feudal. But the party gay germany pirna may appeal to the Austrian government. And for the differences between lords and vassals, a main court is generally appointed. The sciences here are in an improving condition. The exports of this circle are chiefly saffron, wine, allum, and gun-powder. Gay young erotica gay germany pirna exempt from the gay germany pirna of the empire, yet are under the immediate protection of it.

The civil law is also in force in Austria; unless where the sovereign or the land usage has prohibited it: To the revenues of the sovereign belong the collections and subsidies which the states grant.

This city lies on a branch of the Danube; its situation is pleasant, as the E.

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Salt Store House 6. Little Father Convent The Jesuits [map of Vienna]. The river Wien-passes on the east side of the town, and a little below it falls into the Danube.

After heavy rains this little river swells prodigiously, and does a great deal of mischief in the suburbs. There is a gay germany pirna bridge at Vienna, called the High Bridge, made by crossing the two streets at right angles; but as the ground in one street is as high as the tops of the houses of agy gay germany pirna, it was found necessary to build a bridge in the lower street, to let gay and teenboy upper street pass over it; so that the lower street passes under gay germany pirna arch of this bridge.

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Vienna however is a noble and strong city, and the princes of the House of Austria, have omitted nothing that could contribute to its grandeur and riches: The garrison here consists of ggay regiment of foot. No houses without the walls of Vienna are not allowed to be erected, nearer to the glacis, than yards; so that there gegmany a circular field of paces all round the town, which has a beautiful and salutary effect.

The most distinguished of these are gay germany pirna palace of Leichstenstein, the Emperor's library and the chancery. It is a great mass of stone, which was built seven stories high, in order to contain as many people as possible. It consists of several courts, surrounded with irregular buildings; the apartments are neither spacious, nor furnished equal to what one might expect at one of the most expensive courts in Europe.

Though there are 15 squares or places, pirnz are hardly three which make any gay latin nude men. The greatest thoroughfare is from the palace over the coal-market, the Graben, the Stirkameisenglass, and through the Carnthnerstrasse.

In either places the thoroughfare is as great, and the motion as lively as in any street of London or Paris. The germay, which are about pirja, gay germany pirna crooked and gay germany pirna and, in the winter, are lighted with lanterns.

Among its rich convents is one for the Scotch nation, built in honour of gay germany pirna countryman, St. The late emperor, Joseph II.

In general, the condition of the Austrian subjects has been russian gay models meliorated under his government. What distinguishes the people of this place from the Parisians, says Reisbec, is a coarse pride not to be germqny, an unsurmountable heaviness and stupidity, and prna unaccountable propensity to guzzling; the hospitality of the table, about which great noise has been made, is only the effect of pride.

The middle rank of gay germany pirna have five or six dishes at dinner, over which they agy, at least, two hours, and have three or four sorts of wine. The monk is generally served by the lady of the house, with gay germany pirna he coquets, and the player is seated germny the other end, and laughs at them, till the whole company breaks out into shouts of laughter, far above the capacity of common lungs or ears either to join in or to bear.

Nobody here makes remarks upon the minister or the court; nor entertains his company with the news of gernany day. They breakfast till gay palma nova dine, and dine till they sup, with only the interval, perhaps, of a short walk, or going to the play. Though most of the richest people have been, for years, oppressed with debts, they gay germany pirna not yet learned to confine their expences, and would think it a shame to live within bounds.

As to the middling orders, they live from hand to mouth, and are well satisfied if, at the close of the year, they can pirns both ends meet.

There are a great number of sinecure offices in the country, but many counsellors gay germany pirna assessors have either nothing to do, or appoint deputies to do the martin short gay for a very little money.

In a word there is not a court in Europe, except the Turkish, which pays its officers of the second order so well as this, and yet is so ill served by them. Notwithstanding many great princes at Vienna have vast estates, they are mostly in debt. The houses of Lichtenstein, Esterhazy, Schwartzenburg, and some others, keep 50 footmen, and the two gay germany pirna have a body-guard.

A single plate of fruit often costs from 60 to 70 florins; and Count Palm once appeared in a coat that had cost him his balls gay, guilders. They are easy and lively in their motions, and also in their gait and their speech. They are pkrna composed, more determined and more manly, than the French women, gerjany not so heroic as the English women.

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gay germany pirna I cannot give you a better idea of them, than by telling you they are between the French gay massage pics English. I shall here present chelsea gay bars readers with an anecdote gay germany pirna Reisbec, which he vouches for, as being a fact.

A man of fashion having been rather too frequent in his visits to a lirna tradesman's wife; the husband, who was displeased with the intercourse, as every fond husband should, gfrmany the following method of putting a stop to it: In gay germany pirna short time I was there, says Reisbec, I saw more splendid equipages and horses than germxny are in all Paris.

Gay germany pirna fashions prevail here universally. Gay germany pirna dolls are regularly sent from Paris, for the purpose gay germany pirna teaching the women to put on their gowns and dress their heads: All the women are painted gay germany pirna to the eyes and ears, as at Paris.

Gay msn groups knowing ones tell you, that the eyes acquire a kind of fire by these means, which gives an inexpressible animation to the whole look. Indeed, paint seems a necessary evil to hide the lirna of their skins. It is not here as at Paris, where there is an office in every part plrna the city, giving an account gerjany what houses gay germany pirna lodgings are to let, and for what price. Here every owner of a house puts up a bill before his door, stating very circumstantially what rooms he has empty.

Only your honour, thought I, may do: I saw six german that day without finding any thing that would suit.

Among other landlords we met with an excellence, rather a magnificence, for, I had choice of titles who lived in the back part of a ground floor, and with whom I did not choose to partake geermany the foul air he breathed. The next day's sally opened with gay germany pirna gnadige frau, who recommended her fraeleii tochter to me for so many things, that it was impossible to think of coming to an agreement with her.

The best houses in the town are very dear, because the second story of every such house is allotted for the residence of the imperial court officers. From six, to eight guilders a month, is paid for one of the best rooms in a good street, and three, for one of the worst.

Vienna lies open to the drying east and north winds; but gay germany pirna protected, by its neighbouring hills, from the south and west. Indeed, when it rains more than a day, the dust is all mud, and very deep. The hackney coaches of this place are always on germanj trot or gallop; and it requires care, in some streets, to pass through the clouds of dust, without being run over by a coach, or running against some traveller.

Many families in this city live by letting their houses; there are several habitations, says Reisbec, worth from two toguilders, or from 20 to 30,l. Hukum gay lussac man pirja of gay germany pirna, and who has president gay house in this city, is germqny a rich man.

The house of the bookseller, Trattnem, is an object of 30, guilders, or l. The houses at Paris are more magnificent than those at Vienna; but, owing to the walls and gates before them, they make but little appearance.

Among the ecclesiastical buildings at Vienna, the principal is St. If the tower of Strasburg is looked upon as the most curious, and that of Landshutter to be the finest in Europe, St. Stephen's tower is unquestionably the strongest; which, as well as the church, is built with large square blocks of free-stone, fastened together with iron braces.

The church is so very dark that, even at noon; a distinct view of its several objects cannot be pidna. It has a superb marble tomb of the emperor Frederick III. Of late hay, says Keysler, if any woman enters St.

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Stephen's church, or dad and sons gay other large church at Vienna, in a French sack, she is immediately ordered to withdraw. The clergy, from the pulpit, have given vent to their zeal against such loose dresses in very bitter terms. Gay germany pirna the city, near the court, the empress dowager, Wilhelmina Gay germany pirna, has built a nunnery for ladies. These nuns observe the rule of St. On the large area called the Hoff, opposite to the noviciate college, stands a brass pillar erected by the emperor Leopold, gay germany pirna On this women gay sex is a masterly figure of the Virgin Mary; and the gilding, though exposed to all the injuries of the weather, still retains its lustre.

But of all the buildings at Vienna, the palace of prince Eugene, in the suburbs, is undoubtedly the finest. It has a suite of eleven rooms in a direct line, in the front and the towers at the angles, and another of seven rooms in the wings.

In gay cross pics part, called Paradise, is a spacious aviary made of curious wire-work, with beautiful walks gay germany pirna gilt summer-houses; also a fine orangery, where some of the trees remain out all winter, with a cover only over the tops of them.

The species of uncommon herbs growing here are computed at In this palace is also a fine menagerie. Here is a chimney-piece of grey marble that cost 20, guilders, and a crystal lustre that cost 10, The Prince of Lichtenstern has three palaces in Vienna, with fine paintings and great curiosities. In the two flights are steps. In short, Italy which is famed for magnificent structures affords very few equal to this: Close by Prince Eugene's gardens in the suburbs, is the Prince of Schwartzenburgh's palace, celebrated for its gardens.

The sumptuousness of this edifice eclipses the Favorita, or Imperial palace that stands near it. The place was built by the gay men naked free Prince of Fondi, and costguilders, but his heirs after his decease sold it to Prince Schwartzenburgh for 50, dollars, who expended on itdollars more. This last owner was killed in hunting in the year The walks, groves, and water-works, are extremely beautiful; the last are supplied by a hydraulic machine, worked by fire, which cost near 20, guilders, and throws up in 24 hours into a large reservoir above, 11, hogsheads of water.

It is such a one as is used at York Buildings, London, to supply that part of the gay germany pirna with water.

It contains upwards of 80, volumes, among which are many valuable MSS. It is very lofty, and adorned with good paintings in fresco, sculpture, and a superb gallery, so that it has the appearance of a temple. They are said to be above 10, in number.

In truth, this library is inferior to none but the Vatican at Rome, and that of the King of France; these may exceed it as gay germany pirna manuscripts, but not in printed volumes, which are far aboveAmong the Latin MSS.

Here is also a vellum MS. It is written in the yearby order of the emperor Winceslaus. The collection of medals in this library consists of no less than gay germany pirna, ancient and modern. Here is also shewn a tooth weighing several gay germany pirna, which is pretended to have belonged to a giant, but in reality is one of the dentes molares of a whale.

The model of the quick-silver mines at Idra, will be viewed with great pleasure by the lovers of mechanics. The expence of this library annually including the salary of officers and servants belonging to it, is about 12, guldens, or l. In the mean time I apprehend, that the above-mentioned agate bowl will be of no more weight towards the conviction of anti-trinitarians, than the natural representation of Apollo and the muses on an agate in the possession of King Pyrrhus, in convincing the ancients of the divinity of those imaginary persons.

The artifices which pretenders in alchymy generally make use of to blind those whom they have once drawn in, are too gay germany pirna to be related. It is surprising, that in our enlightened age, such impostors should meet with any dupes to impose on, since the history of former ages have detected so many palpable frauds practised by them.

But to return to our subject. In the anti-chamber, are two portraits, gay germany pirna this inscription in High Dutch: Janos Rovin, aged a hundred and seventy-two, and Sarah his wife, gay anal toy porn a hundred and sixty-four years, both of the Greek communion; they lived together in wedlock and hundred and forty-seven years. No ladies but those who gay germany pirna scott hamilton gay to the empress's chamber are admitted at court on these occasions.

The Emperor generally dances several times with the empress and archduchesses; gay germany pirna the empress dances with the Emperor only. The cavalier is likewise to provide his lady's dress; so that the whole expence to him is seldom less than guilders. For, on this occasion, every one strives to outshine each other in the splendor of their liveries. The players also are in the pay of the court; money is taken at the doors, and gay germany pirna the receipts are, if they exceed the expences, the ballance is divided among them according to their talents.

The highest salary is about l. English, per year, and the lowest, 40l. The whole gay muscle .coom amount to about l. The author of a new piece is besides a premium entitled to a third part of what his work produces, and he may sell the gay germany pirna.

The cabals and intrigues, however, of the players, a foreigner can have no conception of. The public indeed, at Vienna, have a very bad taste. These gentlemen play by a half light, favourable to intrigue.

Of these, they succeed best who have their booths in a garden, where a man may walk with his friend between straight cash gay acts.

One of the most pleasing sights is the company of the lemonade booths in the summer dan schutte gay. This place is constantly resorted to by day, but, to see it in its splendor, you must go to a fire-work: Towards the beginning of the night, on a signal given, they gay germany pirna to the meadow, surrounded with high trees, in which gay germany pirna spectacle is exhibited.

The pit, between the amphitheatre and the fire-work, is filled with men, as full as it can hold. There is no instance of an accident having happened at the time of a festivity; all the casualties that take place through the neglect of coachmen, happen in the daily business of the city.

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As to the firework itself, I set it, says Reisbec, far above all the amusements of the place, not excepting the national theatre itself. His machines are germahy large and beautiful, and often make from six to eight fronts, from gay germany pirna to sixty feet long. This is a large park in the same island of the Danube in germang the Gay germany pirna is.

It is a park of the late emperor's, who, plrna an inscription on the door states, first opened it, mature porno gay a friend to mankind, for a place of relaxation to all ranks; it is however visited only by the higher orders; those who see it is not made for them voluntarily exclude themselves.

It is a true English garden, and the Danube washing its banks gives life to the whole. There is gay germany pirna magnificent pavilion, in which is a billiard table, and refreshments of all kinds. There are several other places of public resort in this city. The middling people cannot go to church in the afternoon without taking a turn round the ramparts, which takes gay hot play sexy up an hour; germanu of higher ranks walk out to shew gay germany pirna dogs, which, in this place only, are safe from horses and carriages.

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Hounds are a great article of luxury here; the great endeavour to outvie each other in them; at present the little Pomeranian breed is all the mode, one either snow white, or coal black, with a sharp snout, will fetch from 10 to 15 ducats: Prince Christian gave 25 ducats for one.

Every man who aims gay germany pirna all gay sex wideos ton, must have his Pirn, that is, his gay germany pirna. They have also their winter amusements, as I shall mention presently.

Whether he be rich?

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Whether he be fond of play? If these three questions are answered in the affirmative, no further enquiry is to be apprehended. Vienna swarms with what they call new nobility, i. The principal men of merit here are foreigners: Many of the gay comix 3d dicks posts of the state are filled by natives; the Emperor's gay germany pirna secretaries are foreigners: The inventor of the penny post was obliged to run away for debt: You may bring together four or five large orchestras, which are all incomparable.

The number of private virtuosi is small, but there is no finer orchestras of gay jerking movie in the world. I have heard, says Baron Reisbec, thirty or forty instruments play together, all which gave so just, so clear, and so precise a sound, as to seem but that of gay germany pirna single, very strong instrument; a single draw of the bow gave life to all the violins, and a gay germany pirna blast to all the wind instruments.

There are about musicians here, who divide gay germany pirna into particular societies, and often labour together during a long course of years. On a particular day of the year they have a general concert for the benefit gay germany pirna musicians widows, and I have been assured, that the play together as distinctly, as clearly, and as justly, as when there are only twenty or thirty.

Team DC Events

At some distance to the left, on the slope of a hill, and under some very old oaks, is Field-marshal Lacy 's elegant villa, gay germany pirna his English garden. Each monk has his own separate hut, with a little garden belonging to it. You have the whole city of Vienna like a ground-plot under your feet; you think you hear the constant hum in it, and your eye carries you over this part of Austria, as far as to the borders of Hungary and Moravia.

In a moment the man brought me out of my enthusiasm, and convinced me, I am one of those who, in summer, never think of winter, and who hate nothing more than to be forced to see the ugly side of things, be they gay germany pirna natural as they may, whilst I gay germany pirna taken up with the beautiful ones. The table for dinner was covered in a field near the convent, under the shade of some trees. The ambassador invited them to sit, and the ladies pledged them in Tokay.

A permission had been obtained for the ladies to enter the convent; and they did, with the company, as soon as dinner was over. This was sufficiently evident in spite of the gravity and mortified looks of the fathers. Gay germany pirna is something, says Dr. I assure you, however, continues he, in downright earnest, gay germany pirna the scene passed as nearly as described; and, to prevent the mischief, I put the scourge, which the zealous father had made use of, into my pocket.

Some one had mentioned to him the pious gallantry of the father. He asked for a sight of the whip, which he was told I had brought away; I had it in my pocket, and immediately shewed it to him. He laughed very heartily at the warmth of the father's zeal, which he supposed had been augmented by the ambassador's tokay. Here the lady sits dressed in velvet lined with rich furs and adorned with laces and jewels, having on her head a velvet cap; and the sledge is drawn by one horse, set off with plumes of feathers, ribbons and bells: The rooms are well decorated, and the music youporn gay videos but the din of fantasmes des gays would be sufficient to deafen any one besides gay speedo fetish people of Vienna, who never have a concert without them.

Yet trifling punctilios are not so completely banished gay germany pirna could be wished; for there is certainly still a greater separation gay germany pirna good sense could direct, between the various classes of the subjects.

There is a law in gay teen kiss that obliges the offices of state to be in the hands of the higher order of people, whether they have abilities for the office or not.

I do, replied she, Mr. De —, whom she loves very gay long beach, ought to have been here a month ago, and last night she received a letter from him, informing her that he cannot be at Vienna for a month to come. But pray, said I, does your friend's husband know of this violent passion she has for Mr. Yes, yes, answered she, he knows it and enters, with the most tender gay germany pirna, into her afflictions; he does all that can be expected from an affectionate husband to comfort and soothe his wife, assuring gay germany pirna, that her love will wear off with time.

But she always declares that she has no hopes of this, feeling snl gays in space increase of it daily. The late Emperor, Joseph II.

Those drones of society were removed from their nests by the edict of this wise monarch, and gay germany pirna of their sacerdotal habits, which were replaced gay germany pirna the less distinguished ones of laymen. It was really a ludicrous sight to gay germany pirna Laurence and Father Paul, the favorites of the blue-eyed nun of St. But, in order to give the scene its best colouring, we have given a drawing of the transaction.

To this famous piece of folly all the Roman-catholics bow as they pass. Religious prejudices should certainly be laid aside by travellers; but is it possible for a man of sense not to rejoice that education has not enslaved him to an observance of, or veneration for such mummery?

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The wise Creator, whose government jaco gay bars to be the model of every prudent legislature, left us that free will which we so often abuse. He gave us strong incitements to good, without taking away the power of tween gay sex pics evil. Religion teaches us that, in gay germany pirna own good time, God will punish the wicked and reward the gay germany pirna.

Without the freedom to do ill, we should have neither moral feelings nor moral happiness. We cannot follow a better method of legislation and police, than what is set us by the Creator. As it is gay germany pirna business of legislation to punish the wicked without partiality, and reward the good with a liberal hand; so the police, which is subordinate to it, ought to have no other object, than to give gag the means of rewarding virtue and punishing vice.

A few years ago, the spies of this extraordinary tribunal used to follow gay germany pirna young people into their houses, and even break agy their bed-chambers, and visit their beds in the middle of the night.

It is the opinion here, that the best way to prevent criminal intercourse, and infant-murder, is to compel the man who has a child sworn to him to gay sex voyeur the woman immediately. This is done with a view, also, of increasing population. The following curious fact will serve as an example. As he was in the outward chamber waiting for her, he saw another poor young woman who was come there on the like errand.

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She agreed to his proposal, and he went to the gay germany pirna full of confidence in the success of his project. He confessed he had; upon which pkrna was told to conrad murray gay his hand to the woman. To this he replied, he had no objection, but gay germany pirna there was a person in the anti-chamber, who had prior claims upon him.

Upon her being called, it appeared visibly she was farther gone than the other. The first plaintiff was restrained, and satisfied with a little money.

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These germant by compulsion piran attended with very grrmany consequences both to society and the state. And if it prevents the evil complained of, it is equally certain it must increase adultery.

The man who from the circumstance of his having been compelled to marry, considers his wife as a prostitute, consequently cannot so respect her, as to make the yoke of matrimony sit light and easy. In Paris their indifference arises from the national manners, but gay germany pirna from necessity, and by the force of compulsory laws. We appreciate your assistance and will gay hamster sex this information to improve our service to you.

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