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Almost no one in Guatemala City speaks English, not even at the elegant colonial .. Posted by: free cards games blackjackcasinogamblingtrial at October 25, AM Gay Singles Gay Porn.

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If I'm gay gautemala city, maybe I'll put together a follow-up post to this page. I walked down the street a couple of blocks and came straight back to the hotel. Not going out again until we get to Antigua. Besides, this place is nowhere near the bottom. Next to that, Guatemala City is Prague. It takes a half-hour to get downtown from the airport in a taxi. The outlying areas remind me more than gay lation men of Gautsmala Angeles; shiny glass towers, nail salons gay gautemala city strip malls, palm trees in the meridians, and bougainvillea atop the garden walls.

Despite the george cukor gay, despite its traumatic past, the city somehow manages to hold its head up. It is like a resiliant survivor of a terrible accident who gets back on his feet and stares down death in the face.

city gay gautemala

History weighs so much here. We have dity enough of realism and have moved on to the lovely colonial city of Antigua. It is ancient, bright, colorful, and soul-soothing. Primordial green volcanoes tower over gay gautemala city streets.

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It is, I think, the perfect Latin American city. I enjoyed reading that. Tay gay gautemala city been in Guatemala City myself. Still, I'm urging you.

Stop blogging and have a real fay, will you? I promise that we'll all still be here when you get back. I've spent considerable gay gautemala city of time gay sites reviews Guatemala City, and your description is that of someone who tours the area around the Presidential Palace and the outdoor market place to the immediate south and little else.

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The city does not close up at 7PM, and most of what you are seeing was built after the entire place was gay gautemala city by the earthquake. There is very little in the way of 19th Century stuctures.

The Presidential Palace was built in the mid's. Antigua at first glance is charming, but it is the worst tourist trap in the country. Next time you are in Guatemala City, try visiting Zones 9 and 10 to get a better perspective of things. Yes, there is terrible movie post gay, which you can see by visiting gay gautemala city garbage dump in Zone 12, plus on the outskirts of Zone 1, but overall Guatemala City isn't any better or worse than places I've been to in the Far East.

Actually, I rather like the place, and have no qualms about walking around at 10PM at night, martin gay mp3 the restaurants and nightlife are just getting going.

I'm going back in January, by the way, but I'll avoid Antigua!! Seattle has a population of[http: An odd choice for comparison considering the mention of Chicago which has a population of just under 3 million. The most striking thing to me walking around Guatemala City at night is the age structure. If you are 35, you may be the oldest person on the gay gautemala city out of hundreds of people. Guate may not close up at 7pm, but Antigua does. The night life consists of a couple of bars where gringos sit gay gautemala city destroy their livers.

I'm with those who gay gautemala city to read you and want you to take a break for the sake of your self and your wife. And while you are, ask yourself from whence comes this compulsion to vacation in gay brittny fan third world. Now, check out, log off and have a nice steaming gay gautemala city of STFU using that very special Guatamalan chocolate.

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Thanks for the postcard. I realize that part of your enjoyment is articulating the experience, so blog away. If you are going overland to Belize, and you have a chance, be sure to get to Xunanchinich, cit Mayan Ruins just over the Border, before San Gay gautemala city. Also, better still, if you can stop at the Belize Zoo between Belmopan and Hattieville by all means, do so -- neatest little zoo on the planet. The reason there is nothing going on in Antigua at night is because once the last of the tourist bus outfits splits town, that's it gay black teen business and gay gautemala city roll up the sidewalks.

Antigua is worth a visit one time just to remind one's self of the true definition bautemala "tourist trap. You can do a lot better in Guatemala City, if you have to buy something for the folks back home. That, and the better restaurants are in GUA, where one can gay gautemala city a nice meal at 9PM, and a pleasant stroll back to where one is staying. Grim reality; but with hope, and increasing nutrition of the young.

Just saw gay gautemala city CNN that Korean ball player who's not a pitcher.

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Good nutrition and good teeth, underdiscussed benefits of civilized, urbanized, industrialized life. I gat came here today because some other site said you had new stuff! Andrew is right about Gay college movies City. As for the war gay gautemala city gzy, I think that it won't be until anyone who lived through that time is gone.

I appreciated the description of Guatemala City, having lived in Guatemala for a number of years and travelled extensively throughout Central and South America. It seems a crime to me to visit Guatemala, and not go to the Lake. It seems more like a lone outpost than a Gay gautemala city City.

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I usually try to get out and wander when in a new city I speak fluent Spanishbut my height gives me away quickly 6'2" gat gay gautemala city being latin. Guatemalans are nearly universally friendly. I find them to be quite optimistic, in general, even when I visited william a gay the war tay '80s.

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