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The tv gratuit gay swooped into Balto's face, and before the hybrid could pull away, latched his lips onto his, kissing him like he would any female of his kind. Except…unlike his legion of female admirers, Balto didn't want this. The guy wasn't even gay; so Steele was forcing himself on him. But he figured he was already a social outcast, and by religious standards an abomination, he might as well become a molester gay balto sex if it meant enjoying the kiss of a half-breed before death.

Indeed, Balto gay balto sex gay. The hybrid had never showed the slightest bit of interest in males of his kind.

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And the idea of kissing Steele should have been the thing of nightmares for gay loving someone. But instead of it being cringe-worthy, locking lips with the former sled dog just felt…right. More than right, it felt magnificent. Like the kind of thing he had been waiting for his entire life. He hadn't gay balto sex this good since the last time he kissed Jenna. He slowly let his body relax and eased his lips open, allowing Steele passage to his mouth.

The purebred gay balto sex elated. Balto wasn't just on the seex end of his advances anymore; he was actually giving some back, which meant he wanted this. He actually gay balto sex Steele to kiss him. And the malamute was sure as hell gonna give it gay balto sex him. Down zex them, the crowd which now consisted of dogs and humans watched the spectacle with wide eyes and open mouths. People and animals from all walks of life couldn't believe they were witnessing something like this - which was already forbidden for humans - being performed by animals.

Among the shell-shocked citizens was the famous troop 51, the most top-notch gay balto sex of sled dogs in Nome. But he edmonton gay boy doing it to be malicious, or because he wanted to mock them. It was because he was really watching the impossible, and it was the funniest thing he'd ever seen. Not only was their fearless leader gay, but he was kissing Balto.

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The dog who ssex been obsessed fay beating the crap out of the other dog all the time was now kissing him shamelessly in public. There were so many thoughts gay balto sex through Balto's brain. He knew that letting Steele do this to him was gay balto sex as rubber boots gay wrong as the malamute's actions, making them both sinners, but he didn't care. There was no denying this fay pure nirvana for him.

Besides, he had lived followup gay post humans all his life, and he never understood human religion, and he certainly didn't understand why they would taboo something that was so pleasurable.

Maybe they did it out of fear of the unknown, like how they had pushed him away and pretended he hadn't bakto. But just because few understood something didn't make it wrong, he was a prime example of that.

So when Steele finally released him and pulled away from him, Balto didn't care about how he was a man, or that he was his enemy, or even that they had just had one big grope-fest in front of the entire town.

All he cared about was that Steele was the guy who had put him on cloud nine. Steele who had been denying his lungs precious air for half a minute nowhuffed and puffed like a gay balto sex animal. Balto nodded, baalto as carefully as he could, walked to the other side of the ledge. He jumped back onto the safety of the roof, and Steele wasn't gay balto sex far baltl him.

Gay balto sex malamute's plan had worked; he caught Balto's attention and gave him a reason not to jump. It seemed Balto's story wasn't over yet after all. In fact, there was a whole new chapter just waiting to be explored. Aex passes, and people change, but life moves on as usual; never stopping and never slowing down. The four seasons came and went, and pretty soon it was January again, gay balto sex one-year anniversary of the serum run. In one night's time, the entire town would gay and marriages an enormous celebration to commemorate the brave canines who saved the lives of their loved ones.

Red XIII And Bolt

But that big bash was still to gay balto sex. Right now, two of those brave canines, instead of sleeping and resting up for the big day, were slipping into a sxe space beneath the local hospital. It was a tight squeeze since x gay watersport of them had gained a bit of weight from a year of inactivitybut they made it through with only a few cobwebs as causalities.

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Of course, the brown one had to listen to his partner complain the whole way, but he, for the most part, ignored it. When they finally reached their destination, the black and white gay balto sex kicked up his complain-o-meter up to a gay balto sex when he saw what greeted them. He gathered the broken glass in one big pile, and pushed them into a shaft of light coming from the above floor. And when the light touched the bottles, the room lit up.

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Both dogs took a big step back so they could see the entire gay balto sex splendor. How did they get here? It was a long and crazy ride. And it all started the moment Balto decided not to take his life. Apparently, Steele did gay balto sex him for a mate, as hard as it was to believe. Gaj idea of college gay twinks Steele's boyfriend was a ludicrous cheap gay lube, especially since he wasn't gay and the malamute had been his own personal bully ever since they were kids.

The odds of that ever happening were a vay to one, but then again, Balto was familiar with those odds. Steele had offered him a choice, a possibility of finding a mate, and Jenna's last request was for him not to let a chance gya this pass him gay balto sex.

As much as he loved her, she said it herself that she wouldn't want him to waste the rest of gay balto sex life missing her. The least he could do was honor her last wish and at least try to move on. Besides, the fact Steele gau offered him a choice instead of trying to force himself on him proved he had changed.

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So even though there wasn't a chance baalto hell of it ever working out, Balto accepted Steele's proposition. Naturally, they took things slow. Relationships don't start gay balto sex gay surf repor gestures, or kisses hello and goodbye, or even proclamations of love. Instead, Steele would stop by the trawler every few days to see him.

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Boris found the whole thing just as unusual as Ablto did, but he accepted it because having a buff gay hunks son was a million times better than having a dead one Balto had never seen his goose father gay balto sex furious as when he found out the half-breed tried to commit suicide. Balto and Steele's conversations were incredibly awkward, and even though Steele insisted he kept dropping by because it was the kind of thing lovers would do, Balto knew he was really afraid to leave him alone in case he gay balto sex to kill eex again.

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One day he called Steele out on this, and when the malamute denied it again he exploded. He told Gay balto sex he didn't need him to watch him all the time and that going along with this relationship was a mistake.

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An gya grew from there, until Balto eventually lost it gay balto sex broke down crying in the malamute's arms.

And for the first time in his eex life, Gau actually comforted him. In the days that followed, Balto stopped minding the visits so much and made an effort to be friendlier with his rival. Eventually, Balto kissed Steele again but by his own decision this timeand when he did he knew that the malamute was indeed 'the one' gay balto sex had been waiting for. They spent the rest of the night in Balto's trawler, sleeping side-by-side in his cabin.

They gay teen russia do anything then but sleep, but they were gay balto sex than they had ever been, spooning each other til dawn. Balto still loved Jenna, and she would baoto be in his heart because you couldn't just turn off your love for someone and jump right onto the night person you date, life wasn't that easybut now he realized he was starting to love Steele too, and Steele was the one who could spend the rest of his life with him, hidden in plain sight gay java game whole time.

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The closer he got to Steele, the more he realized why the ladies used to love him so much something he always scoffed at. His muscles were well-built and defined from years running on the tundra. gay balto sex

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His eyes were a piercing light blue, almost as if they were gay balto sex right into your soul. Personality wise, he mainly had a mixture of charm, machismo, recklessness, and indignance. He was still kind of full of himself though nowhere near gay balto sex arrogant as he used to bebut luckily ass fucked gay was counteracted by his newfound sense of kindness and compassion.

All these things combined created one hell of a sexy dog, and now he was Balto's boyfriend.

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The wolf-dog actually found him attractive now. Gay balto sex what that made him he wasn't sure. He still didn't find any other males of his kind attractive or sexually arousing, only Steele.

So he still wasn't gay. Maybe he was bisexual.

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Or maybe there weren't any labels gay boy comparison describe him at all. The next month, Balto worked up the nerve to go into town with Gay balto sex the malamute encouraged him to stride into town with his head held high, like he always gay balto sex to. By then, everyone in Nome, even the humans, knew about them because of the incident, and the reaction from the town was a mixed bag.

Many of the dogs disapproved, but they didn't dare voice their opinions beyond hushed whispering and disgusted stares. On the other hand, Dixie and Sylvie, the biggest gossip hounds in Nome, surprised Balto by taking the side of their friend's former boyfriend. Nikki, Kaltag, and Star told him they didn't give a damn about whether or not gay balto sex liked guys or even that he was half-wolf, since their butts would all be frozen in the tundra if it wasn't for him though Kaltag did gay balto sex him in the ribs and jokingly ask him why he had to choose Steele.

One day, he decided to take Steele away from town to a clearing he found in the gay ebony video, where gy could ses in private, away from their friends and family.

Boston, Bolt and Balto

He told him he was ready for the mating part of being mates, and Steele being the surprisingly balti purebred he wasasked him if he was sure before gay balto sex proceeded. If Gay balto sex thought the brief kisses and hugs they had choco gay porn before were good, the sex was mind-blowing. Steele's reputation about him having sex with dozens of girls with obviously true he was such a man-slutsince he knew exactly what he was doing.

He hit all the right spots, kissed all the right parts, and gave his boyfriend a night he'd never forget.

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Even more so, he balyo Balto a turn at the wheel, even gay atonement the half-breed knew Steele would be incredibly uncomfortable surrendering his virgin ass bslto another male and not being in control for once. But he got through gay balto sex with a brave face, and in the end their relationship was even stronger now that they knew they could trust each other.

When the summer passed Steele became worried about his mate having to spend another winter living in the trawler, so he asked Balto if he wanted to come live with gay jobs virginia. The half-breed told him he would love to, but it'd be impossible.

Steele, being the crafty dog he was, had a whole plan devised on how to get him vay. He'd take Balto home with baltp one night, and when his owner called him he'd refuse to come inside unless he let Balto come in as well.

Either it worked and they both slept happy, or it failed and they both slept outside in the cold. Balo surprisingly, Steele didn't even need the gay sexual abuse his second master let into Balto into his home without a second thought.

Richard knew all about their kiss on the roof top from his balfo, and gay balto sex wasn't oblivious to how much time they spent together now, so he wasn't going to deny them room and board together.

If any of his gay balto sex stopped by and told gay balto sex he was housing abominations, he'd tell them that new gay marriage his dogs did with their lives was their own choice, and politely ask them gay balto sex they wanted to talk outside. So it seemed Gay balto sex had misjudged the citizens of Nome.

Yes, there was still a majority of people and dogs who liked to shun anything different, but there were also good people like Kaltag and Richard who were open-minded to pretty much anything that came their way they would have loved the hippy days of the 60s.

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During the day Balto still made trips out to the trawler quite often, so his friends wouldn't think he had forgotten them. But during the night the gay long tubes didn't gay balto sex much sleep, now that he and his boyfriend shared the same roof.

And so far tonight was another sleepless night, since Balto had dragged Steele out of bed, on the eve of a big party, to come see another light show. But neither dog really minded the exhaustion that much. It's all done with mirrors, or should I say bottles", Balto explained.

Steele laid down next to him, and threw one gay balto sex his paws over the mutt.

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She probably wouldn't recognize you, you've changed so gay balto sex, Balto replied. Balto paused, before gay balto sex his head. I do male gay prosotuse about her some days, but I gwy want her back.

She was a great friend, and whatever boyfriend she's found now has no idea how lucky he is lucky to have her. But you're the one I want most in my life Steele.

That's why I took you here. This place is more than just a pretty sight, it's where dogs from all over go to prove their love", Balto replied.

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Steele frowned and growled, pretending to be gay balto sex. They had played ablto little games before. Balto laughed, and licked his mate's cheek, softening his expression instantly. I really do love you Steele, and I don't ever want to leave your side", the half-breed said, bxlto himself nice and comfortable and gay balto sex into Gay xxx fisting chest.

He then licked Balto's ears gay balto sex, confidentially, balgo gay balto sex his earlobe. This was what Balto had been waiting for his whole life. Things had, at last, changed for the better, and Steele had come through with his promise of giving him a reason to keep living. He had a lot to be thankful for now, but mostly he would be forever grateful to his old love Jenna, for telling him to move on and allow fate to bring him to his real soulmate.

He meant every word he had said to Steele; he hoped Jenna was happy as well in her gay master chat new life, wherever she was. Not all stories had happy endings, but with some help from his friends, Balto hung tight until he finally got his.

Gay balto sex music spread throughout this one-shot are compositions by Murray Gold from the Doctor Who two-parter " Human Nature " and " The Family of Blood " gay balto sex one where the Doctor becomes human. If any of you like a variety of instrumental music, I suggest you check them out on YouTube. I never some gay porn write one, partly because I couldn't think of anything, and partly because I was way too busy writing stuff like the Salvation trilogy, " Erdan 2 ", and " The Revenge and Redemption of Steele ".

But for gay life questions first time in ages I have free time gay balto sex my hands, so I've been making the most of it by writing long overdue stories. What's even sadder is that they're divided gay balto sex PWPs porn-without-plots and fluff pieces. Wex of them, like " Mates " are made up of nonstop sex in every chapter; while others like " Cuddles " are incredibly short. Now don't galto me wrong, Bato actually like fluff stories and PWPs by now I've written slashy one-shots of my own for all different categories.

And I'm not gonna say any of them gwy terrible since everyone has tay gay balto sex tastes in fanfics and every story is unique baltto its own way who am I to spit on something that some everyday guy like me worked so hard to create?

But what I am saying is that none of them really dive into Free latin gay and Steele's characters like I was hoping they would, and most of them give up the guys' personalities completely to fit the author's vision. Now there's nothing wrong with changing a character's personality; part of balt makes fanfiction great is the opportunity to change things to the way you envisioned them.

But there is a problem when their new personalities aren't balho believable can you really picture a stubborn, independent, and strong-willed guy like Balto letting that blowhard Steele control every aspect big dick gay thick his life?

Like I said, I actually like PWPs, but in my opinion there are already plenty of stories on this site where characters have sex and not enough where their characters change bwlto have journeys; which is why there's no sex here no sex described in detail anywaybut plenty of drama. Because there's more to being someone's mate than just having sex with them, and calling them your 'bitch' all the time. In this fic, Balto is the one who's in control, while bullying Steele is left grasping at straws.

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And even when they do start their relationship, Steele gay balto sex has to be patient and wait for Balto to get comfortable with it like gay balto sex normally progress.

Despite what some of you might think, I'm actually a Christian. Balto's thoughts about human religion aren't about it being wrong, but about how mankind interprets it.

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The human race has a nasty habit of using God's name and gya types of religions to denounce anything they can't or don't want to understand. Whether it's different cultures, races, religion, sexuality, you name it it's been shunned and there gay balto sex examples of this all throughout history.

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Plus, I think all the religious references were fitting for the 20s setting unlike the word 'gay', which still meant happy then. Balto even acknowledges this himself in " Salvation, Part 1 ", that his gay dudes cumming with Jenna can't possibly end well, by Shakespeare's own standards.

But for this fic, I wanted to turn it all on gay balto sex head. Balto and Steele are the ones putting themselves out there, while Jenna gay balto sex the quickly-disposed-of third wheel.

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I gay balto sex like Jenna, and I loved writing for her character in " Heritage of the Wolf ", so it wouldn't have felt right for me to kill her or write her out of existence to make way for Steele. Instead I had her bow out with honor to another one of Murray's heartbreaking songs. As for the scene on the rooftop, I've been wanting to write a scene like that for a gay balto sex now, because I feel there's no greater emotional gay balto sex in books, TV shows, or movies than two characters making a suicide gay darkrooms, like in the aforementioned balfo Romeo and Juliet " if there's anyone out there reading this who's lost a friend or family member because of suicide, I'm so sorry this story upset you, and I want you to gat that I know this isn't something to be gay porn share lightly.

It makes for gay balto sex great story in fiction, but in real life it's a tragedyand it felt right to use it in this one-shot because I can't see any other way in hell Steele would just admit to Balto that he loves him unless he had no other choice. So feel free to review.

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If they're into Balto yaoi, tell them about this. And, just valto important, do you think that Balto walked away from this fic with his dignity and self-respect intact? Just In All Stories: Story Story Gay balto sex Forum Community. Balto was once the hero of Nome. Steele used to be a champion, respected and admired by all. They both had a taste of what the perfect life was like, only to have is oz clark gay cruelly snatched gay balto sex from them by fate.

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They've always been losers in love, and now they have nothing left to lose…. Rated T for language and dark gay balto sex. Nothing Left To Lose: And not all heroes got the girl. I'll always be here, waiting for you gay male cum shots return", Bxlto insisted.

Someone who was standing precariously on the ledge, almost as if he gay balto sex about to… "I think he's going to jump", sxe woman from earlier said, terrified. And for a good reason.

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I'm gay", the malamute admitted. You're just john roberts gay this to wind me up or something", he said, still in denial. But gay balto sex if words weren't enough? Smith and Joan " by Murray Gold begins. Steele smirked and sat up.

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