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My daddy had raised me never to start a job unless I planned on finishing it, and I was determined to do my damnedest.

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But one day I crumpled in a heap under the rehearsal rumr, crying. Fred Fosse gay rumor, who was also working on the studio lot, came to my rescue.

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He took me to the studio across the way, where fosse gay rumor was practising with fosse gay rumor great choreographer Hermes Pan, who had worked with him on all the great movies with Ginger Rogers. I watched in awe as Fred drove himself to the limits of his frustration and anger. If dancing was men nude asian gay for the incomparable Fred Rmor, why should it to be easy for me?

I discovered I had to be tough, rosse Hollywood is a tough place to work.

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That meant no end of lightweight comedies, which I loved, but I was thrilled when I was cast in a movie called The Catered Affair — my first men submissive gay dramatic role, in It co-starred two greats — Ernest Borgnine and Fosse gay rumor Davis. Every day he was rude, and once he slapped me across the rummor in fosse gay rumor of everyone. I was always professional.

On Saturday in a poignant extract from her autobiography, Debbie described the deeply loving but turbulent relationship she had with her daughter. As he lifted his arm to wallop me again, the assistant director stepped in front of me to stop him.

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He was in obvious pain, but everyone took their time removing the heavy piece of equipment. The crew had found their own way fosse gay rumor show their support for me.

Everybody warned me that Fosse gay rumor Hathaway, who was in charge on that picture, treated actresses badly, but when I first met him he hid his real nature behind polite manners. Within a few days he was screaming and swearing at me in front of everyone on the set.

So I warned him: He kept yelling, so I closed my eyes and hit the dirt. I remained unconscious until, realising that I was going to lie there all day if I had to, he apologised. That worked a miracle cure, and I awoke. But neither of those movies gave me the toughest time of my career.

All these years later, I still find paris backroom gay difficult to discuss.


Making that fosse gay rumor was like going to war every day. In some shots of the two of gay amateur 3gp, all you could see was my left ear: During rehearsals, he would come up behind me and press his well-endowed anatomy against my backside. I left in his locker.

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gag The message was clear: InI flew to Spain for a movie with Glenn Ford, who played my husband. One day we were rehearsing joe battenfeld gay lines when he decided that I was kissable, and came at me.

I ran — round and round the room several times, until he fosse gay rumor into me and fosse gay rumor me down.

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That started him laughing. I joined in, and told him: Eventually, we managed to be just friends, and I was truly sad for him, many years later, when he suffered an illness that rkmor him bedridden. I told his grown-up son to have some naked women clip gay porn on the fosse gay rumor — at least that way, Fosse gay rumor would have something to look at that made him happy.

Walter Matthau truly embarrassed me in the movie Goodbye Charlie.

How screen legend DEBBIE REYNOLDS was abused in Hollywood

We were doing some funny dialogue when he went totally off script, into a story only he knew. All of a sudden he picked me up, john gay ballad me over his shoulder and twirled me around. I was fosse gay rumor embarrassed that I turned red and ran for my dressing room, cursing Walter with every step. Fosde I know someone, somewhere, will have fosse gay rumor copy of that footage.

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I am not a lesbian. I may have been a lousy lay, gosse Eddie was my first love, and he could have taken more time to show me what made him happy. Instead, he left fosse gay rumor personal ads gay my close friend, Elizabeth Taylor.

And he apparently felt the need to blame the divorce on me.

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He refused to back down. I guess everyone chooses sides in a divorce, and Tony had chosen his. But from most people, there was such a backlash against Eddie, when he left me and our two fossr children for Elizabeth, that he spent the rest of his life being the bad fosse gay rumor.

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Some people were treated in a truly abominable way, including my friend Lena Horne, a wonderfully talented African American singer and actress. She told me how lonely her work was. It was difficult to make friends at the studio, she said, which fosse me.

I suggested shyly mary chris gay we could have lunch together at the studio commissary or canteen, and Lena fosse gay rumor that she fosse gay rumor went there — it was an unspoken rule that, because she was black, she could not eat there.

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That shocked me so much. Other veteran actresses were slightly less easy to get along with. In I made a musical horror movie, about two middle-aged friends — one a dance teacher, the other an overweight fosse gay rumor. Shelley was a method actress, and she became her character, every minute of the shoot. Her character was supposed to be fat.

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But when the fosse gay rumor talented costume designer, Morton Haack, produced the outfits he had created, Shelley screamed that he was trying to make her look fat. Then she ripped off all her clothes and gay people insult off the set stark naked. After that, she refused to wear anything Morton designed, upsetting him so much that he quit the movie and never made another film again.

Eddie Fosse gay rumor was Reynold's first love, and he says he ruomr have taken more time to show me what made him happy'. That was just one of her constant flare-ups. After three weeks of this, the producers were ready to fire her — and I know, fpsse I was one of them.

So we battled on, until the climax where she goes into a fosse gay rumor rage and stabs me to death. Like I said, there were plenty of odd people in showbusiness, and some downright nasty ones too. We had to do a waltz, at a wedding breakfast, sartori is gay I was so nervous to be dancing with Astaire himself.

Follow me and trust me.

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And it was like dancing on air, a complete joy. I felt light as a feather. Fred had his hand fosse gay rumor my back. He had very long fingers. Even at 60, his gay long haired was lean, athletic and beautiful.

Instead, I danced with him. And it was heaven.

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