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With a sharp grin the silver-head stalked after the other, stopping to lean fondling gray gay the wall as the raven was busy with locking up his door. Gray let out a sound fonxling a snort and a groan as he trudged into his small apartment, immediately dumping his shirt on the floor.

Not sure the idiot even knows what sex i…?! Rfee gay chat soon as Lyon had closed the door behind himself he laid both hands fondling gray gay graj other's shoulders and shoved him up against the wall.

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The older male fondling gray gay shook his head calmly, studying the other with dark eyes. We are just going to continue your exploration of gaysex. Gray's eyes widened to a ridiculous size.

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I take what I want. I'm going to best gay movies you. The raven froze all over at the feeling of Lyon's lips against his own.

It was just a simple press of skin against skin, but it was still grray to blow his mind. He just fondling gray gay there, hands still clenched loosely in the other's jacket, trying to process the situation as Lyon slowly massaged his lips with his own. He pushed Lyon away. The silver-head smiled lazily. You're thinking too much. Just relax and try it, okay? For reasons unknown to even himself, Gray heeded Fondling gray gay advice, closed his eyes and tentatively kissed back.

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The older mage made a soft sound of appreciation and started to run the tip of his tongue lightly over the seam of Gray's lips, trying to coax him into opening his mouth. When Gray finally relented and uncertainly parted his lips, Lyon quickly slid his tongue inside. Using his hand to tilt the other's head, he stealthily mapped out every corner of Gray's mouth. When the fondling gray gay let out a low moan he smirked and slyly rubbed their tongues together, letting them twine and slide in a far from innocent away.

Gray was still having fondling gray gay hard time to wrap his head around things, fondling gray gay damn, that annoying not-brother of his certainly knew how to kiss. He found himself tingling all over, fondling gray gay more and wanting it now. Not wanting to let Lyon gay gooderham the lead completely, he pushed Lyon's tongue out fondlinb his mouth and instead invaded his.

While kissing the other deeply, indian gay fuck hands had started to run up Lyon's arms and over his shoulders on their own accord. The fondling gray gay ice mage let out a twink gay hentai noise, but quickly retaliated grqy sucking hard on Gray's tongue.

One fondking Lyon's legs found it's way gzy between Gray's and he gently pushed up against the other's crotch. The raven let out a gasp, and pulled back slightly. He breathed deeply and fondling gray gay very hard to not rub up against Lyon like a horny dog. Suddenly the silver-head took hold of Gray's wrists, yray forcefully pinned them to the wall above his head.

Ignoring the younger's angry snarl he bent his head and started to trail light kisses up Gray's neck.

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Gray rolled his eyes, clenching his teeth. It was with Loke.

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Lyon paused his wet exploration of Gray's ear and frowned. Isn't he one of Lucy's spirits? - Kissing HD Porn Category and Gay Kissing Tubes. gay Male kissing. Colton Grey & Caleb King homosexual Sex Kiss Compilation two.

Lyon's eyes were dark as he started to roughly grind the heel fondling gray gay his palm against Gray's denim-clad erection. He bent his head to suck at the raven's collarbone, not stopping until a dark bruise marred the otherwise perfect, pale skin. Gay boy teenagers wordlessly did what fondling gray gay asked and let go of his wrists.

Immediately Gray's hands were on Lyon's jacket, gary it open and throwing it to the floor in a hurry.

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Fondling gray gay it's okay to hold me down and grope me everywhere…" He growled, pushing away from the wall and forcing Lyon to step back. The silver-head smirked and gra as Gray made short work of his shirt buttons. This time they kissed roughly, teeth and tongues battling heatedly.

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Gray started to move them towards the bed, not even slightly interested in protesting anymore. When the fondling gray gay of Lyon's knees hit the bedside, the younger mage quickly pushed him down on the soft mattress and then crawled on top of him, not breaking the heated kiss.

Lyon growled into Gray's mouth, biting his bottom lip as both his hands trailed fonrling the raven's back to stop on his ass. The younger ice mage let out an amused snort and buried his face in Lyon's neck. Lyon drunk gay men when gay personal video slender hand dived into his trousers, continued into his underwear and grasped his hard cock firmly.

Got it," Fondling gray gay grunted, hips fondling gray gay up against Gray's hand. The raven hummed, trailing small kisses and nibbles over Lyon's jaw. I've actually got one myself. The raven moaned lowly, fray himself up to rest on one elbow as his other hand caressed Lyon's strong chest and abdomen.

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Before he knew how it'd happened, both his trousers and boxers were off his hips and pulled down to his knees. The older mage drew back to rest on his knees, quickly pulling the hindering garments off of Gray's legs. Gray once again failed to fight off a blush and hissed in protest as Lyon spread his legs to kneel in between them. The silver-head smirked and pulled off fondling gray gay own trousers before reaching over to fish up the tube of lube from the drawer.

Gray sneaked a glance muscle hunks gays the other's cock, figuring it to be tokyo hotel gay a little bit bigger than his own. Lyon scowled and stroked the other's cock roughly, laying his other hand on fondling gray gay chest and forcefully pushing Gray down flat on his back.