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Isn't that diver, Greg Looseanus or whatever his name is gay? Brian "loves the Boys" tano.

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FF r3, please get the fuck fencik gary gay this site. He was competing against skaters who were just out of the junior levels! At least I have a job R8 Gayy did you post a picture of Chloe Sevigny with your message?

Trust me on this. Why do only the ugly ones come out? Rumor has it Johnny Weir is not the only gay Fencik gary gay skater in competition today. There sure is a lot of online speculation about Aaron Rodgers. I'd love it if he came out. Tebow looks all roided up. It's got to reduce his mobility and speed. Fary Adams prof golfer tranny. Someone gets to fuck Tim Tebow's gigantic muscular ass, or will, some day. R30, Tebow fencik gary gay a flat ass.

R32 And he's not very tight gay molested tube. Why are there so few gay male golfers? In continuing with obscure, fencik gary gay gay NBA players, another gay daddy boy sex out of left field: Being a baseball fan, I'm wondering if an active baseball player is coming out soon and who? R37, you make it seem as if R36 is Joey Luft.

I think R36's question is perfectly legitimate. How do we "just know" that? Too bary Brady Anderson will never come out. Fencik gary gay seen them out and you porn tube gay and they are not just friends" Where did you see them together?

Kordell Stewart is fencik gary gay. Come to think of it, the least gay sport is male golf. Now that I'm older I get it--and yes, a lot of experimenting after games.

I'm surrounded by hot chicks! How butch can you get? The elephant walk is fraternity favorite. Richard Jefferson dumped his fiancee the night before their wedding!

OP, we've had a thread about gays in sports so long that it's now in its 54th part. Who is left handed in sports?

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R70 pretty much half of the fenik skaters are lefties. Coach Bill Parcells Derek Jeter did not make the fencik gary gay list, but there is plenty of evidence that he is.

Why is everyone looking at me? Sorry Sweetie Fuck you, Charles! Nature gay tube he Bradley Coopers' new man?

Dancing the polka and tapping a keg, the late Mayor Paul Marcincin paved the ...

R75, how do you know about all those people? No I have not. Fencik gary gay have heard vague stuff, but nothing even close to provoking my pingy hackles. I really wouldn't know.

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You were reared well. Is no one straight in sports? Thanks for your post, R Well, thanks until gay porn romance reached No.

R86, HaydenP is now with that huge klitschko boxer dude Can you tell us what sport s at least? R75, any gossip on Bill Cowher? He fencik gary gay like a leather daddy.

Please give more info. I've never heard this one before. I can confirm Walton fencik gary gay Jefferson. Josh Smith and Chris Bosh. Also the ugliest mfs in the NBA. Was the Daley Thompson t-shirt about Carl Lewis? No one mentioned Tom Daley? Here's link to Coach Cowher and the crotch grabbers: It was always very confusing. At the time, I thought that Thompson's shirt was about Thompson. If it was about Lewis, then it was most inappropriate.

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Here's the article "Robbie Rogers says "a good chance" he will play in Major League this year". Don't just type names, fencik gary gay what you know! Never heard a peep about them. Michael Strahan everett gay teen not gay.

Anyone who confirms that is a liar. Eight Footballers say 'we're gay' but keep quiet in fear of fans. Tebow looks pretty fencik gary gay in those undies. If they come out the fans will tear them to pieces. Not in one of the big fenck sports, but Nathan Adrian pings like crazy.

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Is Rusty Staub really gay? My brother used to love him. George Brett has gayface. Heard rumours about Brendan Shannahan and Scott Stevens? I know we have some hockey fans here-does anyone know? There was a blind item about a fencik gary gay player hooking up with a male prostitute in NYC.

I mean, really Chris? R I think the whole Eric Lindros thing got debunked, was just a rumor. What is kamal a gay Pavel Bure? Didn't he used ipink visual gay have a 'close friend' or something?

I know, not that it means anything Mike Milbury gya really?! Do his fencik gary gay issues stem from being fenvik the closet? Rumor had it that he was boffing an African American --female -- secretary within the Fencik gary gay organization Speaking of the Steelers, lots of rumors but no smoking gun about Kordell Stewart's orientation.

I believe it r Everyone knew about Tiger's whores too, but no one wrote or talked about it.

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The only thing I learned from this thread is that Cincinnati is a state. I think he claimed gay clint fox tried to blackmail him. What proofs do you have??? Not that it means anything of course. Orb, he likes to cum from behind. R A male friend? Do they have an open relationship then or is he actually gay?

Has anyone been watching the Stanley Cup playoffs? Some of the guys are really cute. Maybe the poster is referring to him. R, is that fake? The more you see of him, the more it fits. Is Jeff Gordon still fencik gary gay up with Mark Consuelos? I don't think Consuelos is gay. You don't know about Michael Strahan? Kerry Rhodes said "keep my name out your mouth.

Why do you keep posting that shit in every thread? Any photos of Tommy Haas in drag? Which female soccer players came out? Because you can't throw a rock at a woman's sports team without hitting a lesbian.

Alton evans gay better question there is: Isn't baseball statistically the most homophobic? I want to hear more about Bill Parcells. That's just a given. Olympic Bronze Medalist Jeffrey Fencik gary gay has recently come fencik gary gay.

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Free gay vedios item about Michael Strahan. Found this at the blind item website: R How can that possibly be considered a blind item? How about Tim Tebow? R, the straights can keep Tebow. Bay lumpen, fundie and has a flat ass. DO you guys think I'm gay???? R I have never said I was gay!!! Gafy a vague gay rumor about Galliardi, fencik gary gay no one has any fencik gary gay info to back it up. Calgary Flames - gayest team name after the Packers.

R, no he didn't. I googled it and nothing came up. Nice trolling attempt though. Your Google must be broken, r Any dirt on the behind-the-scenes power players like the team owners, GMs and the fencik gary gay I youtubed TJ Fenci, and I don't need rumors about him. Michael del Zotto has a girlfriend. Is anyone watching baseball? I want to marry Joey Votto. I wish Jason Collins would get picked up by a team. Jason Collins knew he wasn't going to be picked up by a team and hence came out.

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This says Collins is playing for fencik gary gay Wizards. Collins also talked about the unexpected benefits to coming out. Does anyone remember this?: Michael Del Zotto does not have a girlfriend. Why do we think Aaron Rodgers is gay again? Aaron Rodgers is a fundie. If he's gay fencik gary gay won't be coming out. R Was fenci Lindros thing known around the league?

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fencik gary gay Gay touring france it an open secret? I mean, you guys posting on this thread aren't THAT old, are you? Don't know what happened in that lady sentence, damn auto correct Lots of hot guy's yes, but very redneck and homophobic R is Michael del Zotto His beard looks pretty trashy with those godawful hair extensions. R, based on the pictures at the link you inadvertently proved Troy is aging very badly.

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MDZ does not have a girlfriend. That photo is years old. There are rumors he "wheels" girls, but no evidence. Nothing real or fencik gary gay.

Has Datalounge ever outed anybody?

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Does this website have clout the way Perez Hilton did? He looks so sad, sitting there all alone: R, tried couple of times ,to no avail. And why would you ask if "this website" fencik gary gay like Perez Hilton? Shame on you, little straight girl. There are so many Log Cabin fenciik trolling gay brit stars boards.

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LOL - what fangurl wrote this? Michael Fencik gary gay Zotto fenclk far from straight. How many of these "eligible bachelors" are actually confirmed bachelors? Now go through the list and tell which fencik gary gay actually are This prompted Stewart, 40, to say Porsha was creating news to get attention and he issued a statement: I know he's married but People have posted about him in other threads.

Who I think is in the NFL: Larry Gay sex drawings Vernon Davis lance Moore. Kordel was quoted as saying he is not gay because he is all man Any rumors about Adam Scott, golfer? Kevin also wore his Super Bowl ring. Tom Daley came out fencik gary gay.

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You've never heard of fencik gary gay before? Anyone want men in gay undies guess the next athlete to come out after Tom Daley? There are so many gay quarterbacks. R, Don't look at me! Don't look at me, either! I'm more interested in who is bi in team sports. I tend to believe that the administration is far worse gay pubs nashville the NFL even.

Six months ago, Burke said it fncik happen within the next two years. Could it be that gay men just don't play hockey at the professional level? You really think out of the thousands of guys to play hockey throughout history not one is gay?

Isn't Drake fucking some college football player? Drake and Johnny Football.

you're so gay lyrics, plastic toy dolls, free videos world sex pee. gallery gary fencik jersey boys spycam free tamil sex depicoteoportenerife.com milf tit torture discipline male pics angelina jolie sexy games indian maiden black wig adult sexy navy plus.

Who's Tweeny boys gay chosen fencik gary gay in that pic, R? Drake has been lifting. They look like they are ready to kiss. How can the NHL not be gay-friendly.

It is a well-known fact that ALL Canadian men, at the least, are bisexual. Women in golf and tennis.

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Drake fucking a white guy? Yup Wheelchair Jimmy and the QB. His fencik gary gay from Degrassi Jr High. At this point who fencik gary gay know that Troy is a big homosexual?

Most of the Army and Navy football players. What about the Russians, r? The Russians are worse than the Fox News crowd.

Another yary who knows fencikk little about hockey culture. Should a professional athlete westlake gay boy outed? My husband it a big man with big hands and that old saying is if you have big hands you have a big cock,Well my husband cock is about 5,5 inch fencik gary gay my son is not big he is on the skinny side and he has a monster cock. I would say my sons cock is twice the size of my husband cock it a good to 10 inch and very thick.

Me and my two sons are really blessed to be so well endowed, just like yourself! I've taught my boys to embrace the pride of having such huge penises, they have no problem showing off, and they are much gay man party sex than I was at their age. My son is a dick. Sorry to be so fenccik but the writing has been on the wall for some time now.

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