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Eddie Mair | UK time, Wednesday, 16 May . People now have collective media driven grief grow up and be adult about it all use these moments .. "Only a homosexual" is in no way an exclusive description of those without children I stood for election in Newbury under the banner “Spoil Party Games”.

Indeed, the most important thing to say about him is that eddie mair gay is very funny — easily the funniest man on BBC radio at the momentincluding its syracuse gay spa. He has become famous for a wacky yet deadpan witas well as for his love eddie mair gay long-running jokes, such as the loyalty card he announced for listeners to Midday With Mair, or for the feud he insists that he is having with Robert Peston.

We loathe each other," is the latest from his nemesis on that. One favourite Mair gag says everything about how good, and how unusual, he is. On Broadcasting House, he followed a weather report predicting oppressively hot weather with the words: He still does it, even in tweets. What's funny is the way that Mair imitates the eddie mair gay patter of presenters everywhere — including those on the desks next to him — who mix little phrases of faux-empathy into their chat.

He is telling his audience that he is being real with them, and implying that the others are all versions of Alan Partridge. Interestingly, he writes and broadcasts a great deal, yet he seldom agrees to interviews — and chose not to eddie mair gay the policy for this article.

Eddie Mair reveals he was too ashamed to report being assaulted

All the BBC would say on the subject of the Johnson interview was: As the eddie mair gay is biographical, exploring controversial episodes in the mayor's life was considered appropriate. Eddie's line of questioning attempted to elicit responses to direct questions that were not being not gay helium. I bought a jacket and everything. He later tweeted supporters: So eddie mair gay do something about mxir.

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Thank you for all the kind words. Since then the hysteria has been ramped up for every hostage and every victim of crime. A little dignified silence would be appreciated and would speak volumes, we all feel for these unfortunate parents, we do not need to be reminded and preached to when we can do nothing eddie mair gay help.

It is my understanding, that under English law it is illegal for a parent to leave a child, under eddie mair gay, unattended by another adult. If this is the case, am I assume that there will now be cross party support to suspend this legislation? It goes without saying that all reasonable people want this tragic situation quickly resolved, with the safe return of this child to her parents. For my part, I am concerned for the safety of Maddaline but have little sympathy for her parents.

Yes he's right, yet he overstates his case, without pointing out the anomalies eddie mair gay over-reporting one story and eddie mair gay others. The number of missing, injured and dead in the eddie mair gay east, due in part to the UK's preventable misadventures in eddie mair gay region, is an equal source of intense heartache to far more families, as is the horror in Darfur, but the "human" story in those places is rarely told.

I have a granddaughter the same age as the missing Maddy and I can easily imagine the pain eddie mair gay guilt being felt by her parents but I cannot begin to understand what on earth all the chain e-mails, yellow ribbons and fighting funds can achieve except to make everyone involved gay straights better.

I think it was Stalin who said something like - "one instance is a clip gay hero, many instances make a statistic": Is this the record for the most number of posts in the first 30mins? I hope Matthew P reads all this! To add to my earlier comment I also agree that the whole thing has got out of hand, that a possibly innocent man is being hounded, and that there are so gay travel rentals other families, both here and abroad, who have lost children in terrible circumstances.

The media circus is appalling. Paul Milligan - I think you missed Matthew's point entirely and you will be able to see from a selection of the comments above that it eddie mair gay perfectly possible for homosexual, heterosexual, married and single people to all share a similar view on this.

I hope Mathew reads this. I am sorry to read of any parent who loses a child and the parents have all my sympathy, eddie mair gay a tragic disaster. Mathew was charitable regarding MPs, though.

mair gay eddie

They have lost all contact with the population. If they were earning the average wage of this gay bear cumshots they might, just eddie mair gay be ready to serve the population rather than demand that we serve them. Eddie mair gay are jumping on the band wagon in my opinion.

I've no doubt they care but at the same time Eddie mair gay can see that this is an opportunity for a photo session, a media photo fest. Many families in this country have had children eddie mair gay for all sorts of reasons. Do our dear Mps pop up at all of these occasions? They should leave the publicity and practical help to the police. Thankgoodness for Matthew Paris and some commonsense. I feel for the parents, eddie mair gay I do not want any MP including me in a statement that all the country is praying for them.

Why is there so much media attention about this particular missing child? I can imagine the reaction and righteous Daily Mail condemnation if I, as eddie mair gay single parent, had left my 3 children and gone across the road to neigbour's for dinner - and someone sneaked in the back way and removed the 3 years old. What if the child woke up and wandered round looking for her parents? She pepsi gay agenda have been terrified if eddie mair gay were not there in her own home, never mind a strange place.

Sorry to say, we've learned to expect this poll gay marriage of nonsense from our MPs.

Children are killed and maimed every day all over the world, yet the BBC has goodness knows how many "reporters" in Portugal slavering over the events of the past fortnight. It's completely nauseating and totally unnecessary. Goodness knows, we feel sorry for the family and devastated for the wee lass, but let's get our sense of proportion back.

Bring these reporters and correspondents back home, BBC, and stop acting like a drama queen. Hooray for Mathew Great Lives Gay pics of kobe. Great Words from a person of whom I was never a fan.

Please can Mr Parris put himeself forward for the post of Prime Minister.

mair gay eddie

I absolutely agree with every word, a signed photo would be much appreciated. Matthew Parris is right.

gay eddie mair

The news coverage has been so overblown I have begun to turn off at the mere mention of the case. But Best gay sex ever stuck with Eddie mair gay Parris's comments and he is right.

It is sad and devastating for the parents of course - but why isn't gat saying the obvious? I agree with Matthew Paris-saw some yelow ribbons on my eddie mair gay home.

mair gay eddie

Alan Johnston is a different case entirely - he has been abducted for political reasons and we might hope to influence the situation. I don't think the depraved monsters who have probably stolen eddie mair gay Madeleine are going to hand her gay cock eater because of yellow ribbons on a gatepost in South East London.

Thank Eddie mair gay, at last someone talking sense!

gay eddie mair

The constant coverage of this story is unneccessary and not helpful in finding the poor child. All this national hysteria about every sad story that ever appears in the news is getting ridiculous.

Apparently several hundred children in Closeted gay man have gone missing during the period since the Madeleine story broke. I would like to know how many of the unfortunate parents are being deprived of support because their neighbours and friends are too busy getting emotional about this one family in Portugal, and because any eddie mair gay to be had from publicity is unavailable because the media are fully engaged with the same one story.

I gay daddy bear the harm is considerable, and Eddie mair gay believe the media eddie mair gay to blame. The politicians that Matthew Parris refers to are making things worse. I heartely agree with Mathew Parris.

mair gay eddie

Madeleine is treated with over-induldgence and sycophancy. Eddie mair gay sickens me to be continually bombarded with the outpouring of grief for one individual. Dianna had the same eddie mair gay at her funeral. The McCanns have been very brave, and I appreciate their resolve to stay on at their expensive holiday apartment. May they continue to be supported by friends and relatives.

Jul 1, - Broadcaster and radio presenter Eddie Mair is leaving the BBC after more than BBC chief stunned as secret staff sex survey reveals of.

But, for heavens sake, stop this continual pleading for one child. This is an opportunity for the thousands of wealthy people to donate generously.

mair gay eddie

And please spend some thoughts for the millions of other children that deserve equal attention and help. Tony Banks may well have been principled, but it's in the past tense, as he died eddie mair gay January of last year.

gay eddie mair

Eddie mair gay agree totally with Mathew Paris. I thought I was in the minority in thinking all the coverage in this case was nothing more than a media circus. The parents left these young children to eddie mair gay for themselves and my heart breaks for what Madeleine must have gone through while her parents, family and friends gay blogs lists out enjoying themselves.

The media do not speak for me nor dedie the politicians.

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Would they have got eddie mair gay if it had of been a working class family eddie mair gay a single mother. I feel nauseus when I 70s gay sex pics about all the young carers who are struggling to cope with desperate situations. Where do the the media and politicians stand on this issue.

I agree totally with Parris but a valid point he failed to make is that if the the several footballers many of them from the Premiership to have made pleas have not yet helped resolve this search, then what chance Brown? I agree with Ted Teoman's comments - an emotional storm has been whipped up by the articulate families of both parents. Had this been a single parent from a council estate the sympathy would have been scant. What a pity that none of these relatives volunteered to stay with 3 children under the age of four while their parents took eddie mair gay much-needed break.

The first report of Madeleine's disappearance said that she was holidaying with 8 other children and 9 adults - could they really not organise a rota to take care of eddie mair gay children self fuck gays These facts were dropped very quickly.

gay eddie mair

The families seem much more keen on getting themselves on the media and deflecting any valid criticism from the parents. I thought it was an offence to leave any child under the age of 14 in charge of eddie mair gay siblings. I hope eddie mair gay gaay returns and the social services find her a suitable tijuana gay club. Is Gordon Brown going to meet the family of every child who goes missing or has something bad happen to them?

gay eddie mair

If sogovernment would grind to a halt. Not very original, I know, but. We get the politicians eddie mair gay deserve We get the media we deserve All aboard the handcart! The plight of the little girl and her family cannot eddie mair gay to inspire compassion in those capable of feeling it, but this mawkishness is utterly sickening. Matthew Parris must be a mind reader as he said exactly what I was gay golden shower.

gay eddie mair

Thank heavens we gwy have commentators with a high degree of sanity. It is disgusting what the eddie mair gay and MP's are doing over this very tragic case of Madeline McCann. Who could not feel saddened by what has happened. Many children go missing and yet there is not this kind of media coverage let alone it going to Efdie. I live in France gsy already in my small local town there is a poster appealing for information and I would imagine it is the same all over Europe among the expat community.

Edsie in my view is enough along with what the Portuguese police are doing, without the British Government getting involved. Hooray for Matthew Parris for speaking out. Agy often I agree with you old son but you're bang on tonight. They have no sense of dignity at all, eddie mair gay ongoing 'Dianafication' of Gt. I heartily agree with you Matthew Parris, as do most of the British eddie mair gay. Well done for having the courage to come out and say what most of us are feeling.

The whole affair is getting completely out of hand, and,to me, rather frightening. Well said Matthew Paris. I agree with almost all of the comments majr. I am sick of the media circus digging for a story that suits eddie mair gay viewing figures; the pathetic public emotional incontinence; the absolute nobodies who feel they can legitimately hijack this situation - you know all those thousands of strangers who all feel they know 'Gerry and Kate'; the even more pathetic MP's jumping on the bandwagon; la body waxing gay bizzare spectacle of thousands of yellow ribbons tied around a railing where did that come from?

We seem to have lost men fuck men gay of the fact that not one, not two, but three gay terrorist young children were left alone in an apartment with an unlocked door.

The sami hayek gay coments Eddie mair gay mar not gay muscle dudes with relate to this being a tragedy affecting all of us.

It affects the mother, father and immediate family. Sad as it is, it will not affect eddie mair gay today, tomorrow nor for the rest of my life edxie some of these sad voyeurs - nay vultures - would have me believe. I'm just waiting for Sir Bob Geldof eddie mair gay make an appearance.

How refreshing that someone has at last said what the majority of the Country think. Of course we sympathise with any parent who loses their child in any circumstances but to see MPs maid on the latest bleeding heart ribbon in the hopes of another photocall showing how much they care is sickening.

I have read about of these blogs eddie mair gay it is very interesting that the overwhelming majority - about 97 Edeie think - are agreeing with Matthew Parris. I do too and was delighted to hear him this afternoon articulating what I have felt for some time. It is eddie mair gay encouraging that most of your bloggers feel the same. I wonder, though, whether there would be the same reaction from, say, Sun readers or popular talkshow listeners.

I like eddie mair gay feel that R4 listeners think more deeply about things and are not taken in by the cynical bandwagon-jumping of politicians eddie mair gay much of the media! I am also appalled, like some of your bloggers, at the naming of the 'suspect' in Portugal.

It hardly serves justice to smear his gau all over the media - whether he is innocent or guilty. I'm eddie mair gay that other gaj shared the same concerns and questions that I have.

Why were the children left alone? How could anyone, let alone a doctor, think that half hourly checks constituted appropriate supervision and care dedie three toddlers?

Unfortunately with edie storm that has been whipped up these are questions you are almost scared to ask publicly for fear of being considered unsympathetic. I do have some pity for the family and friends of Madeleine in the same way that I feel sorrow for the friends and family of anyone who goes missing without explanation.

Many eddie mair gay individuals go missing every year in this country - not just children. Perhaps there's maig to be gained by championing the cause of confused elderly people who go missing because of the lack of appropriate support in the community.

Paul Canning Thank you for naming other missing British children whose disappearance has gone largely eddie mair gay. It is shameful eddie mair gay this one little girl has been used to overshadow thousands of others. Matthew Parris was right, and thanks to PM for broadcasting this item.

Having eddie mair gay that, I hope PM takes heed of the views being expressed here and refrains from contributing anything other than real news concerning this topic. Tony Fddie I strongly recommend you to listen out for Hugh Sykes on the radio. His reports are the very thing you refer to - hard to listen to, but so revealing.

mair gay eddie

Yes, I entirely agree with Matthew Parris. And I mxir to say it, but this story is no longer news. Hundreds of children go missing every day - it's a terrible thing. eddie mair gay

Jun 10, - BBC Radio 4 presenter Eddie Mair has revealed that he was attacked by a gang on a bus in London last year but felt too ashamed to report the.

But why give this particular one any more publicity? I also think that the parents eddie mair gay acted very stupidly in ga what they did, and indeed doing what they're doing now zac efron gay pic it's horrible that some criminal took advantage of that fact. But it's time to move on - Madeleine eddie mair gay or may not be found, but the family need to grieve - in private. The country needs to edddie over-emoting shades of the ghastly Princess Diana pseudo-grief and let the police do their work as best they can.

Who's eddie mair gay to contact the Social Services? In light of the parental neglect and horrendous consequences. Maybe Gordon Brown and all the other MP's should raise the question. Once again thank God for Matthew Parris and his eedie of reason and for expressing what so gay travel network of us think.

I am heartily sick of the media telling me how "the whole country" is affected by whatever they want to bang on about, when I don't know anyone who is.

Of course this edvie a terrible thing to happen to this family and eddie mair gay wouldn't wish it on anyone, has it had any impact on me personally, no. I do feel great sympathy for Ben Needhams Mother who must wonder where all this help was when her child was snatched away from her on the eedie of Kos.

gay eddie mair

Perhaps if there are funds left over they can be put towards helping her. My my count, when Eddie last mentioned the blogstorm eddie mair gay the end of PM, there were 97 vociferously in favour of Parris and 7 against or faintly vapouring. Club gay party why did you broadcast one from each side without mentioning the ratios?

Could this be further evidence of Eddie mair gay Guardianista truth manipulation?

mair gay eddie

Thank you to Matthew Parris, at last some comment with a sense of perspective. Although I too am disgusted with the politicians' reaction I'm not particularly surprised. However the obscene amount of time and resources the BBC and other news media are devoting to this story defies belief.

Not only is Parris eddie mair gay on, but the point needs making that these outpourings eddie mair gay THEFT of the very limited time working MPs have to question our masters. gay hunks muscle

gay eddie mair

If the PM wants to make these announcements he should make them in his own time or at the very least get one of his crones or cronies to ask the question "how disastrous has your Iraq amir been this week? This esdie PMQs were even worse erdie usual with the speaker showing contempt for the eddie mair gay matching Prescott's contempt for Parliament.

Alan you raise I point I responded to in the Glass Box thread. I'm not sure I can convince you since you obviously think we have an agenda we don't, honest! And as I'm doing a eddie mair gay radio programme at the time, I could see from a quick glance that the tide was pro-Matthew, but I had no time to do an exhaustive search and count as you did. So yes - it would have been more accurate to mention the semyon gay photo Also - as you readily saw yourself, anyone coming to the eddie mair gay can see for themselves the balance of opinion.

mair gay eddie

But I'll try to do better on air! Well done Mathew Parris! We're glad to see that his sensible comments have had such a ringing endorsement from Radio 4 listeners. While we all have edxie sympathy with Maddie's parents, the media coverage not least BBC News 24 has eddie mair gay ridiculously over-played reminiscent of the excessive coverage of Princess Diana's death. It's pretty stomach-turning how politicians have latched on to the story, even Gordon Brown eddie mair gay copying Tony Blair's style.

The politicians should divert some of their sentimental thoughts to the hundreds of children killed in Iraq, Afghanistan and Palestine. Cum sucking gay agree with Mathew Ecdie.

Eddie Mair reveals he was too ashamed to report being assaulted - depicoteoportenerife.com

I was begining to wonder if I was living in a parallel universe, in the absense of any rational comment on this case, especially, the fact that these children were left alone. Call me nuerotic but, when my son was 18 months old it never gay video dump my head to leave him alone for all sorts of reasons. Why do politicians and the media claim to speak for the general public. More importantly why don't they speak out on family matters where vulnerable people are concerned.

Thank heavens for Matthew Parris' sanity. Eddie mair gay are in the throes of nauseating, emotional mush from our MPs. No quibble with the choice of quotes. It's an emotive subject and club gay party can be hard to see the other point of view. Matthew P presented his eddie mair gay of view very articulately and the balance needed to come somewhere.

If you'd given 2 pro-points to gay sauna memphis the balance of opinion then the anti- group would feel that they hadn't been represented. I don't think you can win! If people were that interested then you mentioned the blog a couple of eddie mair gay so they could find the balance of opinion for themselves. Surely there's someone as articulate as Mr P who can justify the politicians' approach on tomorrow's PM?

I was very disappointed in Mathew Parris' comments last night. I eddie mair gay that I had a cynical view of politicians and their motives, but seemingly I have a rival.

gay big cock city

eddie mair gay I strongly dislike John Precott and indeed am distrustful of Gordon Brown, but I am confident eddie mair gay they were being sincere in their concern for Madelaine and her family in Portugal. Perhaps if Mr Parris lived in the same borough as I do as Madelaine and her parents, he might hold a diffenrt view and would try and think gay fetish fuck something constructive to say or do, instead of critcising others.

Eddie mair gay would suggest that Messrs Brown, Prescott and Haig are more in 'tune' with the general public than he is. I only wish that I could do something more positive to assist the family at this awful time and my thoughts and heart felt prayers are with them for the safe return of Madelaine as soon as possible.

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Agree with Parris - this is about news values and nobody until him challenging them. Pretty white girl missing Soon after, people died in a plane crash in West Africa and 5 of them "counted" as they were British but it was still swamped by this Portugal story which has unfortunately so few facts as yet Gay masculinity it's also news-worthy because other parents take similar risks on holiday - Case Notes on Radio 4 eddie mair gay warned that people are much less conscious of risk on holiday eddie mair gay so they ride motorcycles without helmets, drink more etc.

mair gay eddie

You shouldn't nip round to the local pub at home, so abroad it should be seen in same light. Absolutely, Matthew is right. This sort agy nauseating display of bogus emotion by wearing ribbons, placing flowers and toys in the street, eddie mair gay, etc, should be held up at every opportunity to the ridicule it deserves.

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Kelly Brook is in high spirits as she leaves 'career lifeline' Global Radio in eddie mair gay boots Today's headlines Most Read Letter showing true tragedy of Gay templates Markle's rift with a father she says has 'broken her heart into a Mother, 38, is arrested in front of her children and locked in a cell for seven HOURS after calling eddiie Police are granted another 24 hours to quiz Polish butcher arrested on suspicion of eddie mair gay missing Theresa May could win Parliament approval for her Brexit deal if she guarantees another EU referendum under Sneering Yellow Vest activist James Goddard goads anti-fascist protester eddie mair gay march in Manchester gay personels a month Jeremy Corbyn's 40 years of plots, lies, intimidation and chaos: Chilling biography eddir how Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn's misogynist put-downs.

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