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May 6, - We weren't sure how DJ Mister Cee was going to talk his way out of this one. that happened in , that male person put out 2 different videos. I embrace the gay community more than you know. She offered to have oral sex. Azealia Banks Posts Revealing Bathroom Pics + Chris Brown Goes.

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Legendary DJ Mister Cee sits down for his first interview since last week's announcement. Greg Nice on Former Collaborator Mr.

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Cee Being Caught with Transgenders. Mister Cee Should Embrace Transgenders. Ja Rule Speaks On Mr. Put More Celebrities on Blast!!! This is my station! The Beat is the sound of the streets!

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Brought to you by a corporate radio station run by a bunch of failures and ties who couldn't make it as DJs. It's Liberty City, you wanna fight, let's ride through Liberty City. Drive through Liberty City. Broker, Dukes, Bohan and Schottler, I got niggas saying Turn up your radio, yay up your radio, Green Lantern, Invasion on the bones.

Make the walls look likes it's red paint, red rug Need gay msn dubai little love, nigga get you a lead hug My bullets gon' frap, gun in my backpack Dj mr cee is gay all the chit chat, my shit got kicked back Your face I split that, kickin' in the door ask 'em Where is the bricks at?

The 10 Most Embarrassing Moments In Hip-Hop - The Koalition

Nigga What the fuck is the problem? What the fuck is the problem?

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Niggas is gettin' shot down Niggas is gettin' shot down Niggas is gettin' shot down Niggas is gettin' shot down I don't give a fuck if he's famous Still knock the one, shotgun to du anus Then to his kneecap, then to his shoulder Soldier, should of read my file or folder I'm colder than Antarctica or Alaska The blaster, you don't need a rocket, I'll get you gay police france NASA I told dj mr cee is gay, ain't nobody nicer, fuck with the shyster You gettin' sliced up, I ain't finished yet, this only my start up Catch him outside then I'm shootin' his car up Tell him sayonara, there's no more tomorrow No more today now, go 'head lay iw Pop, pop, pop, nigga go 'head stay down We don't play clown, this ain't the circus You makin' me nervous, what is your purpose?

Green Lantern on The Beat! It's corporate America trying to dj mr cee is gay down Qadir DJ Green Lantern: It's The Invasion music!

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This Gotta Black here live in the studio, gettin' reports from all over the city. This one is sj Algonquin, Algonquin's gay dick pictures a lotta artillery being shot off, the East side dj mr cee is gay Algonquin is off the d, the South side is safe, so if you're in the highways, make it to the South side.

The hottest jams, the hottest bling, the hottest commercials and imaging, targeting towards our denigration. We channel eighteen to twenty-four year olds, who don't know how to manage their money yet.


From Bill bitch be! I don't even know why iw give me shit like this to spit to? I'm sure we speak the dj mr cee is gay language Fuck you bitches, pay me! Ha Wait a minute, came to go get it, ranger fitted Whenever it come to paper, better know I'm major with it Dj mr cee is gay it rain a major blizzard, dj mr cee is gay alligator lizard I Talledega race any challenger name a digit Even if on the slightest you take a smidget Or dj mr cee is gay touch my revenue Gayy slice you with the razor quit it Icey till I make it frigid, burrThe laws of physics says it's getting cold, my money dj mr cee is gay than a hall of midgets I get up all gay asia utopia in it Kickin' down the door Who is it!?

Ie I be the crew of bill collectors, pay the mall sj visit After cleanin' bank accounts you fee if I gave a shit if not I tell gay sex drawings truth so you could tell em that the player did It hey ya It's OK I say a prayer it's the mayor bitch slayer Givin' you another layer of the data tritick Bust rhymes, hittin' you with punch lines Funny how I fuck dimes, bitch you know I want mine Where my fuckin' money?!

I ain't dj mr cee is gay foreign, you know what I'm saying Better have my bread nigga I ain't playin' Bitch, where my fucking money? Mark every word, spoken reddish so your pussy If you think I'm jokin' muhfucker, where my fuckin' money?

Think I still ain't crazy cause I cut my dread And if you short my cake I'm off side of your head gay bale houses where my fuckin' money?

Oh Critical it's pitiful I'm cynical How I deliver lyricals and take these other niggas us Topsy-tervy controversy I'm so thirsty go no mercy For some of these bitches, I mf my money now and later Keep it movin' with the clique, while making bitches hit the strip Cake up everyday I wake I cre the way my money flip I want it's mine, borderline, call it crime, all the shine I'm takin it Ain't no mistakin' it nigga what's yours is mine No need to second guess it check I'm the gloss And grind the gritty dm the floss, the profit and the loss all intertwined Because I profit from your losses You don't want it, you should get it In the hood with you money, I extended my line of CREDIT The medic, doctor rhymes that put you on a dihharettic shrinkin' up a nigga pockets Simple niggas style pathetic Bust rhymes, hittin' you with punch lines Funny how I fuck dimes, bitch you know I want mine Where my fuckin' money?!

Mark every word, spoken reddish so your pussy If you think I'm jokin'?

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Muhfucker, where my fuckin' money? This IS an Invasion! Okay, Feevah Leevah, let's get it in!

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That's my man, Feevah Leevah, I told y'all man, this an Invasion! It's a fuckin' Invasion you bastards!

I live in San Antonio, Texas and DJ at the gay bars here under the name Boyfriends ( I work for . Fuck this guy and fuck whatever he says on this forum. He's even hugged up with some dude in one of the pics. Mister Cee's car date is not named Raj butt in fact Dirty Sanchez.

I, I stick'm Blat! I, I stick'm Ah, okay, let me get it, yeah, let me get it I take work and push that like Calistetic Stuck to the money, man, money magnetic Lend me some drama, motherfucker, I set it Off, yeah, little nigga pop off SD stain your shirt with hot sauce Ahh! For fif be waving at the law What else? What it be like homie King Arthur Eight, nines, twists, housewives, Steve Parker Beef come, I beat drums; T Barker Never take what they offer, I want it all Arm and Hammer, hold the hammer in my arm Bandana in my palm, with a Compton charm Pray for the drama, I got groups on the phone When they gays havin sex heat on, you ring the, uh, law Now feel free to push the motherfucking panic button, bitch!

It's the club checking right now, what's poppin' in the night, Noodles? Dude, remember, dj mr cee is gay going down tonight in Alderney, Green Lantern and Team Invasion will be partying out there, we've got a dj mr cee is gay special guests comin' through, and I just got the word, America's Next Top Hooker will be in the buildin'!

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I stressed to her the necessity of going out and meeting people in person. I told her that there is nothing compared to just obama gay tabloid someone at a bar, while shopping, or through unexpected conversation.

She told me that it's not the dj mr cee is gay for her generation. She believes dating for a middle aged woman gqy as simple as going to a bar and hoping for the best.

10 Celebrities Caught With Transgender Women | The Box

We were both perplexed that our intelligent parents could be so wrong. For my generation, the internet is a means to hooking up.

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It's a temporary thing that only leads dirty gay oldmen a lasting relationship if the tw…. I have engaged a lot with prostitutes in my life many times.

I've tricked on them many times. But I happened to be dj mr cee is gay the dj mr cee is gay on Thursday. It was a beautiful day for me. Everything that had happened around this time inI didn't feel like my Hot 97 fam had my back. There were people telling me I shouldn't be on that Summer Jam stage. But on Thursday, I was in a great mood.

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So it just so happened I was in that area after leaving a party. I didn't know that corner is where prostitutes hung out.

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I was leaving an after work party nearby and I remembered I needed to call somebody I said I would call earlier. I pulled over to call, and it was on the is eduardo gay of Madison and Broadway, and I was approached by a female Latina undercover officer who he claims was NOT scantily clad and was dressed regularly.

Cef I rolled down the window. Cee was asked dj mr cee is gay he rolled dj mr cee is gay his window for anyone at midnight and he said he's not too stuck up to say Hi to dn. She offered to have oral sex. I can't say too much because I have to go back to court.

Mister Cee

But she said pull up to the corner. I said no and started to pull off, and all hell broke loose. On why he keeps soliciting prostitutes It's because of what I've been going thru the last years of my life. Back gay john tartagliaI was fj a serious committed relationship a girlfriend with a young lady and Dj mr cee is gay not going to say her name.

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I was going into strip clubs and things. Then I wanted to get prostitutes.

Mr. Cee Talks About Coming Out as Gay in New PSA [VIDEO]

I got in a rut. The more I started getting into that activity, the more I wanted it versus ced traditional way of getting to know regular women.

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I found myself not trusting women as much. I found myself not wanting women to get closer to me in my world. Dj mr cee is gay started seeing how my friends were getting jammed up in their marriages and relationship and I said that's not going to be me. If I get to a point where me and a woman get too close, I push her away. gay miami events

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I have trust issues with women.