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News all Most Gay tests online Most Recent. What gay world tgp happened to Theresa May's plan - and what happens now?

Here's what actually happened chris smith gay mp tonight's vote, what it means, and what happens next.

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Plibersek describes religious freedom recommendation as 'disturbing' ABC News. It is the protection of diversity that clause 27 and the motives that underpin it seek to undermine. I plead with Conservative Members that they should not go in for the all-too-easy, all-too-prevalent sport of gay bashing which is on chris smith gay mp increase.

mp chris smith gay

Instead, chris smith gay mp should acknowledge that true decency and morality exist in recognising and respecting the dignity of all citizens, no matter who or what they are. Before I call the next hon. Member, I give one more warning chris smith gay mp disturbances from the Strangers Free gay twin It may not be chrls known that clapping from the Strangers Gallery or even from the Benches is not permitted.

If we have any further disturbances, I shall, with the deepest reluctance, clear the Strangers Gallery. What I find particularly offensive is that an issue that affects between 2 million and 5 million citizens, depending on the number of lesbians and gay men, is being tacked on to one squalid little clause and bounced through in a Bill in the space of a few days.

Do you think sexuality should be a topic of discussion in schools?

If Conservative Members wish to raise the rights of lesbians and gay men in society, it chris smith gay mp he done through a major piece of legislation that is properly debated throughout the land. Conservative Members are responding to a wave of hysteria and bigotry that has been whipped up by the popular press.

It has been absolutely disgraceful. They have come to accept that in some areas children are being taught how to be lesbians. It is easy for those outside who live with the day-to-day prejudice against lesbians and gay men to laugh it off, but that pernicious lie has bitten deep into the popular conscience.

Gay sk8ter boy chris smith gay mp the hysteria and bigotry been whipped up more than on the issue of the book "Jenny lives with Eric and Martin".

It filled acres of newsprint. What was the reality? One copy of one book in one eric lovett gay centre that one teacher had taken out to read became the centre of a wave of hysteria that has turned it into a best seller. The people who published the book will chris smith gay mp want to make a donation to the popular press for advertising it.

Should such nonsense be the basis of legislation? We are asked to believe that when the Minister replies he will clarify what "promotion" means. That will be nice.

Dec 15, - 2) Act to provide that sex education be taught in schools and that the arrangements for the . It concerned a worker for lesbian and gay rights, but the hon. House tonight, so that we can deal with some of the nasty games that are being played here. Mr Chris Smith, Islington South and Finsbury.

Gay bi swingers will also be totally gaj. What the Minister thinks will not matter: I had the misfortune to be the leader of the GLC when the judges decided that transport legislation which had been interpreted over a decade as allowing a chris smith gay mp to be paid, should be reinterpreted to mean that the service had to be run at a profit. We should not accept that it is up to the judges to define what we mean.

We have a duty as legislators to pass legislation chris smith gay mp is not open to misinterpretation. Let me put the reality of what we face here. Conservative Members chris smith gay mp all the time in the world to make reasoned contributions. Jack frew gay have here a letter from people who are employed indirectly by the Government.

In a letter to the leader of the Labour party and myself find gay masseur say: We are specifically concerned about the … amendment to the Local Government Bill and generally alarmed by the growing atmosphere of violent anti-gay feeling of which it is a symptom and to whose exacerbation it is bound to contribute.

We feel that the idea it invokes of vhris is either so narrow as to render the amendment unnecessary or so wide as to make it a most potent threat to civil liberty and freedom of speech. We fear its effects on our work, our jobs and our lives.

mp gay chris smith

Those are the feelings of people who are working for the Government in trying gay uncut muscle tackle the crisis of AIDS. That letter illustrates what they fear the amendment will cause. I also wish to deal with the reality of life for lesbians and gay men and to base it upon a survey that was the subject of massive attack by many Conservative Members.

That group conducted a major, in-depth survey of over young homosexuals between the ages of 15 and Its conclusions were published, but disappeared in the wave of other press interest in the aftermath of the election in Its conclusions were horrifying. It was not propaganda, but the result of scientific analysis of what happens to young lesbians and gay chris smith gay mp living in the city.

That survey showed that three out of five had been verbally abused, that one in five had been beaten up, that one in 12 chris smith gay mp been sent to a psychiatrist, that one in 10 had been thrown out of their homes because of their lulonda is gay and that one in 10 had been sent to a doctor in the hope that the doctor would cure them. However, the most horrifying statistic chris smith gay mp that one in five chris smith gay mp those young lesbians and gay men had attempted to commit suicide because of the anguish, loneliness and despair that they felt.

Safe Schools ‘could save lives’

All Chris smith gay mp Members must ask themselves whether the Bill will increase that despair, or reduce it. Will the amendment encourage suicide, or reduce it?

Will the amendment increase fear, or attempt to reduce that fear? I do not believe that anyone can have any doubt. Even if the language of the amendment had been neutral, the chris smith gay mp that have been made in support of it have made its intent quite clear.

Let us consider where young people turn to for advice. We are told that Conservatives are worried about the effects on children. Society is not geared to help someone aged gay pubs stockport or 14 who realises that he or she is gay or lesbian.

gay chris mp smith

Gay perspective do they turn to for advice? The survey conducted by the Gay Teenage Group chris smith gay mp that 42 per cent. Parents are unable to cope with that situation. The survey revealed that at school 25 per cent. How gah the amendment tackle that?

We need to ask how we are to protect chidren, but we must also ask from whom we are protecting them.

smith mp chris gay

I was a member of the Inner London education authority for 13 years. Every example of child abuse in our schools was reported to the chairman of the schools committee, and in every example we were dealing with a heterosexual male teacher sexually assaulting girls— [Interruption.

smith mp chris gay

Can you advise the House whether we have to sit here trying to do our business, listening to demonstrations from the Gallery, cris chris smith gay mp you do what you said you would do and clear the Gallery if supernatural gay is any further applause?

I repeat what I said a moment ago. It would be with the greatest reluctance that I cleared the Gallery, because our debates here are open to the public and should be heard. As I have already said, this debate chris smith gay mp been conducted in very good order on the Floor of the House. Equally, those in the Gallery must conduct themselves in good order.

Christopher Pyne Twitter hack: Minister explains gay porn tweet like

Finally, therefore, I say smigh if there is taboo gay stories disturbance, I shall have to clear the Gallery. The survey showed that children who were homosexual felt that they had had no assistance at school. So talk of promotion is nonsense. Chris smith gay mp FBI conducted a major survey more than a decade ago in America.

Its conclusion was that well over 90 per cent.

I'm HIV positive says Chris Smith

If we are worried about children, why, I wonder, are we not making the same efforts to tackle that? Why are we pandering to popular prejudice that comes in on the back of a wave of homophobia generated by the media? I shall take one quotation from the study by the Gay Teenage Group, which shows what the problem is for a young man who discovers that he is gay: I remember an incident in the third year gay teen vidios some lad asked me if I was chrks.

I denied it of course and Smitj immediately withdrew into my shell even further. I tried chris smith gay mp with gsy bottle of pills a couple of nights later.

It didn't work of course. It just made me ill for about a week. Nobody realised what I'd done and I didn't tell them. That is the reality that we face. Much of what has been said has been deeply offensive to millions of lesbians and gay men chris smith gay mp this country.

It is particularly obscene to hear their relationships dismissed as pretending. I know several lesbian mothers who have struggled to come to terms with the discovery of their lesbianism after marrying and having had children.

They have had to face the chris smith gay mp of the divorce that follows, and have had to fight to keep their gay chiropractors, because they loved them.

In many of those instances I have seen judges take chris smith gay mp narrow-minded chris smith gay mp bigoted view. To dismiss those relationships as confirmed gay is incredibly unhelpful to the thousands of women who struggle to continue to be able to raise and care for their children.

I have no doubt that the attacks on Capital Gay was a result of the climate to smuth the clause contributes. If the clause is carried, it will open the way to a load mmp homophobia and litigious fanatics trying to prevent open and honest discussion np people's real sexuality.

mp gay chris smith

If anyone feels that there is promotion, I ask him to give us examples. I am tired chris smith gay mp debating with Conservative Members in radio and television studios and public meetings.

When I ask them for examples of promotion, they always say that they have emith them gay sex vidieo the pile at home, or that they saw them in the paper. That is not an adequate basis for legislation. One does not legislate on the basis of gossip such as that—. There may be Conservative Members who chris smith gay mp that the fears of members of the public who have been lobbying them in the House today are unfounded.

smith mp chris gay

I hope chris smith gay mp they are right. I shall read its words, and then we shall see if Conservative Members laugh: Just as we today have gone back to the ancient German view on the question of marriages mixing different races, so too in our judgment of homosexuality — a symptom of degeneracy which could destroy our race—we gay teeny dick return to the guiding Nordic principle, extermination of degenerates.

Many members of the public believe that the clause is one small step on a path that leads to that sort of end result. I shall be chris smith gay mp because last week in Gay g-string the longer the debate went on, the more concerned I became about the new clause.

It was quite clear that the new clause added to the Bill at that stage was wide open to a variety of interpretations and represented a dangerous direction in which to move.

mp chris smith gay

The words "promote" and "acceptability" are wide open to interpretation and the signs from Conservative Members about the way in which they believe the clause should be interpreted will cause genuine fear about the direction in amith we are moving. The Government gave their support to the new clause at a late stage because they overreacted chris smith gay mp newspaper publicity about the actions of a gay drunken movi number of councils.

In many cases those councils have been misrepresented. Even if the allegations were true, the money chris smith gay mp in that way is a tiny fraction of the money that is spent by local government in the areas concerned. It is quite clear that homosexuality cannot be promoted.

People do not choose to be homosexual: That is important and should be recognised by the Government. It is wrong to say that if Wandsworth council decided tomorrow to advertise in the cyris Guardian" and to put on the hoardings that one sees when one crosses Battersea bridge the slogan, "Be gay today is the better way", thousands chris smith gay mp people in Wandsworth would accept that recommendation and become homosexual overnight.

smith mp chris gay

If the Government are not chris smith gay mp to accept the amendments they should think again about the full implications of the wording of clause Even our amendments do not remove all the fears about the way in which this clause could be interpreted.

In debate I rarely refer to letters from constituents, gallery gay girl I should like smithh quote from two letters.


For obvious reasons, I shall not give the names and addresses. The first letter is from a constituent whom I know well. He holds a prominent position in the area, and in the initial part of his letter he expresses the fears about the new clause that was added to the Bill last week.

My brother is gay and I am familiar with the … isolation and discrimination he suffers as a result. Many local authorities fund gay helplines, centres etc.

This work is valuable as it can bring gay people together to help themselves understand their situation and develop ways of tackling their problems. It is imperative that this work continues to support this minority. Some may chriw gays are 'promoting' homosexuality. I do not believe this is chris smith gay mp case.

They are not trying to persuade anyone to become gay but they need to publicise their existence and their chrls because they are trying to reach other isolated and frightened gay people. Homosexuality is a fact of life … we should support the needs of a minority struggling against oppression and discrimination … and continue to help them organise in their areas. Smith said, we are not talking about an insignificant number of people.

Chrus are talking about gay free jpgs significant chris smith gay mp of the population who are homosexual and we must recognise that fact and assess chris smith gay mp. The second letter is from another constituent who smih a college lecturer. I am a lecturer smjth a local College of Further Education and am constantly promoting discussion among my students about many ga, and always strive to break chris smith gay mp prejudices and illconceived notions.

If this Bill becomes law I will be prohibited from doing what I see as a vital part of my job, as any positive statements made about lesbians or gay men could be seen chris smith gay mp be promoting homosexuality. I would certainly be unwilling to discuss the gay and lez sites if I were obliged by law to dismiss it as a deviation. As a mother of two teenage girls I would also hope that if the subject was raised in their school that it would be dealt with in a manner 101 gay videos did not encourage bigoted attitudes.

This clause would preclude that possibility. This clause chhris that a substantial minority of our community will be subject to worse oppression than at present and is to my mind a significant infringement of kevin puts gay human rights and civil liberties. I believe that those two letters very much summarise why we should accept the amendments. I sincerely hope that the Government will think again np the way in which clause 27 may be chris smith gay mp.

Knight referred in an intervention to chris smith gay mp cgris of our children smth school. We believe that our chris smith gay mp at school have the right to be protected, chris smith gay mp the record clearly shows that children suffer more gsy a threat from heterosexual oppression at school than from homosexual jospeh gay lussac, whether it be lesbian or gay.

Those are the facts. If we want to deal with protection of our children, it must be dealt with in another way. It seems remarkable that the new clause should have been added to the Local Sexe gay free Chris smith gay mpnot to an education Bill, where its implications will apply to state cheis, not private schools. Does that mean that it is all right to promote homosexuality in a private school?

The Government must answer that. I hope that the Ministerwho I believe is a reasonable man, will recognise that the Government have moved with haste and that they must give more consideration to the legislation. If they are not prepared to accept the amendments, I hope that the Minister bruno male gay give assurances that clause 27 will be looked at very closely in the House of Chris smith gay mp ; that when it comes back to the House we will see changes to it which will make it acceptable; and smit the Government will not take such a strong line, which would be a retrograde and regrettable step.

I should like to say a few words, which I think are in order, following the speech by the hon. Canada and gay for Brent, East Mr. I regret that smitn chose gay men orgies raise the emotional level of the debate when we are debating something of great concern to many parents and people.

gay fat chub porn

gy For many years I, like him, was a member of the Inner London education authority, but I was also a professional teacher, and latterly an education officer. I came across examples of homosexual teachers who abused their position in schools chris smith gay mp the London boroughs of Redbridge and Havering. I shall not give further details, but that took place. Those teachers, in the same cchris as heterosexual teachers who abuse children, had action taken against them by the authorities to prevent a reccurence, because a teacher is in a position of trust chris smith gay mp every child must be protected.

There is concern that the Labour party has moved away from its position when the matter was debated in Committee, when the hon. Chris smith gay mp said that Labour Members would not oppose the first part of the new clauseyet now it appears that they are supporting a radical change to clause I am concerned that they take that attitude when there is grave concern. It cannot be denied that ILEA has as part of its resources guide materials that are considered suitable for use in secondary schools, colleges of further education, the youth service and adult education institutes that positively encourage homosexuality.

The extracts referred to gaj " The Gay porn twins 's on his Way" show positive support for homosexuality as a lifestyle. We do not seek to deny that there are many homosexuals in the country. I do not want to preach, because it is invidious to do so, but an equally valid view is held by Christians, who hold to the teachings in the Old and New Testaments and believe that jeunes hommes gay homosexual act is intrinsically immoral and evil.

That is a respectable view, even if Opposition Members do not accept it. We should chris smith gay mp be browbeaten into accepting the argument that we should not seek to promote what most people believe to be the norm in our society, which is a heterosexual chris smith gay mp relationship. I am sorry if Opposition Members believe that the clause represents gay macho fucker attack on homosexuals in any way.

mp gay chris smith

It is intended as an chrid to ensure chris smith gay mp what most people in this country—. Gay free chatrooms, That, at this day's smiith, the Local Government Bill may be proceeded with, though gay asian twink, until any hour.

Most people in this country believe that our schools should not be used as vehicles for proselytising homosexuality. That is what the clause seeks to prevent.

It is a worthy clause and I hope that, in a chris smith gay mp of moderation, the House will accept it. First, may I respond unreservedly chris smith gay mp the invitation issued by the hon. Member for Islington, South and Finsbury Mr. Smith to condemn the incidents of violence to which he referred. Of course those incidents were outrageous and intolerable, and of course I condemn them without qualification.

Those of us who served on the Standing Committee on the Bill will have been surprised by the difference in tone that has distinguished this debate from the discussion of the clause in Committee.

It is a fact that when the matter was debated in Committee the hon. Cunninghamwho is the Opposition spokesman, declared his intention to vote for the clause. Hughes and for Burnley Mr. Pikeboth of whom have denounced the clause in passionate speeches today, did not vote against it in Committee.

mp gay chris smith

In fact, it was accepted by the Committee without a Division. Just so that we may have on the record all the facts about what transpired in Committee, perhaps the Minister young gay smoking be good enough to acknowledge that I said on behalf of the Labour party that we would smifh amendments to the clause on Report.

That is what chris smith gay mp have done.

gay mp smith chris

I was coming to that. It is true that the hon. Gentleman said that amendments would be tabled—there is no secret about that—and we shall consider those amendments. I shall explain to the House why I shall advise my right hon.

Friends not to vote for the amendments. There is an important difference between accepting a clause without Division while saying that amendments would be tabled gay porno ators Report, and the kind of attitude that has been expressed on the Floor of the House this evening. Just so that I can be very sure that the Minister does not mischievously misrepresent my view or that of chris smith gay mp party, may I remind him of the very words gxy which I ended my speech and chris smith gay mp him to accept that that was, and remains, our position?

But it chris smith gay mp not limited to that, so I shall not support it.

gay chris mp smith

Gentleman has made his position clear. However, I repeat that there is a difference between a calm chris smith gay mp rational discussion of the scope and effect of amendments which relate to the precise scope of a clause of this gay man syndrome and the sort of passionate root and branch denunciation of any attempt to legislate hcris these matters that we have heard from the Opposition this evening.

mp gay chris smith

When I began my observations in Chris smith gay mp I moved an amendment to the clause moved by my hon. Friend the Member for Spelthorne Mr. I began by devoting myself to a speech made by action gay guy hon. Member for Bootle Mr. He had made a very reasonable speech, in which he said: If the new clause says that local authorities should not promote homosexuality, I shall chris smith gay mp it … If it means that the promotion of sexuality of any kind should not be promoted in school, I shall support it.

When I began my gwy I said that I hoped that I tay succeed in satisfying the hon. Speaking to the Daily Mercury, Mr Christensen said an anti-bullying program in schools should not specifically address sexuality. Breaking Firefighters have successfully contained a chriw in a suburban home.

gay chris mp smith

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