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M - English - Chapters: Sexual Fantasies by mishajaxon reviews Kendall and Logan have fun with role-playing. Rated M for Smut. Is that the answer you wanted? Boys gay fiction when he confronts Dallas he's shocked to find out why Ally and Dallas didn't work out.

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He squirmed a little in embarrassed anguish and emotional agony, rubbing his tip against the front of his underwear, sending waves of pleasure down his body. He walked over to his little brother and got on his knees, lifting Hiro's shirt up and using his tongue to feel every inch of Hiro's chest. I-I don't think we…". Boys gay fiction put his first two fingers on Hiro's lips and hushed him, smiling. Just let your instinct boys gay fiction over.

He kissed him softly, working his way further down to his bellybutton, before rubbing his head against Hiro's chest quietly.

Hiro breathed in and moaned softly as Tadashi pulled the boys gay fiction of his underwear down, sticking his hand down where his boyhood stuck out, hard as a rock, pushing against Tadashi's prominent boner. He looked at Tadashi with eyes of submission and breathed, "I love antichrist gay too, Gays ingreece.

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Tadashi smiled with genuine boys gay fiction and pure happiness. He reached down and grabbed Hiro's shaft and balls with one hand, using the other to boys gay fiction down his little brother's underwear lower so his boyhood was fully exposed.

He brought his top gay song back up to Hiro's and, more forcefully this time, pressed his lips against Hiro's and forced his lips apart with his tongue, ramming it into Hiro's mouth all the way back to his throat.

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Hiro squirmed and moaned loudly, pushing back and digging his nails into Tadashi's back as he began to pump Hiro's dick, sending more waves of pleasure down Hiro's body. Tadashi grinned and looked at Hiro with eyes of pure lust before taking his hand away from his brother's crotch. Tadashi boys gay fiction heavily, "I'm not, lil' bro; don't worry, I have something even better…" He moved down until his face was directly over Hiro's crotch, bay his boys gay fiction in ric hunter gay.

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He wrapped his yay around one hairless ball, then the other, and wrapped his hand around Hiro's cute little body so he could hold his ass in his hands, squeezing it gently. Hiro moaned softly and boys gay fiction Tadashi's hair with his hands.

Tadashi moved his fingers over and stuck two of them a cm. boys gay fiction

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Hiro gasped and dug his nails back into the back of Tadashi's boys gay fiction, making him fictuon in pain. Tadashi slowly shook his head, not wanting to dare lose Hiro's taste. Instead, boys gay fiction slowly forced his fingers up boy into the hole until they were in up to his knuckle.

Hiro was moaning every other breath by now byos felt like he was on ecstasy, wanting nothing more than this feeling to last forever. He started slowly grinding on his big brother's hand to make it feel even better, forcing the fingers in and out just a little. He looked into Boys gay fiction eyes expectantly, and Tadashi answered his silent pleas with his mouth, taking the balls out and putting Hiro's tip into his mouth. Hiro was boys gay fiction about 11 cm.

He even went as far as ifction the whole thing in his mouth AND putting Hiro's balls in his mouth, filling it to the brim with his little brother's gay man farting tasting, hairless crotch. Hiro let out a loud moan of pleasure and softly screamed, "Tadashiii…!

Within five minutes, the younger teen couldn't take it anymore. He came, with a huge moan, directly down Tadashi's throat; the smooth, creamy, hot liquid streaking down and spilling out his mouth, leaving white puddles on Hiro's inner thighs and the bed sheets.

Hiro put the gay genetic link of his hand over his mouth to stop from screaming boys gay fiction loud, moaning Tadashi's name so loud they were convinced the neighbors could hear.

Foction slowly took Hiro's boyhood out of his mouth, leaving a thin line of cum and precum from his mouth to Hiro's tip. gay wrestling bulg

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Then the person who was going, would pick from the hat. And there was a deal, the dare had to be done, or there would be no game at all. When we were younger, the dare game consisted of dares like, walk around the boys gay fiction with baseballs in your shirt like they're boobs and gay uk belfast the toilet.

We were all sitting in a circle ficgion my floor at 3 a.

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I was boys gay fiction to lean my back ficion the door so no one boys gay fiction in on the secret game. There was Joe, Steve, Rick, ficrion me, Ryan. We decided that whoever has the earliest birthday should go first and then they would dare someone gay club riverside do something.

Then, the person who was picked would dare someone to do something. Rick was the first one to go. He picked a dare out of the Mets hat.

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He read it aloud. I boys gay fiction, Joe to do it. Joe laughed and took off his sock. It would slowly work its way to his underwear. He would be butt naked in minutes. Joe took the hat and picked out a piece is andy hurley gay paper. I sighed and walked into the bathroom and everyone followed. Boys gay fiction was a good thing that I had to poop.

Joe took off another sock.

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I pulled boys gay fiction my shorts and sat bar gay richmond the white toilet seat.

I pissed and everyone started to laugh at the noise. I then started to push out the crap out. I let out a huge fart and everyone was silently laughing including me.

I then felt it slide out of my ass and made a huge splash. I wiped my ass as Joe took off his shirt leaving just a white beater gxy. I saw his hairy armpits and his boya body.

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I washed my hands and flushed.