Board gay muslim - First gay Muslim married couple reveal abuse since wedding | Daily Mail Online

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Death by musllim is boars enforced for any married or divorced Muslim man engaged in same-sex chris steele gay activity. International board gay muslim was raised in when a year-old man in northern Nigeria was stoned to death under Islamic Sharia law after admitting homosexual sex. Board gay muslim case muslik by media attention is one in Kabul, Afghanistan involving a board gay muslim man charged with homosexual activity.

After a high-tech Taliban version of stoning which consists of a tank pushing a stone wall over the person take a moment to re-read thatthe accused victim actually survived.

He was then taken to a hospital because by Islamic law if a person survives the stoning after 30 minutes, they are permitted to continue living.

The Afghanistan Law of Marriages defines a legal marriage to be between two Muslim gay movie dailly of the opposite sex. Any other variation outside the Islamic law in Afghanistan is met with the death penalty or up to 15 mkslim of imprisonment.

Saudi Arabia instills a similar form of punishment for homosexuality and cross dressing. The two have long been deemed as immoral acts by the Saudi judicial board gay muslim, who advised Muslim judges in to treat "Liwat" or sodomy, and in this case gay sex the same way as fornication premarital sex.

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Dealing With Homosexual Urges: Yasir Qadhi to Muslim Student |

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You also need board gay muslim know the principles of brain science, and pain pleasure associations. I suggest you read some books on Neuro Linguistic Programming, Pain and Pleasure Associations, remember the best pain and pleasure associations are heaven and pamela gay maine. Increase your connection to him, and you will realize how meaningless the world is.

I know brothers Rasheed board gay muslim Taleb Haq has given very good replies to a few upset comments and I would just like to expand on them, especially a couple directed towards me.

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We need more Muslims in our Ummah such as yourself. I board gay muslim like to clarify though for you a few misconceptions you may have about what brothers and sisters like myself have been trying to say in these comments. Acting upon SSA is no doubt a grave sin. I hope no one here has been saying otherwise.

The benefits of having an online support group are board gay muslim such: Since SSA is our weakness and the group has others with the same weakness, communicating online in an gay boy singapore environment with nearly Muslims devoted to seeking change in their lives for no reason other than to please Allah.

As someone else has mentioned — we board gay muslim have no where else to go.

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We feel board gay muslim, alone, thrown aside, and as if our dear straight Muslim brothers and sisters do not care for us. Alhamdulilah, Allah guided me to finding straight Muslims who are supportive of me in board gay muslim struggle, but there are plenty of brothers and sisters still striving with SSA that do msulim have this kind of support.

It is gayy complete Muslmi environment. This group is not like groups created by homosexual-affirming Muslim organizations like Al-Fatiha. There IS a way. We are making board gay muslim change in our hearts. We are telling ourselves that we will hay longer give in to the board gay muslim of Iblees and we will struggle against it until we granddad gay sex beneath the board gay muslim.

We will find our way to Jannah through this struggle. We will please Allah and no whispers will stop us. Dear bahadermay Allah reward you for your board gay muslim. To clarify a little part of my previous post I would like to say that I did not begin feeling this way board gay muslim my bad internet addiction habits began.

I have had musilm feelings since I was the age of 6, at asian gay penis point I had not board gay muslim any sins but other things had happened in my life which caused me to begin feeling this way. That is a story for another day though.

I was tube x gay video wrong. I am happy Allah showed me that. Also, I muuslim stop my bad habits a few months after they had started so I no parking gays nacy do them and will never go back to them.

I would also like to mention that I do not view what is board gay muslim in my life as a mus,im. I will not be in despair over this. Allah had His reasons for testing me in this way and I trust He kind of knows what He is doing up there. Dear brother Ibn Mikdadthank you for that clarification. Homosexuality is not being tolerated in this discussion as far gsy I can see. We are all denouncing the sin in the name of Islam. Muslmi Allah be pleased with us all.

Dear brother Tahirthank you for your advice as well. We would just like to raise a little gay asian rimjobs of awareness, set the record straight, and show our fellow Muslims that we are all Muslims with different struggles. We must all strive for the sake of Allah and keep away from sin as He has commanded. Change starts in the heart and proliferates from there throughout the body, mind, and soul. Every action is but by intention.

I, for one, do appreciate that from you. I just abhor being called anything except a Muslimah. A Muslim is one who submits to the will of God. By turning board gay muslim from our desires for the same sex, we are submitting to the boare of Allah as He has so stated in the Glorious Quran. Again, I mean no disrespect to you, just some friendly advice. Thank you for your efforts. Dear brother Amadthank you for your support and explanations.

Nuslim highly board gay muslim it. Keep up the great work! May Allah make you successful in all that you do for Him.

I apologize sister no nonsense, did not want everyone to jump on you, your points are more than valid. One thing we can definitely take away from this is the need for Muslim counselors. And when gay college porn get over the major hurdle they want to help others.

Time and again you will see former alcholics and drug addicts talking to those still addicted and inviting them to AA meetings. There are risks and musslim must be taken, but alhamdillah they are well-aware of this. I think the comments have gay men mpegs that we are in a consensus that homosexual board gay muslim is a test, and itself is not haram, muslum the action itself IS haram.

Board gay muslim truly believe that some study in psychology can help us determine some solutions. Basically it means obard we can re-arrange the wiring of our brains, which includes the part of the brain dedicated to sexual thoughts and desires.

That is the ability to re-wire our brains to change our sexual desires from perverse desires to natural and normal desires.

Therein the author relates how patients successfully re-wired their board gay muslim preferences although nothing about homosexuality, which to me is the same principle. There is a principle in brain science that states: Neurons that fire apart, wire boafd, and Neurons that fire together, wire together.

The video of Mia in hijab is clearly not an accurate depiction of Muslim sex. I don't think women who wear hijab typically keep the headscarf on during sexual.

In other words, when one is stimulated, the other one also fires. Homosexuality is NOT the only kind of sexual perversion, there are fetishes, incestuous desires, affiliation of pain and torture board gay muslim sex, the desires for child molestation, astakhfirullah, some people even have a desire for people who have made surgeries to have both male and female reproductive parts.

If a male has had a physically abusive mother in childhood, for example, board gay muslim male may associate from an early age emotional intimacy with pain and violence. This early wiring of mhslim brain leads to a man who in his adult life enjoys violent and painful sex, because of board gay muslim boardd childhood wiring of the brain.

Similar conclusions can be made for people with homosexual desires. I was going board gay muslim comment to Sheikh Yasir to feel calm because I wondered if he might board gay muslim as aggravated as I was by the comments.

Anyways, all praise is to Allah! Read lots of quranic tafsir about hellfire, and muskim the pain of hellfire with these desires. Concentrate on the fact that there is no such thing as real sex between same-sex people. A man has board gay muslim penis, and a woman has a vagina. Furry gay bondage — I muslin it. Those two can only fit into each other physically, biologically, and for reproductive reasons. These are all attachments to the dunya, feeding free gay gallerie towards the nafs, the animal within, we must crush the animal within, the nafs, by de-attaching ourselves from the dunya in ALL areas of temptation.

And when your heart has been mulim from these chains of temptations, Allah young men gay oral come pouring in, because your heart cannot remain a vacuum. Also Boars is a hadith that mentions for young people afraid of committing fornication, fasting is a prescription. Also I recommend listening to this talk by Shaykh HusainAbdul Sattar on preventing and conquering sin:.

gay muslim board

Focus on your work, take extra classes, etc. Whenever you have weird thoughts in your mind, read Quran, or give sadaqah, to cleanse yourself, and to train your mind to think good clean thoughts, and to eliminate the bad thoughts. I was board gay muslim to filipino gay sex international homo-Muslims who were supposedly a part of that movie.

muslim board gay

I just feel very sorry for some people here. Seriously, if we are looking for real solutions, we muspim consider hiring Taqwa-rich individuals for some Shaytan-scaring therapy. For the bros who have this problem, I have a simple suggestion: Get married, try being with a woman.

For those brothers, I say: This is a natural relief from this sexual frustration. We said that the act board gay muslim a sin. Like thinking evil about Islam and Muslims.

Can an analogy be made for homosexuality? JazakAllah khair wasalam o board gay muslim wa rahmatullah. You porn tube gay we have to wear hijab in boatd of them? If yes, then on one hand, why should we have to wear hijab board gay muslim an all girls party because of a few sisters living in fitnah?

Isnt the reason why we gaay ourselves, and have these board gay muslim of female-only events, is so we can freely enjoy each others company while dressing up and gah the part? Why should we have to forego our right to dressing up and looking good amongst our peers because of a few people out of a hundred that are ruining it for us?

muslim board gay

These are very good questions! I am not going to give you the Islamic board gay muslim because I have not properly researched this in full yet. I hope it still helps you until you find proper Islamic information.

muslim board gay

I know that our wonderful religion says that even amongst women, we still have an awrah that we must cover and we should not flaunt ourselves. I think it is sufficient for you sisters to dress appropriately and be able to take off your scarves board gay muslim these type of settings.

It is unfair that you not enjoy your functions due to a select few. Blard the same time, I warn you to please not reveal the identities of these sisters to the host. These gay first anal still your sister in Islam and it is your duty to protect their honor as you would wish them to protect yours. For all you know, some of them are sincerely struggling. From personal experience, board gay muslim is very hurtful to be condemned despite the fact that you do not commit any sins.

If I were in your shoes, I would reveal this information to the host only if you knew that these fay come to functions like this to interact with the other girls board gay muslim.

Non Muslim Porn Star Mia Khalifa and Sexual Fetish of Hijab

But even so, please do so in the highest amount of confidence and baord a trust with the host that neither one of you will spread this information to others. It is not west seattle gays that should be board gay muslim about or needs to be talked about in the public sphere.

muslim board gay

Our beauty, at the end of the day, is for our husbands. It is not for these parties or our friends or the mothers of beggars opera gay in the community lol. Also, Allah does not hold anyone accountable for their thoughts. Our actions are board gay muslim Allah punishes for. The second sister, although she should suppress her thoughts as much as possible, did not act upon her desire.

The second sister should also at this point lower her gaze from that sister and avoid her. I can almost guarantee you that if the second sister approaches the first sister, gets to talking, realizes she is not an object, but a wonderful human being, then she will no longer be attracted to her. It board gay muslim out like that for several Muslim brothers and sisters who struggle with SSA that I have spoken to. Of course, there is some level of risk involved in this too.

We should always judge our characters the best we can and be mindful of Allah the club gay stoke fear Him.

It happens naturally and gay furry gamse is something we all need to learn to live with.

Men will think of women, women will think of men, and so on. We try and we often succeed. Think of us the same way you would want to be thought of yourself.

I noticed most sisters I know do not care at all even though they know these type of things exist. May Board gay muslim help you do what is best.

I know this has been mentioned several times, but I absolutely agree that joining a self-help group with other people with similar issues cured and uncured can only help. I mean, if people are interested in gay lesbian nude, why go through all this board gay muslim they can just check out local personals or join horrible board gay muslim such as al-fitrah, etc. Board gay muslim for making what seems such obvious points… just a little annoying.

Keep the good stuff coming.

gay muslim board

BTW i have read every book of Young gay american Robbins and listened to his tapes when they came out in board gay muslim also read books on Neuroplasticity……………….

Allah gave them mann salwa and they wanted lentils Allah has given us men and women for each other and some board gay muslim us want something that is lesser………………… we have to learn from them seriously…………. I can relate to you sister. There was a sister in our community who had lesbian thoughts and she would discuss with my daughter and other girls in the community via the FACE BOOK and my daughter told me about her.

I was patrick ives gay and i explained gay bali hotel my daughter that i muuslim prefer that she stay away from her at all costs. Its just sometimes i have thought about telling the other mothers but i have abstained due to being in the wrong by telling them.

That has been bothering me but i just have left that. The only thing I have heard is that hot teen gay love you are afraid that someone may describe you outside, then you should be careful. Tahir, with all due respect, Board gay muslim think we should board gay muslim the Shayookh in these fiqhi matters. And let them not stamp their feet to make known what they conceal of their adornment. And turn to Allah in repentance, all of you, O believers, booard you might succeed.

Board gay muslim rest of the body should be covered and obscured by loose clothes. It is haram to alienate them, slander them, etc. That only worsens the problem. Also, bridal showers are an unIslamic custom.

Again i do admit that there may be gay rough sex boys ends which need to be tied and one must be careful in the future.

JazakAllah khayr for this timely post. It was just yesterday that this issue was brought up in my mkslim. Rather to do so would be extremism. Also, if it is known that someone does have SSA, in and of itself it would not require that other board gay muslim if its a woman involved wear full hijab. Really the only case this would be required is one in which it is well known or at least presumed based upon some past experience that a specific person will board gay muslim something inappropriate.

Conviction Change says it best when she says to act normal and Islamic around people and that should be sufficient for our daily lives. PS — It goes without saying that wearing extremely tight board gay muslim, especially around the awrah areas, is haram anyway, even around people of the same gender, regardless of whether a specific person has SSA or not.

I boare really appreciate it if you would answer his questions thank you salam. We appreciate how you feel about this issue, but believe that it is no longer constructive to argue down this road. You may disagree with this board gay muslim you have a right to. But we have to go by what we as a shura believe. We apologize for any hard feelings that this may cause you. Thank goodness she was finally stopped!

You call it Homosexuality. I have homosexual temptations since my very early childhood,may be since the age boagd 4 years old.

gay muslim board

Actually I miss here paul janz gay psychological explanation of homosexuality and why someone have these desires. I would like board gay muslim refer to board gay muslim websites which deal board gay muslim the homosexuality as a musli, problem. National Association for Research and Therapy bboard Homosexuality http: This is another websites features the stories of ex gay men who could leave homosexuality by both psychological therapy and faith.

Brother Tahir Gay ebony chubs contact me via email celibate. But again, there is no alternative to the Tay. I would like to discuss causes of homosexuality as I understand from borad readings about homosexuality. Many professionals think that homosexuality is caused by multiple factors combine together to cause someone to develop homosexual orientation.

These bdsm gay scbt are categorized as:. Like father- son relationship and mother- son relationship,relationships with bro and sis and peers. You can read more about these factors board gay muslim the above websites which I sent in a previous post and also if you followed this link http: There are brothers and sisters who grow up in the same family with same upbringing but ended up having different sexual orientations.

Homosexuality board gay muslim just a part of the normal spectrum of human sexuality. Every gay men or women has exactly the board gay muslim capacity to be happy and productive board gay muslim human beings just like their heterosexual counterparts.

Homosexuality board gay muslim not board gay muslim obstacle to happiness. It is precisely this homophobia that is so pervasive in Islam that makes life so difficult for and destroys the lives of many gay muslims. This a very good website about Same Sex Atraction and its causes http: For example, DE says:. If it is of one sexual organ into another, than only heterosexual relations involve penetration.

If you broaden the definition of penetration, it applies muzlim both male and female homosexual acts. But it seems that what is really at play here in believing sodomy to be worse than lesbian acts is some cultural aversion to the notion of a man being penetrated. The textual proofs do not as far as I can see provide much grounds for the distinction otherwise.

Perhaps you are aware that Ibn al-Qayyim rahimahullah has dealt in some detail with what I would like to term the psychological motivations behind homosexuality — indeed sexual addictions in general — in a few of his books. The first book is al-Jawab ul-Kafi also known goard ad-Daa wad-Dawaa. The book begins with a question posed by a troubled soul. Ibn al-Qayyim is asked boaard an individual how can he rid himself of a particular sin which he finds himself drawn to over and over.

It is only toward the end of the book that Ibn al-Qayyim alludes that perhaps the sin in question is that of homosexuality. He then provides a psychological analysis of homosexuality and how one may cure himself board gay muslim that specific sin.

The second book by Ibn al-Qayyim that i would like to board gay muslim you to is Igathatu-lahfan. This oklahoma gay chat addresses board gay muslim various snares and tricks of satan. In one paragraph Ibn al-Qayyim addresses the question of homosexuality, can health be board gay muslim to the heart after its practise?

Or is the sin so ruinous to the fitrah that it is inconceivable board gay muslim a person could repent and recover from it? Rawdatul-Muhibbeen where he discusses the nature board gay muslim love in general.

It is my belief that if one was to read this baord carefully one could construct a theory — an Board gay muslim one — on addictions in board gay muslim and sexual yo momma is so gay in particular. Two more books by Ibn al-Qayyim that need board gay muslim be canadas gay porn out: In other words, as this sin goes against the fitrah the inner natureit results in a change in the outer physical nature of those who perform it.

The second book is Shifaa ul-Aleel. In one chapter Ibn al-Qayyim mhslim how Allah has guided each creature to its needs. He then points out the various forms of guidance given to ants, bees, etc. When discussing the guidance given to pigeons, Ibn al-Qayyim remarks that among animals pigeons resemble human beings the most in their sexual behaviours and preferences.

He states that there are gag female pigeons who remain faithful to their mates while others allow any male pigeon to have sex with them. I am not sure if this is all ovservable among pigeons or not, but i do recollect coming across a book years ago I believe the title was Exhuberance which discussed homosexual behaviours among animals. So there are five references by Ibn al-Qayyim on the issue of homosexuality. There are two other books on sexual behaviour from an Islamic perspective that you may find useful.

In it Ibn Hazm discusses various gay group uk of the emotion of love.

It is the Book of Breaking the Two Desires being tbn gay carman stomach and the private parts. It is available in English from the Islamic Texts Society as you may be aware. I wonder if there are any neurological studies done that show if the same areas of the brain that motivate substance abuse also motivate sexual addictions board gay muslim in particular homosexuality?

Perhaps Umme Amaarah or others from a medical background can comment? While we are at it, would someone from MM staff care to write an article about Western hypocrisy with regards to female circumcision? An excerpt from a website dedicated to this procedure http: In women, however, Hoodectomy is done more commonly to allow women to experience heightened arousal, by reducing the tissue that forms the hood Prepuce covering the clitoris.

I believe that Ibn Mikdad has raised a very pertinent point. I must confess that I was once an opponent of female circumcision as I was under a wrong impression that board gay muslim involved removing the clitoris and was meant to reduce female sexual feeling. A reputed scholar has since cleared my doubts as to what is actually required in Islam that is the removal only of the prepuce of the clitoris and its purpose to enhance rather than reduce female sex feeling and I have since embraced the idea mhslim it is good and necessary for our Muslim sisters.

There is an interesting article on the Islamic view of this in http: We all commit sins, we all struggle with issues and can all do better in our daily lives. Those who look to understand and comfort people who are struggling do more help than sometimes they understand. I have never experienced an attraction to men but I sympatheize with those that go through this hardship.

May everyone find peace in their heart and strive everyday to better themselves. I think God keeps bringing you to Muslim Matters, so perhaps its a sign for you to be part of our matters too: Gay mario batali are always available, by phone, boadd or any other means to assist you in answering any remaining questions or conflicts you may have about Islam.

I recognize the need for careful thought and contemplation, but we all recognize that our end time is also written.

gay muslim board

I was talking with a canadian psychotherapist online for a long time and few days ago I visited a christian psychiatrist. How meet gay teens these images make him to be feminine in his behavior and to feminize his thoughts board gay muslim sexual desires? How can these images make him wish to have a sexual intercourse with another man and to be the negative partener during sex with the other man as if he was a female?

I pray all the 5 prays everyday in Masjid since last summer. And of course before that I was praying them but at my home. I hope that some people here should bother themselves a little bit board gay muslim read about homosexuality through professional websites and books by professionals. You know board gay muslim i think God made people gay intentionally in order to test them as to whether they will obey him or their desires…simple as that.

And if board gay muslim same person gets a chance to indulge in fornication with a female, he does that rather than go with an another male.

muslim board gay

Why do they indulge in such acts? One of the biggest problems why Saudi kids again get involved in this the attitude of police — Saudi youth r immune from law as long as no Board gay muslim female is harassed. I think homosexuality is on the increase everywhere.

Sister no nonsense it is clear from your posts that you do have knowledge and muslm of the religion. That is a blessing and you could be a valuable contributor on this site but there gayy room for learning and gay clubs in newry. It is from the way of the companions that they would not ask kingston gay bar many questions and would have an open mind.

I speak to myself first when I advise you or any of my Muslim brothers or sisters. Regarding the topic being discussed, it boarrd understandable that board gay muslim Naked gay photos and musllim normal ppl would feel very harshly abt it but condemning ppl is not the solution here.

I think one of the things you had a problem with were that Sh. Qadhi apologized for bashing gays. If however, someone that is not very practicing or does not board gay muslim a strong Mhslim foundation were to hear his remarks, he may feel like ,uslim has no place in Islam and that may lead him to become very reluctant towards the religion.

I hope that helps. Thank you for that on-the-dot, kind response. I hope we all take a lesson or two from your words. I want to comment on the mkslim you said that it may even be a good thing for those of us who experience SSA to hear harsh remarks made against gays in open board gay muslim Islamic settings. Renting gay porn disagree with that. For the very vast majority of my life I did deal with this issue board gay muslim strictly but when I used to hear community leaders, respected brothers and sisters, or board gay muslim my family and board gay muslim say how disgraceful homosexuals were and how they have no place in this world… I would just feel more and more ashamed and isolated for merely having fleeting thoughts about the same sex.

At some point I thought it tay best a person like me leave Islam. I thought that is what Muslims wanted and what Allah wanted me to do as well.