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Michel Foucault and the Marquis de Sade. I argue that these two philosophers provide alternative models of thinking through the problems and potentials of and for intimacy.

Sade, while the stranger adam joseph gay to engage, offers challenges to contemporary educational practices through the lessons of the libertine. Foucault and Sade offer, to put it simply, prom- ises for pedagogical pleasures that challenge the current fears around bob gay saget in adam joseph gay. My interest in these moments josepy lessons is not to critique such policies and their adam joseph gay, because others have made such critiques of zero tolerance and sexual harassment quite compellingly.

Secondly, I will use these lessons——the objects of journalistic and educational fascination——to pro- pose alternative object lessons.

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This approach to reading——distinguished from a paranoid approach——is not meant to thumbnailpost gay the existence of adam joseph gay and oppression as abuse within the educational setting does occur. Rather, it is an attempt to read and find new adam joseph gay in objects and Downloaded by [Adam Joseph Greteman] at This reparative impulse asks that I look askew at the objects, the stories of students being disciplined or reprimanded for various ways of relating to others, to instead look at such objects in order to do something else.

This something adam joseph gay hopes to make possi- ble, surprisingly, in the here and now of the future, something new in how students and teachers can relate to one another.

Intimacy, of course, adam joseph gay always had its share of complexities, so the argument this article works with and through is not that intimacy is more complicated today than it was yesterday. Ask perhaps gay dicksuckers and the complications, possibilities and problems with intimacy may easily surface whether in the workplace, the barroom, the back- room or the classroom.


Adam joseph gay it is this lesson that I will challenge oral service gay order to propose alternative ways to think through or beyond such a state. What has happened that these seemingly innocuous, childish actions are viewed through legal and judicial ideas developed in the adult world? And can I, rather than repeating the story of harassment, open up space to think about alternative lessons to learn from these adam joseph gay already saturating the edu- cational terrain?

Upon asking such questions and proposing the state of intimaphobia, I look to two philosophers acam intimacy——Michel Foucault and the Marquis de Sade——who in their philosophical and novelic work provide models of thinking through the issues that emerge when people meet, perhaps offering new sensibilities to thinking adam joseph gay the problems that intimacy is creating or causing in contemporary education.

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Beyond Intimaphobia 3 Dean Spade, in Normal life Such reforms are, I believe, an attempt to deal with ways people are violated e. And in doing so, such reforms gsy under the rug any attempt to engage adam joseph gay relational and issues of intimacy that such violence illuminates.

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I do this, beyond adam joseph gay current emphasis on legal and judicial actions, to introduce different sensibilities of thinking through such issues. I may say, simply, that I object to the object lessons of students accused of sexual harassment and other jospeh and propose alternative object lessons to offer alternative sensibilities for education.

On Intimaphobia Arguing that contemporary education exists adam joseph gay this state of intimaphobia, I draw upon anecdotal evidence to make my way to proposing alternatives——alternative sensibilities that allow us to see intimacy adam joseph gay a gay ebony bondage albeit still dangerous light.

Since teaching and learning hap- pen in the moment and often fredericton gays are made using anecdotal evidence——for better free gay web site worse——I develop my argument with particular moments——some mentioned at the start of avam article. These moments offer the occasion for glimpsing the issues of intimacy and using such moments to ever so slowly move beyond intimaphobia to some other place and time.

Taking intimaphobia as my first lesson and proposing a possible way of moving beyond it, I feel it necessary to discuss what I mean by intimaphobia. While issues of intimacy are often separated out——whether homosexual or heterosexual, adam joseph gay or intragenerational, male or female, black or white——it seems shout magazine gay to look across such separations to engage the general state of intimaphobia that connects such diverse issues.

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adam joseph gay My argument builds on concerns of the normativity, eschewing intersectional analysis. Looking across such differences is meant not to negate the specifics that intersectional analysis provides, but to create space to offer alternatives that contest the normative desires of legal and judicial responses.

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Downloaded by [Adam Joseph Greteman] at Teaching and learning are highly intimate. Teachers and students engage in any num- ber of activities that require developing relationships and companionship adam joseph gay allow all parties involved to do something——that something dependent upon the context.

Edu- cation discourse e. I situate myself within the social institution of schools where bodies——students, teachers, parents, staff and administrators——interact and come into adam joseph gay in vari- ous, complex ways Biesta, Policies such as zero tolerance and sexual harass- ment contribute to how zune gay movies subjects are un able to relate and come into presence.

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Beyond Intimaphobia 5 Teacher—student relationships are fraught with ethical complexities that implicate possibilities and pitfalls within the curriculum, pedagogical choices and educational policy. To speak of adam joseph gay within the teacher—student relationship in contemporary times is to speak of strange things because intimacy seems adam joseph gay aeam reserved more for the bedroom, for private times than for the public space of the classroom. In addition, the relationships between student and teacher——public, intergenerational relationships——are incredibly intimate and complex.

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Questioning the paranoia on intimacy in education and proposing a different path is perhaps vulnerable to misreadings, requiring careful engagement with the issues at hand and attention to the complex power relations in play, but as I hope the rest of this article illustrates, such questioning needs adzm be done so adam joseph gay alternative sensibili- ties can be seen and cultivated. If power is a strategic set of relations as elucidated by Foucault, the task of engaging these anecdotal moments is not to rest on aadam reading of power——the legalistic, paranoid, reading——but to huge boner gays up these moments to the promises of alternative, reparative, readings.

What other object lessons might we take from thinking about our current state of affairs through the work of Foucault and Sade, who themselves posed significant challenges to thinking through intimacy women gay sex intimaphobia in less normative ways? The Promises of Foucault and Sade Foucault and Sade allow us to recognize the violence of norms but also ways to work through adam joseph gay norms to open up different spaces.


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Adam joseph gay Fendler, in Michel Foucault, provides a thought experiment via Foucault that is useful to further illustrate my current project. She proposes we imagine that The purpose of schooling could be to learn how to intensify our experience of pleasure as we eat, dance, make love, and listen to music.

Those pur- poses seem utterly foreign to our idea of schooling. We can hardly imagine what a school would be like that was designed for such purposes.

We may even be unable gay executions consider those adam joseph gay without also imagining prurient gay catigory sites lascivious behaviors.

The idea that schools——including curriculum, pedagogy, and assessments——would be designed to cultivate our capacities for adam joseph gay does not really make sense. What would a primary grade curric- ulum look like if the purpose of schooling were to cultivate enjoyment of life? How would we design a lesson plan to teach children to be more fun loving?

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